Top 2023 Trends Of Outdoor Furniture

The culture of suburban life is developing rapidly, and now consumer demands, even in the middle price segment, have grown significantly.

One of the main trends in the design of the house territory is the creation of comfortable living space in the open air, which means that almost all the principles of interior design have stepped outside the walls of the house.

Thus, the requirements for garden furniture now include not only resistance to atmospheric influences but also being as close as possible to the interior appearance. Home furnishings design concepts do not transform as frequently as, say, clothing fashion.

Even in this conservative environment, nevertheless, subtle changes are happening. Professionals advise remaining focused on the following features in 2024:

  • natural and environmentally friendly materials;
  • extraordinary forms;
  • organic colors;
  • functionality and convenience
  • attention to small details

It is not required to incorporate everything in one interior; just a few of the most appealing aspects will be sufficient.


Rounded Shapes

This trend manifested itself in fashionable home furniture. And outdoor furniture does not stay away. Outdoor sofas and armchairs as well as outdoor benches have also acquired smooth, rounded shapes, there are no sharp armrests and strictly rectangular backs.

There are bends in all the right places, but at the same time, there is restraint. At PARASOL you will be able to find a variety of options for outdoor furniture fitting both your requirements and recent fashion trends.

Natural Materials

The trend, of course, is not new, but stable and popular. Cotton, jute, weaving, and rattan in recent seasons have spread everywhere in furniture production, both for the home and for the street.

At the same time, manufacturers, to increase the durability of garden furniture, quite often use synthetic counterparts of natural materials. They often look no worse than natural ones but are easier to care for and are not so afraid of humidity.

Outdoor Living Room

Patios are increasingly becoming a logical extension of the interior. Hence the sofas with textile upholstery can be installed in the living room. Hence the carpets on the street, couches and ottomans, and coffee tables.

The upholstery looks ordinary, but it is intended specifically for outdoor conditions. Whole sets allow you to furnish the patio to look like a full-fledged outdoor living room.

Tropical And Earthy Tones

Designers either choose natural muted shades for garden furniture or make it bright thanks to the ones that are associated with the tropics. Blue, orange, green, as well as the whole range of gray, beige, and brown.

Homeowners have a choice — to make the patio bright and juicy thanks to the furniture of such colors or to fit into the surrounding landscape with the help of a natural palette.

Mixing Of Materials

The “more is better” approach is applied. Wood and metal, textiles and rattan are mixed. Contrasts can be very bold, adding variety to the choice of garden furniture.

For example, the frame of the table can be made of teak, and the tabletop is made of enameled granite. Woven cotton braids and soft pillows look great on chairs with a metal frame.

Recycled Materials

A trend that is spreading everywhere thanks to the fight for ecology. Materials created from plastic garbage allow you to make strong, durable, and beautiful furniture. In general, manufacturers aim to ensure that outdoor furniture items serve for more than one season without losing quality and appearance. Such products are called “sustainable” because they are used for a long time and then recycled again.


Flexible Dimensions And Transformations

Sofas are modules that can be folded, unfolded, and turned into a single bench or two separate couches. Folding side tables into a laptop stand, ottomans that turn into tables, extension cords-set-top boxes for sofas – such furniture items significantly increase the functionality of open spaces.

Most importantly, when choosing garden furniture, pay close attention to the quality of materials, because, unlike home furniture, it will be exposed to very aggressive environmental influences. And of course, it should not only be beautiful, suitable in style, but also comfortable, since you will certainly want to spend more time on it, enjoying the delights of country life.

Very often due to budget constraints or the inability to find suitable garden furniture in stores, many summer residents decide to build it themselves, and not only pallets and boards are used, but also the most unexpected things: bottles, tires, barrels, parts of old vehicles and other items. And something self-made for sure will be unique and attractive for you and your guests.

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