Best Dog Clippers For Matted Hair

Pet owners know well that grooming and proper care of pets are very important to keep them healthy and fit. It is amazing news for pet owners that they can do trimming and grooming of their dogs at home instead of taking them to the groomer and spending a lot of money for them.

Hair trimming of normal hair is easier than that matted hair. If your dog has fine and long hair or fur, then there is more chance of tangling than the smaller hair.

But now you don’t need to take tense about it. In this article, we have summed up some best dog clippers for matted hair for grooming the matte coat of dogs.

Why Do Matted Hair Need Trimming?

Some people think that dogs with long hair look pretty, but they don’t understand that this long hairs create problems for them also. The hairs are affected by the humidity, mud, and climate that cause irritation, itching, and inflammation in dogs.

You can keep your dog healthy and fit by using the right tool for its cutting. A good matted dog clipper cuts the matted fur and tangled hair and changes the lifestyle of the dog.

This clipper is quite different in its structure, as it is specifically designed for treating matted hair. It is sharp with wider blades and is good for cutting the heavy hair easily.

There are certain cheap clippers that claim to give a performance, but they are totally useless for thick or matted hair. To deal with such a dog’s hair, you need a heavy-duty clipper that must have the power to groom the thick hair.

Best Dog Clippers for Matted Hair

Following are the best dog clippers for the matted hair of dogs. You can choose the one according to the hair texture of your dog. With the help of the best dog clipper, you can easily trim the matted coat of the dog without harming its skin.

  1. Andis Vet Pak Detachable Blade Clipper Kit 
  2. ProClip™ AGC®+ 1-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper Kit
  3. Wahl 8868 Figura Professional Lithium-ion Rechargeable Pet Clipper Kit 
  4. Oster A5 Animal Grooming clipper
  5. Cyrico Dog Grooming Clippers
  6. Oneisall Dog Shaver Clippers
  7. Bousnic Dog Grooming Clippers

Andis Vet Pak Detachable Blade Clipper Kit

For grooming the matted hair of a dog, the clipper should be a heavy-duty model and Andis Vet Pak Detachable Blade Clipper Kit exactly meets the demand of the requirement.

This kit consists of high-quality and heavy-duty blades that are sharp and active for trimming the matted or thick hair on the coat of the dog. This clipper performs noiseless operations within no time. It is light and a good choice for professional groomers, veterinarians, and beginners also.

best dog clippers for matted hair

They can easily maneuver the thick hair without causing any problems. Its ergonomic and cordless design is unique and perfect for trimming with limitless mobility. Its lightweight protects the arm from tiring while tackling heavy and thick hair.

The blades are interchangeable and are interchangeable with ultraedge, showEdge, ceramic Edge, and Oster A5 blades. The complete package consists of blade oil, a car charger, a charger stand, an additional battery pack, and a mini-stand as well.

Although it claims long-lasting battery timing, the battery lasts after a few minutes. The blades get hot with constant and long-term use of the clipper, but you can use cooling spray also, it will help a lot in improving the efficiency of the blades.

The product is easy to maintain. It is one size and one-speed machine, that’s why it is not good for small dogs to trim around the face and paws. But you can buy different size combs for this purpose. This clipper comes with a one-year warranty. It is one of the most expensive clippers.


  • Expensive
  • Not good for small dogs

ProClip™ AGC®+ 1-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper Kit

If you are a professional vet groomer and are looking for the best clipper for trimming and grooming, the ProClip™ AGC®+ 1 Speed Detachable Blade Clipper Kit is the ideal choice for them.

For treating and trimming the curly, thick, long, and double-coated hair, the blades of this clipper are sharp and durable. The blades are interchangeable. The handle of the clipper is durable and shatter-resistant.

best dog clippers for matted hair

The whole kit consists of a size 10 blade, a tube of blade oil, and 4 different attachment combs. The blades are made up of steel material that is rust and corrosion-resistant, but they radially get hot after some time. It is the most versatile tool with a fast-speed motor.

The rotary motor works on 2700 strokes per minute. The clipper is compatible with all types of Andis blades. Most pets get afraid due to noise and that’s why they are scared of the grooming process, but this clipper performs the noiseless and quiet operation.

The blades get hot after a few minutes, but the body of the clipper remains cool. This clipper has only one blade, and you have to purchase the other if you want to. The blades of this clipper are interchangeable.


  • Blades get hot even after using for five minutes

Wahl 8868 Figura Professional Lithium-ion Rechargeable Pet Clipper Kit

Wahl 8868 Figura Professional Lithium-ion Rechargeable Pet Clipper is also the best and ideal one for the curly and matted hair of dogs. This clipper is cordless and more versatile than all other models of corded clippers.

The rotary motor of this clipper works up to 6000 strokes per minute. The blades are sharper and cooler than all other clippers. This kit consists of 4- plastic attachment combs, and blades with sizes of 40”, 30”, 15”, 10”, and 9”. It is very tough to maintain.

Wahl 8868 Figura Professional Lithium-ion Rechargeable Pet Clipper Kit

It requires 180- minutes of charge time. Furthermore, it comes with a one-year warranty. Likewise, it is a good choice for dogs having fine to medium hair, but it is not a suitable option for dogs having long hair.

It facilitates the user with 5-in-1 blades that save the time that may be spent in changing the blades. Not only that, but it operates with strong vibrations, so it may cause irritation to sensitive dogs. It is also not a good choice for a thick coat.


