Can Dogs Eat Beef Jerky?

Can dogs eat beef jerky? This question arises when you have come home with a human beef jerky packet and when you open it two tempting eyes stare at you for delicious food. Is your dog being fond of beef jerky like you?

What you have to do? Should you give him beef or not? Answer to these questions matter a lot as it is for the health of your dog. You can surely give jerky beef to your dog but not the one that is human food.

In the market beef jerky for dogs is available. You can give that food to your dog. It is good for their health. Human jerky beef is not safe for the dogs. But first you need to understand what beef jerky is.

What is Beef Jerky?

It is the lean trimmed beef in form of strips. It contains preservatives and spices to make it tasty and then dried or dehydrated to protect from spoilage. The jerky meat for dogs is different from that of human.

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The preservatives on human food are poisonous for the dogs. So you cannot share your own jerky beef with your dog. In the past thousands of the dogs died due to chicken jerky as the chicken was diseased. The dogs were died of kidney problems and this thing creates a controversy in dog owner’s mind that is the beef jerky safe for eating for their dogs or not.

Can Dogs Eat Beef Jerky

Can Dogs Eat Beef Jerky?

Beef Jerky is the delicious and dried meat that is safe for dogs s it is made from high-quality meat. Jerky beef for dogs should be free from chemicals, salts, preservatives, and spices like that of human.

That is why dogs may take it without having any stomachache or intestinal issues. But salt and other spices are for preservation of this dehydrated meat that makes it a bit unsafe for the dogs.

 If your dog is fond of jerky meal then keep in mind that dogs cannot eat spicy or too much salty meat. Moreover, some dogs are sensitive to garlic, xylitol, and gluten.

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So before giving them, make sure the meat is free from all these things. Beef Jerky is the highly pro tonic meat containing about 85%proteins and mineral and vitamins.

It is good for dogs as it preserved all the nutrients in the best way. But do not forget to give it in moderate quantity. It is in the dehydrated form.

Dehydrated meat is considered the best as it preserves the minerals, vitamins, and heat sensitive nutrients by the low-temperature process.

This thing makes beef jerky more favorable for dogs than fried and cooked meat. The beef jerky contains low water content that makes it hard for chewing, and this process helps to remove plaque and tartar. Overall it is beneficial for hygienic teeth.

Side Effects Of The Beef Jerky For Dogs

Jerky meal is suitable only if your dog has strong digestive system. As this beef jerky is not properly cooked, so it requires much time for digestion. For the dogs with sensitive stomach & digestive system it is not good. It may cause gastrointestinal issues in them. Most of the dogs become sick after taking beef jerky and result in vomiting, diarrhea, and dehydration.

If the beef jerky meal has more salt than the body requirement of the dogs that is not more than 100 milligrams per day then it will increase their body temperature and cause seizures, salt poisoning, loss of coordination and mental control.

So before buy jerky beef from the store read the ingredients mention on the label and avoid the one with ingredients that are not suitable for dogs.

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Healthy and Safe Beef Jerky:

For the health of your dogs you should prefer home-made jerky beef without salt, spices, and preservatives. You can make jerky beef at home by the following process.

Take a few pounds of the beef and remove fats from it. Now cut it in the form of lean slices.

Now keep these slices on the cookie sheet and cook them at 200-degree temperature for two hours. If meat is juicy it may take more time. Rotate the racks after every 30-minute to dehydrate the meat properly.

Wait until the complete removal of moisture. When it dried fully, check redness and hardness to make sure it is dehydrated, remove it from the tray.

Allow it to cool and refrigerate it for future use.

You can use airtight bags to preserve them for weeks. This beef jerky free from salt is safer for dogs than bakery products.

For the health of your pets you need much care. If you choose any product make sure it is safe for them.


Can Beef Jerky Kill the Dogs?

Yes it can be poisonous if this snack is full of spices and those entire ingredients that are not safe for dogs.

Why Salty Beef Jerky Is Not Safe for Dogs?

One ounce beef jerky contains about 590 milligrams of sodium, while a 33-pound dog daily intake of sodium is not more than 100 milligrams. Therefore, salty beef jerky is not safe for dogs.