7 Tips on How to Store Firewood Safely and Effectively After Delivery

Last Updated on 2 months ago by Nicky Johnson

If you’ve recently had a delivery of firewood and are wondering how to store it properly, you’re in the right place. Storing firewood isn’t just about keeping it dry. It’s also about ensuring it remains seasoned and ready to burn. Here are seven helpful suggestions for preserving the quality of firewood purchased from suppliers like Burn the Wood.

A neatly stacked pile of firewood in a covered woodshed, demonstrating how to store firewood safely to keep it dry and ready for use.

Choose the right location for storing firewood

When considering how to store firewood, the first step is to choose the correct location. Opt for a well-ventilated outdoor area near your wood-burning fireplace or fire pit. This location provides easy access and protects your firewood from rain and snow. Make sure the ground is level and covered with clean gravel to prevent moisture absorption from the ground.

To further enhance the suitability of your chosen location, stack firewood close to your outdoor seating area. This step will ensure convenient access to firewood when you want to enjoy a cozy evening around the fire pit with friends and family.

Invest in a firewood rack

Invest in a quality firewood storage shed and rack to maximize air circulation and prevent moisture from seeping into your firewood. These storages come in various sizes and styles, allowing you to choose one that fits your space and complements your outdoor aesthetic.

Stack the wood properly

Properly stacking firewood is essential for practical storage. Stack the wood with the bark side facing up. This orientation helps shed rain and snow, preventing moisture from penetrating the logs. When stacking wood, consider creating two separate piles. One for dry firewood and another for green firewood or recently delivered wood. This segregation will make it easier to identify which wood is ready to burn and which needs more seasoning time.

Cover your outdoor firewood storage

While firewood racks protect your wood, adding an extra layer of protection to avoid wet wood is a good idea. Cover the top of your stack with a tarp to shield it from rain and snow. Secure the tarp tightly to prevent it from blowing away during windy weather.

Additionally, using a tarp with UV protection will help safeguard your firewood pile from the harmful effects of prolonged sun exposure. This UV-resistant tarp will ensure that your wood remains in top-notch condition, ready to create a warm and inviting fire.

Keep your firewood seasoned

Seasoned firewood burns more efficiently and produces less smoke. To season your wood effectively, split it into smaller pieces and store it outdoors for at least six months before use. Properly seasoned wood should have a moisture content of around 20%, making it ideal for burning.

Protect against pests

Store firewood outside, away from your house, to deter pests like carpenter ants and prevent mold growth. Support the storage rack between two trees using t-posts, and ensure the stack remains open with slatted sides to allow for proper air circulation.

Regularly inspect your firewood

Frequently inspect your firewood stack for signs of moisture, pests, or mold. Promptly remove any affected wood to prevent further damage and ensure your supply remains clean and dry. Set up a dedicated area near your outdoor storage with essential tools like a flashlight and gloves to make inspections more convenient.

Final words

Proper firewood storage ensures dry, seasoned wood is ready to burn in your wood-burning fireplace or fire pit. By following these seven tips on how to store firewood safely and effectively, you’ll be well-prepared to enjoy warm and cozy fires throughout the season.