How to Use Digital Out of Home Media to Your Advantage

As our world continues to advance technologically, the forms of advertising that businesses use to market their products have evolved as well. One of the ways in which the advertising industry has become more technologically advanced is through the use of digital out-of-home media, often referred to as DOOH media.

While DOOH media targets consumers in the same way that traditional out-of-home media campaigns do, you have greater freedom in terms of the content that you can use to market your business with DOOH media advertising campaigns. 

If you’re a business owner who’s new to the world of DOOH media, it might seem overwhelming. Luckily, we’re here to break down the basics of digital out-of-home advertising and teach you how to use DOOH media to your advantage. 

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What is DOOH Media

DOOH Media refers to any form of digital media that a business can use to market to consumers outside of their home. Unlike traditional print out-of-home media, DOOH media allows consumers to interact with a brand’s content in a variety of ways.

This can be beneficial to you as a business owner, given that a consumer who interacts with your brand’s content is more likely to remember it and become a customer. There are three main types of DOOH media that businesses commonly use as a part of their marketing campaigns: 

Digital Billboards

A digital billboard is similar to a print billboard in shape and size but is able to display a larger array of content on a well-illuminated LED screen. Digital billboards can present static digitized images, graphic animations, as well as full videos in order to capture the attention of consumers within dense metropolitan areas.

Digital billboards are also great for marketing your business to those exploring a city’s nightlife, given that they’re incredibly easy to see in the dark. If you’re choosing to utilize a digital billboard to display animated video content, you’ll want to do so in an area where individuals are likely to spend more time seeing it, such as areas with high foot traffic.

Digital billboards tend to cost more than traditional print billboards due to their technological features, but they’re a worthy investment to keep your marketing game up with our increasingly tech-driven world.

When looking to invest in a digital billboard campaign to market your business, it’s best to budget about $1,000 to $3,000 on the low end. Costs for digital billboards will tend to be more expensive the more populated the city you’re looking to market in is. 

Digital Advertising Trucks

Digital advertising trucks are a way to take your brand’s message on the go, literally. These trucks come with digital LED billboard screens attached to them, so you can market your business with bright static images or expertly designed animated visual content.

Digital advertising trucks are a mobile form of DOOH media that allows you to reach an even wider consumer base than you would with a static print billboard. In addition to their bold digital visuals, digital advertising trucks are likely to catch people’s eye more simply because they stand out on the road from other vehicles.

You’ll get some of the expert rebrand tips for your business on these trucks that come with digital LED billboard screens attached to them, so you can market your business with bright static images or expertly designed animated visual content.

In terms of cost, a digital advertising truck campaign will likely cost between $1,250 to $3,600, or more if you choose to hire a fleet of vehicles to advertise your brand. 

Digital Spectaculars

Just as the name would suggest, digital spectaculars are a true advertising marvel to behold. Digital spectaculars are a form of advanced digital billboard that allows you to market your business with custom lighting and audio that will make it stand out. Digital spectaculars also are larger in size than typical digital billboards, making them even easier for consumers to spot.

You’ll typically find digital spectaculars located within dense metropolitan areas; New York City’s Times Square has a number of digital spectacular installations. Additionally, digital spectaculars can incorporate social media interaction as well.

For instance, you could run a DOOH media campaign that utilizes a digital spectacular so that when consumers post a photo to one of their social media accounts using your brand’s hashtag, their photo appears on the digital spectacular in real-time. In terms of cost, digital spectaculars are the most expensive form of DOOH media to invest in, with prices varying due to billboard size and location.

However, their customizable features, impressive size, and interactive potential make digital spectaculars an innovative way to market your business that’s well worth the investment. 

In Conclusion

Incorporating DOOH media campaigns into your business’s marketing strategy is essential to keep up with our ever-evolving modern world. With digital billboards, advertising trucks, and spectaculars, you can reach your consumer base with exciting visuals and interactive features that will draw them in and ensure that they remember your brand. What forms of DOOH media do you find most beneficial in advertising your business?

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