How Long Do Dental Implants Take To Heal?

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If we look around we will come to know that most of the adults are suffering from severe tooth issues including tooth missing due to a number of reasons. The reasons include accidents, gum diseases and many other such problems.

Dental implants are one of the best solutions for tooth loss. About 69 percent of 35 to 44 year old adults in the world pass through this situation. According to the statistics 100,000 to 300,000 implants per year are done by dentists.

Although it is one of the amazing treatments for every such patient, how long do dental implants take to heal is very important to know. Here we have some guides for persons who are suffering from such issues.   

We know that a number of reasons are present behind dental implants and it is also true that healing time also depends upon the reason behind the implants.

In most cases it takes a few hours or days to heal while sometimes it takes a long time. Length of the treatment is also dependent on the type of procedure, time of treatment, location of implants in the mouth and whether the bone is grafted or not.

How Long Do Dental Implants Take To Heal

Dental Implant

It is a prosthesis dentists use to replace the tooth lost. Small titanium implants are inserted into the jaws to which dentists attach for a full denture, partial denture, fixing the bridge and single crown.

After integration of dental implant into the bone, the dentist connects abutment to it and attach artificial tooth or teeth. This surgery is best alternative to the bridgework in case dentures is not suitable or fit for natural teeth roots.

How Long Do Dental Implants Take To Heal?

Healing of the dental implants depends upon the length of the process. In most of the cases the process continues even after surgery and in such cases, it takes time to heal.

Healing time is different from initial consultation to your procedure and then recovery. The general timeline for healing procedure is as follows.


First you will need to talk with your dentist from 45 minutes to one hour. It will help you to know if dental implants are good for you or not. Dentists will observe your present teeth condition, will talk about your health and recommend you diet and health tips to prepare your gums and teeth for implants.

After consultation it’s up to you whether you want implantation or not. If you want then discuss with your dentist he will give you time about some impressions of your jaw and teeth. It will take one or two weeks. Here you must discuss your dentist about after surgery impacts.


Mostly it takes about 6-8 months for full recovery however the exact time depends upon the tooth ‘s present condition.

Tooth extraction is done in case of severe tooth decay or damage. It is done to provide more space for dental implants in the mouth. Your dental implantation will be done on the day after tooth extraction.  

Bone Grafting

It is also a pre-implantation process that ensures the best and decent bone foundation to which the implant will adhere. It is an important step if you have a tooth missing issue. Bone grafting and dental implant take months in recovery.

Implant Surgery

Here implants are inserted into the bones and then into the gums. The situation  of teeth decides whether an implant should be inserted into gums or not.

There are many factors that affect your recovery time such as number of extracted teeth, health of the bone, bone grafting if done or not and your living lifestyle.

Simple procedure with no extraction process takes one to two weeks to recover after implantation. While the complex procedure when bone grafting and extraction is done, will cause a lot of problems and take a long time to heal.

Important Recovery Tips

It is a very severe problem. You may feel discomfort and symptoms of infection at any stage such as after one, two weeks or even after three months. So you will need to follow the precautions and take medicines for fast recovery.


  • After taking an appointment if doctors have suggested you any sedative then try to take proper rest. Keep yourself calm and never go for putting or driving.
  • Follow the instructions of your dentist. Your dentist may have instructed you not to brush your sensitive teeth especially tender areas and clean teeth properly. It is better to rinse the teeth with warm water and have ½ teaspoon of salt in it.
  • If you feel any swelling then apply ice on the infected area or jaws for 3o minutes and then remove for 20 minutes then again apply. Repeat this process for 24 hours for instant recovery.
  • After treatment most of the people used to see their wound after few minutes. It removes the clot from their wound and wound takes time to heal. So it is better to leave the wound for a clot after the operation and never see it again and again. Never take carbonated drinks, cold and hot water. If you are smoker then avoid smoking for few days after operation as well.
  • Avoid hot things and solid food and take soft and cool food such as oatmeal, yogurt, lukewarm soup and applesauce.
  • Pay head attention if you see any allergy or infection. Instantly visit your dentist for follow up
  • Take your painkiller regularly and never ignore any recommended medicine for full recovery.


Dental implant is pain casing process and duration of recovery depends upon several factors such as health of the teeth and all such things.

If you want to get a fast recovery it is better to follow the doctor’s instructions and go for an instant check-up in case of any problem. Take your medicines regularly as well.