The 3 Secrets That You Should Know About First Night Sex

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The first night is considered as most sacred of all the nights as it is beginning of a new life of a couple. It effects the whole life of couples. On the first night, husband and wife make different promises for their whole life. First night sex is not so easy for couples. They feel embarrassed while doing sex for the first time in their life. Obviously, it is difficult for the two of them to become comfortable with each other so quickly.

They both are full time nervous and feel hesitant while talking with one another. Here are some secrets and advices to make first night sex enjoyable and comfortable for couples. These top secrets will make your first night a sweet memory for your remaining life.


Some Useful Advices for First Night Sex

First, make your partner relaxed. Because it is quite difficult for a girl to leave her parents home. So that is why she is so much nervous and feel embarrassed in the new house in a new environment. In some cultures, couples do not know about each other. Even they do not meet each other, and sometimes they do not even see each other. So, it is quite difficult for them to adjust in the house and it takes some time to become familiar with one another.

So, the first thing that a boy should do, and it is his responsibility to make her relaxed feel her comfortable in the new environment. To initiate first night sex first say to your partner some nice things console her and praise her beauty. Make the conversation about the tiredness of the day. Share your thoughts about the whole event of the wedding.

Inform each other about the feelings you experienced during the whole event.

Advices for The Groom

Different people have different views about first night sex. however, the best way is for the husband to relax her wife and initiate sex by kissing and making a warm hug to provoke her wife and make her agree to do sex. It is an advice for both for the groom and the bride to undress in different rooms. Then wear some comfortable dress.  It is for the groom to start sex first.

Make her hot by rubbing her breasts, thighs, butt and by kissing her lips. Then notice if she is moaning then it is understood that your partner is now willing to do sex. Rub your penis gently to make your mood. Apply some perfume to your body to enhance the taste of sex. Play some romantic songs with your partner favorite to make your sex enjoyable. Then after you are satisfied with your arrangements then off the lights of your room. Then after this when you both are fully hot then gently press your penis into her vagina.

She will make a shriek because first time sex is considered painful. Firstly, make your strokes lightly than with the passage of time slowly raise your speed. Just broaden her legs and change your position to make her comfortable. Before having sex make it sure whether you both want a baby or want to have pregnancy then you just go on. Otherwise, take some precautions like wearing some good quality condom. To make it easy and quick apply some lubrication like vegetable oil, lavender oil, etc. after you are satisfied with your sex to make it sure that your partner is also satisfied or not. If she is not satisfied, then try some foreplay by slightly touching her vulva. Gently do some fingering by inserting your finger inside and out. The clitoris is most sensitive part of a woman body. When you do fingering it will make her vagina wet, and she will surely be satisfied. If you want another shift, then take some rest and again repeat the whole process.

Advices for Bride

For the brides, it is secret advice to freshen them up by taking a warm bath because due to nervousness sweat comes and due to bad smell of sweat it can make a bad impression on the groom. So, after taking a bath apply some nice smelling perfume. Then rejoice your husband by hugging and kissing on his forehead. Then come close to him saying that he is the most important person in the world for him. When he wants to have, sex tries to facilitate him. Moreover, the most important tip for a girl is that continuously start moaning to provoke your partner. When he touches you, and kiss you give him a good response. your expressions play a role in this regard. So always keep a beautiful smile on your face. Whether it is painful while doing first time sex, so you should cooperate with your partner.

Try to know him. Make the conversation about his likes and dislikes.

Couples become excited while thinking about first night sex. But you should know how to do sex on your first night. This article will help you a lot. These secrets help you to make your first night memorable for the whole of your life.

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