7 Reasons Why Art Reproductions Are Better Than Original Prints

Any art aficionado would love to own their private collections, with art from famous artists all over the world. But, the sad reality of the art world is such that any artwork you yearn for is hotly contested, and will put a huge dent in your pockets. However, you can always request custom paintings that resemble the original that you so desperately want.

But, is a reproduced painting really worth it?

Yes, it is! Here we’ve compiled 7 reasons why art reproductions are as good as, or even better than the original prints.

Comparatively Affordable

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This goes without saying that the Mona Lisa is arguably the most famous artwork in the world and has a value of $850 million dollars. Art reproduction of the same painting would cost you anywhere from $200 to $1000 depending upon the quality.

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That’s not all! The art reproductions also include the intricacy, elegance, and sophistication that are similar to the original one. And the only difference that you find is the cost of the possession.

As Good as the Original

It is true that the most famous artworks were done by master artists who create ageless magnum opuses that are admired by people of all age groups in every century. But, the stunning art reproductions of these masterpieces are done by master artists at present who have received professional training.

most famous artworks
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More often than not, art reproductions are done by supremely talented artists who are looking to showcase their talents, improve their skills, and also earn their livelihood. The artists who make these reproductions are some of the best artists of their time who ensure that the minute details, color composition, and texture remain the same as that of the original. They pour their heart and soul into these pieces.

Legal to Purchase

The Louvre in France owns a large collection of precious art, including the Mona Lisa and the Raft of Medusa. These gorgeous paintings are worth a fortune and cannot be purchased even if you adore them a lot. Article 451-5 of the French Heritage Code dictates that “collections held in museums that belong to public bodies are considered public property and cannot be otherwise”. This means that even if you somehow manage to raise enough money to buy one of these paintings, you simply cannot.

French Heritage
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This is the reason why reproduced arts came into existence to décor your house with the masterpieces that you absolutely love. Also, handmade oil paintings mimic these artworks precisely and are easily available online.

Sate Your Love for Art

You might be a huge art enthusiast who would like to own amazing paintings. As you can see from the reasons stated above, you cannot always sate this need for art with the original masterwork.

amazing paintings
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Art reproductions are the most convenient way to satiate your immense love for art. You can have Durer’s, Da Vinci’s, and Bellini’s decorating your walls, and not worry about them being stolen or damaged. You can look at them to your heart’s content, and when you’re done, buy more reproductions to look at!

Excellent Gifts

Leonardo Da Vinci
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You might have friends or family members who unconditionally love art and with art reproductions, you can very easily surprise them with one amazing piece of a masterwork by Leonardo Da Vinci they love. For a fraction of the price, you can make an original-sized replica in the same medium, which would definitely make them very happy.

Support Artists

When you buy an art reproduction, you are not just decorating your abode but also contributing to an artist’s livelihood. Art is a field where you need to give your all and expect nothing in return. It might surprise you that there are artists who stay hungry for days yet not give up their love for painting.

buy an art reproduction
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When you buy a reproduction, you are allowing such artists to thrive and feel respected. It will stop them from getting disheartened as they feel their incessant hard work is getting appreciated.

Encompasses Thought and Care

Art reproductions are ultimately handmade oil paintings. There is a lot of thought and care that goes into these reproductions as several intricacies have to be considered by the artists. They will strive to not just replicate the art visually, but also technically to achieve perfection.

Art reproductions
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These include factors like brush-strokes and light effects. The best reproductions for artworks require a highly knowledgeable expert to distinguish between them and the original. And more often than not it is dating, rather than technicalities, that helps distinguish between them.

Art reproductions are affordable and can sate your love for art as you can legally purchase them and decorate your house. These reproductions, made by talented artists can keep you satisfied; the artist appreciated and can be as good as the originals. Furthermore, they make for excellent gifts amongst art aficionados in your circle!

These are some of the many reasons art reproduction can be as good as the originals, and you should consider buying them.

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