5 Things To Consider When Looking For An Accident Attorney in Connecticut

After an accident, hiring an attorney to help you with your claims as you focus on healing is advisable. A good lawyer will help you file your paperwork, provide legal advice, determine settlement estimates, collect evidence for your case, and negotiate with the insurance adjuster or jury on your behalf.

In pursuing an accident attorney, consult different attorneys and interview them. Ultimately, you want to be confident that the chosen attorney will represent you competently for favorable compensation.

Talking to each of your selected attorneys will help you decide who best suits your needs; however, you need to know what to consider.

Accident Attorney in Connecticut

Read on for five things to consider when looking for a Stratford, CT Accident Attorney.

1. Make Sure They’re Experienced

Your attorney should tell you their years of practice in person. A skilled attorney does not imply qualification in accident cases; they should clarify their years of practice in accident cases.  

Asking your lawyer about their experience will help you determine whether it is safe to invest in them. The laws governing accident cases are complex, and hiring an attorney with a long working experience in Connecticut will be ideal.

2. Research Stratford, CT Accident Attorney Fees, And Costs

Before signing a retainer agreement, you should discuss the cost implications of your case with your Stratford, CT Accident Attorney. Understanding how much you owe your lawyer and how to pay for the services is key before entering into an agreement.

The costs to consider include all your case expenses, such as postage, deposition, and travel expenses.

You should equally ask about the costs to know if you will pay upfront or if your lawyer will deduct from the settlement. Often, your accident lawyer will take a contingency fee, such that you will not owe them an attorney fee unless they recover the money for your claim.

3. Inquire Into the Skill Levels Of The Attorney

An accident attorney should be skilled at reasoning, persuasion, problem-solving, working with people, and attention to detail. Such skills will turn their knowledge into performance as they are the tools they will use to transform the facts into a winning case.

4. Check Their Overall Character

When picking a Stratford, CT Accident Attorney to represent you, check their character against their skill and knowledge. Most lawyers are proactive and pose successful results but lack important qualities like honor, integrity, and respect. An attorney with excellent character is easy to deal with and will likely produce great results.

5. Look For Genuine Compassion

While compassion is not a quality associated with the legal profession, a servant’s heart is vital for success. As an accident victim, you want an attorney supporting your recovery and injury management to ensure you are back on your feet as soon as possible.

A good lawyer will be interested in your case and put effort into ensuring you get fair compensation. You will know your lawyer is genuinely compassionate, depending on the details they ask about your case.

Evaluating your attorney’s compassion based on how they interact with the community will also help determine genuine compassion.

Settle For A Professional Stratford, CT Accident Attorney

Selecting an attorney for your accident case can be overwhelming as you focus on recovery. However, if able, or with the help of your friends or family, consult your recommendations against the above checklist and settle for one that matches your needs.

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