How To Make Your Home Cozy In Fall: 5 Tips

Summer is leaving and the former heat is gone, so you want to decorate your house in autumn bright and sunny. Well, it’s not so difficult, because it is this time of the year that comes to us with the most amazing and rich colors – yellow, orange, burgundy, red, brown.

The days are getting shorter and the weather is getting colder every day, the rains will soon charge, but it is easy to recreate a warm and cozy atmosphere in the house with your own hands from the available materials and gifts of nature. Let’s let the golden fall come into your home with the help of simple decor ideas.

How To Make Your Home Cozy In Fall

#1. Make flower or foliage arrangements

Simple flower bouquets in vases or wreaths on the wall – there are a lot of options, but the simplest and most easily implemented are bouquets of dried herbs. Take spikelets, physalis twigs, mountain ash, and yellow leaves and insert them into a vase on their own or as an addition to a bouquet of fragrant fresh flowers ordered from an online flower shop. Making such compositions with your own hands is easy. All you need is flowers, scissors, and twine.

Arrange flower arrangements around the house. A table decorative composition of autumn flowers, leaves, and all kinds of gifts from nature is a simple and quick way to refresh both the interior of the dining area and the table setting.

#2. Add autumn colors

Preparing your home for the fall days is easy with a change of colors in the interior. If in the summer the atmosphere was dominated by calm and cool tones and shades that brought a certain breeze into the stuffy atmosphere of the apartment, then in the fall it is worth changing them to warmer colors, diluting them with bright and juicy ones. 

The most “autumn” colors are: orange and yellow; burgundy and bright red; chocolate and cinnamon; lime, dark green, terracotta; dark blue and purple; light brown and beige. It is not necessary to repaint all the walls. But if it is possible to make one accent wall – for example, bright orange, burgundy, or dark chocolate – then this will be a great solution that will make the room warmer and sunnier. 

A juicy accent is easy to make not only on the walls. Bright and multi-colored capes on armchairs, chairs, or a sofa will give the dining room or living room an unusually festive look. In the bedroom, bedspreads and curtains in warm (but not dark) colors will create the appropriate mood and help you survive the autumn blues and cold.

#3. Refresh tableware

If you are planning to update your dishes on the occasion of the autumn mood, then opt for the author’s ceramics or earthenware: they go well with the autumn decor.

#4. Decorate the fireplace in the living room

If you have a fireplace, then you can make garlands of foliage and branches to decorate it. Hang them under the mantel the way you usually hang Christmas tree lights. The shelf itself can be decorated with ripe apples, decorative pumpkins, and candles.

Don’t forget to decorate the chandelier, especially if it is the focal point of your living room. Decorate it with rowan beads and leaf garlands: this will give it a special autumn charm.

#5. Add flavor

The smell of autumn! Cinnamon, golden apples, star anise… These and many more different flavors can be placed in small glass jars or vases.

Or you can add scented candles throughout your home. This will make it even more comfortable.

Yellow and orange colors, bright leaves, fruits, acorns, berries, and even branches, pumpkins, and cozy garlands are your faithful helpers in preparing the interior for autumn. So you won’t fall into the seasonal blues in anticipation of prolonged rains and winter cold.

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