Merchbar Review: Is Merchbar legit Or Scam?

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Ever since the release of the album High Hopes on January 19, 2019, I’ve been looking for a way to purchase merchandise and clothing related to the album. I was initially going to buy it through their website Merchbar but then decided that there was no need to spend $24.99 on shipping, so I instead went with Amazon. I know there are plenty of music merch outlets out there, but is Merchbar one you should spend your hard-earned money on it?

Merchbar is not entirely what you would expect when you log into their website. No artists or bands jump out at you – it’s just a list of items in each category. With this in mind, the store doesn’t seem like the most legitimate option when browsing for new gear.

Is Merchbar legit? Many people are wondering? These are the business days of this app, but there are many controversies about its legitimation. The app is still in beta testing, but it’s making waves in the music industry. Merchbar is in talks with Universal Music Group to offer album downloads for their artists.

Is Merchbar legit

The company has partnered with Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and Pandora to deliver exclusive content to listeners or fans of artists involved. Whether it is safe to use this service for merch and if they will get the promised rewards. We researched this topic and found out that you can expect a safe and trustworthy service from Merchbar. You can rest assured that your information is secure when you sign up for their service.

What is Merchbar?

Every few years, a company comes along and promises to change how we buy music. In the late 2000s, it was iTunes, with 2013 being the year of Merchbar. Unlike iTunes, a digital service that only offers music downloads, Merchbar is a platform where fans can purchase the merchandise for their favorite musicians.

Merchbar is a platform for artists, designers, and brands to collaborate. It allows creators to sell their creations on the site, where they will find many designs that suit their interests. Merchbar makes it easy for everyone to purchase essential tools like watermarking software, shipping labels, and brand registration. It facilitates the user with free shipping. It is legit with many followers on social media huge good and bad reviews.

Products available on Merchbar

Merchbar is a platform that allows multiple platforms and users to upload their designs onto t-shirts easily, hoodies, juice world hoodies, Christmas gifts, products for room decorations, Ed Sheeran.s t-shirts, iPhone cases, Pink Floyd, and more.

It is a marketplace for customers to buy merchandise from a thousand of their favorite artists. It makes partnerships with other brands and then drops-ship them for fans of artists.

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You will find a lot of black shirts, t-shirts of your favorite stars or artists with the latest designs, styles, and icons, gift cards, vinyl records, a poster of your artists, hoodie layer with various hoodie styles, signed merch and vinyl, home decor thing, tote bags, mugs and a lot of products with the signatures of their favorite artists.

How Does it Work?

The ordering process is straightforward; you can create an account with your email or order as a guest. It partners with many companies and gets the product’s images and information from logistics and others by integrating directly into their system and listing the products available for easy product selection.

It supports online stores and has a lot of official partners that work with it. A user can search for specific items by typing in the name of the product they are looking for. You can order by selecting the product and fulfilling the payment process via credit card.

It makes money by taking the percentage of transactions from the merch AR platform. They said we make money when artists make money.


 The star review rating of this company is 2.3, which means people trust it less with 1178 reviews. Most of the people are satisfied and said that the products are of good quality and the company ensures a complete refund amount in case of a lost item. That is good news for customers.

Positive Reviews

Many online stores sell merch, but merchbar is the best. For one thing, it has the most reliable shipping. On top of that, there are hundreds of products available with low prices and free shipping on orders over $25. Unlike most other stores with limited selections, you will find something for everyone on this site. Merchbar also has frequent sales, making it an even better option for shopping if you want to spend less money.

Customer service is also satisfactory. One of the customers says that I had a double-tracking number and I was worried about the arrival of the t-shirt. Fortunately, they sent me my parcel on time a few days before Christmas, and I recommend that those who have bad experiences should purchase from this company.

Negative Reviews

These products are then made into swatches with the user’s personal information. Some people have had negative experiences with Merchbar due to receiving their order later than expected or not receiving it at all.

However, they have seen some negative reviews on the platform, ranging from complaints about not receiving their subscription to others saying that they never received their goods despite paying for them.

Some people complain about the bad shopping experience. Most people receive duplicate orders and duplicate packages. But the building staff of this company tries best for excellent customer support. The customers are facilitated, return policy on return request, and connected by emails for best service. They provide fast assistance in a short period. 


In conclusion, the site is not a scam. Merchbar is legitimate and can be a profitable platform for selling merchandise online. 

If you are interested in buying or selling merch with an easy-to-use interface, check out Merchbar! Merchbar is a website that promises merchandise for a monthly fee. This service may be too expensive to use, but it does provide some decent options for small businesses in need of promotion.

The Merchbar website is an option for small businesses to promote their products to grow their sales. There are monthly fees involved with this service, so it might be difficult for someone who doesn’t have much money to use this option.

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