Works with high vibration, so not good for sensitive dogs

Oster A5 Animal Grooming Clipper

For fast grooming of the matted hair of dogs, the Oster A5 Animal grooming clipper is the best and ideal choice. It trims the hair fastly with great precision and gives them an attractive look.

It allows trimming the hair at both low and high speed just with a flick of a switch. You can easily groom your dog according to your choice. The main purpose of this two-speed switch is to groom the dogs. It contains a detachable blade of size 10. It works with cryogenic technology which makes it more trustworthy and loving.


Due to this cryogenic technology, the blades of the clipper are able to deal with the hardening process of cutting thick hair as this technology makes the hair durable and long-lasting.

The heavy-duty motor delivers 2- speeds; of 3000 SPM and 4000 SPM. This clipper has a strong and durable motor that cuts the thick and matted hair within no time, so now you don’t need to worry about the fear and irritation of the dogs.

The motor has an unbreakable chew-proof housing that protects it from damage. But the crumb of some cord of this clipper makes it unsuitable for large dogs.

The complete kit contains replacement carbon brushes, clipper grease, and cleaning brushes along with Elite Cryogen-X, and Cryogen- X blades, and takes down the Quick Wide blade series. But it gets hot after some time and causes frustration.

Cyrico Dog Grooming Clippers

Cyrico Dog Grooming Clippers are one of the most powerful clippers with unique and loving features. To treat the dog with matted hair it provides a choice of 5 speeds from 5000 RPM to 7000 RPM.

Moreover, you can also adjust the blade settings according to your need. The ceramic and stainless steel blade can trim the hair with three different settings. In addition to this, this clipper rechargeable battery provides great power for the motor for working efficiently.


The battery takes about three hours for recharging and runs about four hours without any interruption. It is a cordless clipper that comes with an LED screen for indicating the speed, power use, oil, and cleaning.

The complete clipper kit comes with grooming scissors, a cordless rechargeable battery, a rechargeable base, guard combs, thinning shears, and maintenance tools.

The auto shut-off safety features make it more adorable to use. The blades are detachable. But it is only suitable for medium hair, but not as effective for thicker hair as much.


  • Is good for fine and medium hair, but not for a thicker one

Oneisall Dog Shaver Clippers:

If you are looking for the one of best clippers for the matted but not thicker hair of your dog, then Oneisall Dog Shaver Clipper is the one that will surely fit your demand.

It is a user-friendly cordless clipper with a unique design and features. Oneisall Dog Shaver Clipper kit consists of stainless steel combs, stainless steel scissors, four guide guards, and an oil bottle.


The combs come with adjustable lengths such as 3 mm/6 mm/9 mm/15mm/18mm for handling hair of different lengths. The ceramic and sharp stainless steel blades provide excellent performance for trimming and grooming the matted hair of dogs.

But it is not able to handle the thickest matted hair. It performs noiseless operation with low vibration with detachable blades that are easy to maintenance so that you can easily cut the hair of the dogs without fearing them.


  • Not suitable for thick hair

Bousnic Dog Grooming Clippers

Do you want to groom and trim the dog’s matted hair at home? If you are looking for the best tool to make your work easy, then you don’t need to worry as Bousnic Dog Grooming Clipper is the best choice for you.

It deals smoothly with the thick, short, and straight matted hair of dogs and provides fast and precise cutting. The kit contains a rechargeable grooming clipper, 4- guide combs with different lengths, stainless steel combs, stainless steel scissors, an oil bottle, a USB cable for charging and cleaning brush.


It performs the quietest operation with low vibration, so you need not worry about the fear of your dog with sounds. The motor works with two-speed levels; a high of 7000 RPM and a low of 6000 RPM.

The blade of this clipper is adjustable in four sizes. The blade is of ceramic and stainless steel material and is sharp for providing the fastest cutting within no time. The clippers have an ergonomic design for excellent trimming, but it is tough to cut curly hair with them.

For recharging the clipper, a lithium-ion rechargeable battery is available with a digital battery indicator. It can work for three hours without creating any problems. But it doesn’t come with a storage case for keeping it safe.


  • Not for curly hair

Buyer’s guide

While you visit the market there are some points that require consideration such as

Speed of blades

While grooming and cutting thick and matted hair whether they are long or short, the blade should be sharp and active. The stubborn and rusted blades will cause pulling of the hair and will cause pain.

The SPM of the motor should be up to 3000 (strokes per minute). Furthermore, the blades that work with high speed tend to heat up less than the blades with low speed.

Material of blades

Choose blades that are made up of strong and durable material. Most professionals prefer stainless steel blades as they are more durable than others.

Noise level

The dogs have sensitive ears, so the device should have a low noise level. If the device is noise-causing, the dogs will get afraid of grooming and will annoy you. The noise level of the device should be lower than 60 decibels with low vibration.

Batteries Vs Power Cord

For treating matted hair it is better to choose corded clippers as they are steady for providing constant power. If you are choosing the cordless clipper, then its battery timing should be more. Lithium-ion batteries are mostly preferred for this purpose.


Does matted hair cause pain?

If you are not treating the matted hair of dogs for a long time, then it may cause pain during cutting.

Are regular clippers suitable for matted hair?

To deal with the matted hair of dogs, the clipper should be powerful. It will avoid snagging and hurting the fur. So regular clippers are not suitable for them.