4 Tips for Encouraging Your Baby to Walk

Despite how much in a hurry you may be to see your baby walking, you must remain patient! Every child develops at their rhythm, so don’t stress if you see babies walking sooner than them. 

There are some things you simply can’t force. And while you may not be able to force your child to walk before they’re ready, you can encourage them and support them as they learn. Here are some of the best tips to help guide you during this exciting journey of helping your baby learn to walk.

Tips for Encouraging Your Baby to Walk

Create a Safe Environment

There will be slips, bumps, and falls in the beginning. And while you may not be able to wrap your baby and bubble wrap, you can make the falls easier by creating a safe environment. 

Consider adding rugs to your home so that when they fall it’s a lot softer of a surface. You may also want to consider adding corner guards on tables and surfaces so that if they bump their heads you don’t risk a serious injury. 

Above all, make sure that you keep dangerous items that could fall out of the way. The safer and clearer space you can give them to learn to walk in, the less they’ll worry, and the less you’ll worry too.

Encourage Crawling and Tummy Time

Before babies start walking they usually go through a crawling stage first.  To encourage this stage of development, you should organize tummy time. Tummy time strengthens their core muscles and neck, helping them prepare for crawling. 

If they’re not too motivated, you might want to consider placing toys or interesting objects a few feet away from them so that they’re inclined to make their way over. While crawling and tummy time may not seem connected to walking, the truth is that they are.

Usually one comes after the other, so if they can master crawling, they’re one step closer to being able to walk.

Buy a Walker

A walker is a great way to give your baby the balance and coordination they need for walking. Usually, they have two solid handles and wheels that help glide them across the floor as they take their first steps. Buying a walker provides an added sense of security so they feel less uneasy on their legs.

Hold Their Hand

Once your child starts taking their first steps, hold their hand as much as possible. Whether you’re out at the market, or simply walking down the street, knowing that Mom or Dad’s hand is there is very reassuring. 

However, you should avoid tugging or pulling, as this can lead to injury. If they fall, gently help them up by lifting them from under the armpits as opposed to lifting them by hand. 

Most importantly, stay patient and remember this is a process. Before long they’ll be running in circles and you’ll miss the days when they were a baby in their crib!

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