How To Rejuvenate Your Living Room

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When was the last time you updated your living room? If it’s been a while, odds are your tastes, preferences, and lifestyle choices have changed in that time. And, as the heart of your home, your living room should represent everything you’re all about.

However, this doesn’t need to be a huge project (unless you want it to be). Try these simple tips to bring a new lease of life to your living room.

How To Rejuvenate Your Living Room

Update the walls

The color of your walls can make a massive difference to your space. Blues and greens are calming, beiges and browns are warming, oranges and yellows are uplifting, reds and purples are luxurious, and whites and greys are sleek and minimalist. Therefore, a fresh coat of paint could be key to building your desired atmosphere. 

To create a unique look, you could consider painting different walls in different colors (a great tactic if you want a feature wall to draw attention to) or integrating patterns and textures. The right wallpaper can go a long way to evoking a particular style or theme.

For example, floral and botanical prints for a natural ethereal look, or shimmery geometrics for an art deco aesthetic.

Hang Art

Artwork is the ultimate way to make your personality shine through. Rather than buying pieces from popular mainstream stores, check out smaller-scale shops, markets, or even charity shops to pick up art that will stand out and make an impact.

Holidays are also a good excuse for artsy shopping, and any purchases will be tied up in your experiences too. 

Printing out photos to display will help give your living room a personal human touch, but make sure you do everything justice by getting each piece professionally framed.

The frame itself can also influence the impression you’re trying to create. For example, as these frames by Soho Frames illustrate, you could choose from lots of different woods in either smooth or textured finishes, frames with gold trim for a touch of opulence, frames in simple black or white, or metallic hues.

Introduce textiles

Add interest to your living room by incorporating textiles. Think shaggy rugs, soft cushions, and velvety throws and blankets.

These sorts of additions will bring a sense of softness and comfort to the space which is sure to help you feel at home and relaxed.

They’re also another means of introducing new shades and patterns, and breaking up large stationary blocks of color like the sofa and floor, to create a look that’s distinctly yours.

Change the lighting

There are so many options when it comes to updating your lighting. First, look at your living room and see whether you’re happy with how the lighting is or whether there are any areas that are too dark or too bright.

If so, you might just want to switch up some of your current fixtures. That could simply mean changing the size, shape, and color of your lampshades, painting your lamps in different colors to freshen them up, or experimenting with statement lighting, like a chandelier or pendant. 

For areas that need brightening, think about what you want to achieve before adding new lights. For example, an adjustable floor light would be suitable for a reading nook but you’d want smaller, focused lighting to highlight decorative features.

Add House Plants 

Bringing the outdoors in is a great way to breathe fresh life into your living room, so house plants are a must.

Floor standing plants can fill sparse areas and look particularly attractive near fireplaces, mantelpieces, and other furnishings, while smaller plants can be placed on shelves and tables.

If floor space is limited, explore hanging and wall-mounted plants to get closer to nature. According to House Beautiful, peace lilies, spider plants, and devil’s ivy are just a few of the house plants expected to trend in 2023.

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