Can Dogs Eat Oatmeal Cookies?

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Can dogs eat oatmeal cookies? Are they healthy for dogs or not? Our pets especially dogs are habitual to share sneaks and food we eat. But there is some human food that is toxic for the health of dogs.

The same is the case with oatmeal cookies. As we know oatmeal cookies are a healthy and nutritional diet for human beings and people like to eat oatmeal cookies in breakfast or the time in between breakfast & lunch. Sometimes while taking breakfast your dog comes and grabs one of the cookies from your table. Here the question arises are they safe for dogs or not? The simple answer is “No”; they are not safe for dogs.

As a dog’s owner you have to face many challenges to keep them safe and healthy. You have to take care what is healthy for them, and what should they eat? Because a little carelessness can lead to their death.

Oatmeal cookies are not good for the dogs, and you need to keep them away from such cookies. They can cause stomachache or any serious issue in dogs. Let us have a look on this why oatmeal cookies are not safe for dogs.


Can Dogs Eat Oatmeal Cookies?

These are baked cookies having oatmeal and many other ingredients such as excess carbohydrates due to all-purpose flour, sugar additives, baking powder, cinnamon, brown sugar, eggs, butter, salt, dairy products, and many others.

Oatmeal itself is harmless and healthy for the dog as it is full of fibers, vitamins, and minerals such as vitamin B1, vitamin B5, iron, zinc, copper, and others.

It is helpful to increase the number of bacteria in the gut, and balancing the blood sugar level, so you can give oatmeal to the dog in small quantity as too much amount can cause diarrhea in it.

But the story of oatmeal cookies it is quite different from it. The essential ingredients added in the oatmeal cookies are toxic for the dog’s stomach.

The effect of ingredients on oatmeal cookies on the dog’s health:

All-Purpose Flour:

It is the main ingredient of oatmeal recipe. This flour is non-digested fore dogs. It does not benefit the dogs and lead to many serious health issues.


The dogs are lactose intolerant therefore you cannot feed your dog with any type of dairy products. They will harm the dog’s stomach.

Sugar & Brown Sugar:

Sugar causes diabetes and fatness both in humans and pets. Oatmeal cookies contain large amount of sugar & brown sugar that may lead to obesity and other health issues. Dogs can’t digest sugar feisty.

It is a hard time processing for the dogs that inflamed their stomach. When the stomach lining of the dog inflames, it will cause diarrhea, vomiting and appetite loss in it.

If your dog is tempted to sweet thing for long term it can also cause heart problem, muscles and joints issues, and shortness of breathing in it. So try to keep your dog from a sweet thing including oatmeal cookies.

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Sugar-Free Oatmeal Cookies:

If you like to eat sugar-free oatmeal cookies, and you think they are good for your pet then you are absolutely wrong. The sugar-free cookies contain Xylitol that is toxic for dogs. A small quantity of Xylitol may become fatal for your dog.


Raisins and grapes are not useful for the dogs. Many oatmeal cookies contain raisins that may harm the kidney’s ad renal tract of the dogs. That leads to urinal tract infection. If your dog has taken a large quantity of raisins it would lead to kidney failure in the dog.


Just like raisins you cannot give chocolate to your dog in the form of chocolate chip or alone. Chocolates cause same issue as raisins. They cause stomach problems including diarrhea and vomiting. If the quantity of intake of chocolate is large then it will cause kidney failure in the dog. Chocolate raisin is not safe for a dog to eat so be careful.

Additives & Preservatives:

Additives and preservatives added in the oatmeal cookies are also harmful for dogs. Furthermore, the eggs and vanilla extract is also in the cookies. The cooked eggs are useful for dogs but when mixes with harmful ingredient it is becomes neutral. Vanilla extract has excess alcohol that is not safe for dogs.


If your dog has taken only one piece of the cookies, and it is harmless even then you should make it habitual, and it somehow will affect the stomach of the dog.


Can I Give Plain Oatmeal To My Dog?

Yes, its better to add rice in oatmeal to make a meal healthful for your dog.

Is Cinnamon Good For Dogs?

No. eating or chewing cinnamon ground or stick may cause irritation in its mouth.