Why You Should Consider Fire Pits for Fall?

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I have a lot of childhood memories revolving around my backyard and patio, but perhaps some of the most vivid were the nights spent around a crackling fire.  The scent of the smoke tickling my nose and the sounds of the crickets are still just as clear to me when I think back. 

That is part of why I think that getting a fire pit can be so much fun not just for you, but the whole family too.

If you are not sure what to do this fall in terms of family activities, be sure to stay tuned.  I’ll be talking about a few of them, though you can also look at some lists, for some more ideas if you’re stuck!

Keeping Everyone Involved

Not everyone loves the outdoors.  As a kid and even as a teenager, I definitely was not the biggest fan.  For me, a lot of it was the bugs – I have a particular dislike for them that made it hard for me to want to exit the house on some of the hot, sticky days of summer. Autumn was one of the few times I really enjoyed spending time in nature.

That is probably why when I did sit on the porch with the rest of my family, it was during those chilly months of fall.  I had my signature ratty old hoodie on and curled my legs, looking into the flickering flames and trying so hard to be emo even though I was nowhere close.  If a broody teen can enjoy toasting marshmallows, well, I must ask who would not!

It is a no-brainer for younger kids as well, considering how much they can enjoy making food and roasting those mallows.  Did you know that you can really make a whole meal using one?  You totally can!

In terms of what you can make on fun fire pits, there are plenty of options – most people can find at least something that they enjoy.  The classics include hot dogs and bratwurst, but personally, I really enjoy mountain pies.

You can find the makers are most department stores, and all you need is some bread, butter, and whatever filling you want!  That can be sweet or savory. As far as other things to do during a night spent around a fire pit, there is plenty. 

For example, at least in the earlier parts of Fall, there might still be some fireflies out!  Some people also have cocktails or mocktails or tell campfire stories.  Honestly, the only limits come from your own imagination.

Fire Pits for Fall

Other Things to Enjoy

Now, there is a good reason that most people consider this time of year to be their favorite.  I was looking forward to it all summer, so I’m super excited that it is finally arriving!  Even if you live somewhere where the temperature does not drop very much, there is still a lot of fun to be had during this season.

Of course, most of the coffee shops introduce their pumpkin spice flavors or other seasonal ones like apple cinnamon and apple cider in general.  You can look at pages like this one to get a few other ideas of what to look forward to.

If you want to spend more time outdoors, you could try going to something like a Farmer’s Faire or market.  Often, they have a lot of other activities to offer at events like that, such as cornfield mazes, bobbing for apples, or playing in sand pits of corn (yes, that’s a thing).  I find them to be quite enjoyable, especially when I bring some family along.

Obviously, lighting up your fire pit and getting cozy around it is also an option.  Personally, I like to bring a blanket and wrap it around my shoulders while I sit in my chair – just be mindful of the potential flame hazard and keep an eye on any children doing so as well.  If you enjoy apple cider, that might be a nice beverage to enjoy while doing so as well!

During the spooky season, it might be fun to tell ghost stories while you sit as well.  Think of the creepiest you can off the top of your head or use the internet to find some seriously sinister ones – it is all up to you and what your family enjoys!  Just do your best not to scare the little ones too much, right?

Playing in the leaves is another true classic of autumn, and if you haven’t done so in a while, I do recommend you give it a try again. Have your kids join in (if you have any), raking the leaves up into big piles first.  You can throw them around or jump in them!

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