Can Dogs Eat Papaya?

Health of your pets such as dogs & cats health is as important as that of human. There is certain human food that is healthy for the human but not fit for the dogs as oatmeal.

Similarly, there are certain fruits and food that is beneficial for dogs & human. Being a pet owner you know well that our pets like to eat what we are eating.

But people actually do not aware whether they should give that food to their dog or not. Do you ever give a slice or papaya to your dog?

Most of the dog’s owners who like papaya usually ask can dogs eat papaya because the want to share their diet with dogs but worried that is it safe for dogs? If not, then why?

Sometimes google or any net searching cannot satisfy a person as much as he wants. But now you do not need to search different search engines for these questions.

This blog will help you to know can dogs eat papaya or not? And how it is beneficial and if it is toxic then what quantity is safe for them.


Can Dogs Eat Papaya?

The simple and quiet answer of this is “yes”. You can give papaya to your dogs. This fruit is very beneficent for them.

If your dog likes the flavor of papaya then there is no lame excuse to keep it away from this delicious fruit.

Papaya is a tropical fruit of North America and South Africa consists of many healthy nutrient useful for both human and dogs.

It contains magnesium, potassium, calcium, and folate that are good for healthy growth of the dogs.

Vitamin C, E, A and K in the papaya are for boosting the energy level and immune system, and they also help to prevent arteriosclerosis in the dogs.

Antioxidants are excellent for the strengthening of the immune system.

The most valuable for dogs is the presence of fibers in papaya that makes the digestive tract perfect for its job.

That why the vet doctors recommend dogs papaya if they have stomachache or have any gastrointestinal issue.

But keep in mind that you cannot give papaya seeds and skin to your dog so peel it off and then give papaya in the form of slices.

Furthermore, it can cause certain health issues also if not given in limited amount. So it is overall a healthy and good food for young dogs for their proper health.

This juicy delicious fruit is a better choice than snacks and ice-creams for your dog.

Problems That May Occur Due To Eating Papaya In Dogs

Some dogs are allergic for papayas so before giving them papaya test on them via giving only a piece of slice to your dogs.

If he does not show symptoms then you can give them this fruit. The symptoms of allergy in dogs are vomiting, loose stools, and itching and other skin problems.

You cannot give papaya seeds and skin to the dogs because the seeds are toxic for the dogs so try your best to keep seeds away from them as they may cause intestinal blockage in them.

Leaves and peels are indigestible for the dogs. They are poisonous due to pesticides and parasites on them.

The next most important thing is what quantity of the papaya will be good enough for dogs. Do not give too much papaya for eating at the same time.

It may lead to diarrhea, digestive issues, and intestinal problems. It is a healthy recommendation to give maximum four slices in one day. Do not exceed this limit. If your dog size is large then you can increase one to two slices. Besides all this, there is also a core in the center of the papaya. Do not let your dog take it.

The Proper Way To Serve The Papaya To Your Dogs

Choose the fruit that is not over ripe or too much fresh. If you are going to buy papaya for dogs look for the one that is green and turning into yellow in color.

Remove the peel, seeds, and leaves from it and cut into medium slices. You can serve them as fresh as fresh form of fruit is more natural and delicious. It contains less sugar concentration that is why it is fit for diabetic dogs.

If you want to increase the sugar level of your dog you can give him papaya in dehydrated form as it contains more concentration of the sugar. But keep dehydrated papaya away from pancreatitis and diabetic dogs.

If it is a hot day then you can also serve papaya in frozen form, but this is not suitable for dogs having sensitive teeth. In the start give papaya in the form of small cubes.

If you find them non-allergic then you can increase daily intake dose. But this limit should not exceed to 5% of your food.

Remember that do not give them papaya daily. Try to keep a gap of four to five days. If you take care of these you will get a healthy dog.