Finding Your Way to a Brighter Future: Getting Past Criminal Allegations

The police might arrest you and say you committed a crime at any time. You might walk down the street without a care in the world, and the next thing you know, you may find yourself on the ground in handcuffs. Maybe you committed the crime that the cops say you did, but perhaps it’s a case of mistaken identity.

Criminal charges do not have to define a person for the rest of their life. You can get past a criminal charge if you’re resilient and determined. We’ll talk about how you can do that right now.

Past Criminal Allegations

Have a Partner or Spouse Who Supports You

First, you should understand that false accusations happen all the time. The criminal justice system isn’t an exact process, and the police and other law enforcement agencies can make mistakes.

That might not make you feel any better if the cops arrest you, but if you know you didn’t commit the crime of which they accused you, you should feel confident that you can beat the charges. It will likely take some time and effort, but eventually, you should find yourself back out on the street.

If you have a spouse or partner who supports you during this difficult time, that can help you tremendously. You will probably find out when the police arrest you whether you have someone in your corner who will support you unconditionally. If you married them, you’ll now learn whether they’ll really stick with you for better or worse.

If they say they’re in your corner and they’ll help you get through this in any way that they can, you should feel some relief. You’ll know that they’ll come to visit you in jail, help find you the best possible lawyer for your defense, and watch over the household till you can return.

Having a Job that Supports You

You will also feel better if you know you have a job that supports you during this difficult time. Some employers might hear about the charges against you and immediately fire you. In some states, they can legally do that.

You would hope, though, that if you have worked at a job for quite some time, your boss and coworkers know that you would never do something illegal.

If you have shown them your personality and revealed your character, then ideally, your boss will tell you you’ll have your job ready and waiting whenever you can return.

Having Friends and Family Members Who Support You

If you have friends and family members who support you, that should mean a lot as well. You might have some friends you’ve known since childhood. They might know all about you, and they know you wouldn’t commit some egregious crime like the police say you did.

You might have some family members like parents, siblings, cousins, and others who have your back as well. They can rally around you during this time. They can attend the courtroom proceedings, like the bail hearing and your trial if it ever gets that far.

They can provide support by checking in on your spouse or partner and your kids while you’re gone. They can all form a united front against the charges that have put you in this position. This is a time when you learn about how much your friends and family members love you.

Having Religious Leaders or Counselors Who Can Help You

As you’re getting through this, you might have a spiritual or religious leader to whom you can speak. If you’re part of a congregation, you can talk to your spiritual leader about what you’re feeling during this time. 

You probably feel some anger, confusion, resentment, and so forth. They might have some insight that can help you get through this.

If you’re not religious, you might find a counselor or therapist who can help you. Maybe you’re already in therapy, or you might take this opportunity to start that process.

Even if you can beat the charges, your life has probably undergone some serious changes, and you may feel lost or frightened. You might have PTSD stemming from when the cops arrested you or the time you spent in jail awaiting trial.

If you have this whole support network backing you up, you should eventually get past this experience. You might view the criminal justice system differently now, but at least you have found several individuals in your life who support you unconditionally.

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