Best Hair Transplant Surgeons In The World

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Are you worried of hair fall and tired of using remedies and medication for hair growth? Do not worry we have come with another solution that is hair transplantation.

But for the successful hair transplant a right surgeon and right clinic is necessary, and it is very tricky to find it.

We have found the Hair fall is the biggest issue among males and females in these days. If the hair fall is permanent and no remedy work for it in such cases hair transplant is the last compulsory option.

In the male’s baldness and in the female’s hair thinning are the main issues in which people prefer hair transplant.

Hair restoration has two methods of skin grafting and hair transplanting. But hair transplantation is the easiest option as in it numerous little grafts occur instead of the skin area.

While in skin grafting the replacement of all the dermis and epidermis neighboring the hair follicles occur.

Hair Transplantation:

Hair transplantation is the hair restoration surgery process in which hair follicles are transplanted from the donor site to the bald site called as recipient site.

People need transplant if the hair fall is for more than 5 year because the hair follicles become weak for new hair growths. So it results in the bald area or whole bald head and scalpel and start hacking issues also.

But for the hair transplantation, the surgeon and clinic should be reliable. The hair transplant industry has dramatically turned into a vast field from the last few years.

But alarming situation is increasing number of the under trained and under qualified surgeons and opening of large number of clinics that makes it difficult to find the best one to save one.

So industry is in danger due to such people. You cannot find the best hair transplant surgeon via Google search as people claims a lot and promises a lot but deliver nothing.

If you visit a wrong surgeon t will result in headache and many other issues.

Follicular unit extraction FUE is considered as the best hair transplant process in which specific follicles are detached from the back and sides of the scalp and then transferred via surgery to the bald areas, mainly on the top of the scalp.

According to the Dr. Asim Shahmalak, MD, hair transplant surgeon, about 70% of the clients prefer FUE hair transplantation than FUT. It takes about 6-7 hours, and the healing process is fast in it.

Best Hair Transplant Surgeons In The World:

Following hair transplant doctors are world’s best doctors in different countries known for their best skills.

You will find the best hair transplant surgeons in Turkey, Thailand, South Korea, and India & Europe.

Dr. William Lindsey, IAHRS Member McLean, Virginia (USA):

Dr-william-lindseyDr. William Lindsey is the best plastic facial surgeon who has experienced of about 20 years and has won the award. He is a certified facial surgeon who now offers FUE hair transplantation.

In 2000, he established in Northern Virginia for practice of his disciplines. He offers natural and aesthetic hair transplantation in his Lindsey medical hair transplantation clinic.

The techniques used for hair transplantation by Dr. Lindsey are utilization of high density and ultra-refined FUT through FUE method and strip method.

Dr. Scott Boden, Wethersfield, Connecticut (USA):


Dr. Scoot Boden is the world’s best hair transplant surgeon who is well-trained, and board certified in Connecticut. He is known for detailed and refined judgement and is among the 150 world’s best surgeons.

His hair restoration clinic offers best services for hair transplantation for both men and women suffering due to excess hair loss or bald scalp.

His best surgical and non-surgical options include ARTAS, FUE, FUT, hair transplant repairs, transgender hair transplant, eyebrow hair restoration and beard hair transplant. You will get an attractive look with desired hair.

Dr. Safiye Kurt in Turkey:

Best Hair Transplant Surgeons In The WorldDr. Safiye Kurt is the best and certified hair transplant surgeon across the countries of Persian Gulf. She offers the FUE hair transplantation.

She has 20 years’ experience and till now has performed over 4000 hair transplantation. Not only that, but she has great research in hair pathologies.

Dr. Safiye has improved her skills in Europe, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Middle East along with Turkey. UAE health minister has transplanted his hair from her in 2012.

She is head of Adem&Havva medical center in Turkey where she also deals the international patients. The people from 45 countries come to her for cosmetic procedures and hair transplantation.

John P. Cole – Atlanta Hair Transplant Surgeon

Best Hair Transplant Surgeons In The World

Dr. John P. Cole is another renowned name in the field of hair transplantation. He specializes in hair transplantation technique including plug redistributions, plug removal, follicle unit extraction FUE, body hair transplant, body hair framing, scar revision, facial hair, and eyebrow restoration.

He first graduated with degrees in chemistry and biology back in 1981 and after that he received a degree in medicine and in 1990 dedicated himself to surgery.

Furthermore, he is the first physician who became the diplomat of the American board of hair restoration surgery.

His great contributions include creative research on follicle anatomy, introducing the special instruments for surgery and developing the formulas to measure the performance of hair restoration specialists. His services make him the best surgeon for hair transplantation.

Dr. Mehmet Erdogan:Best Hair Transplant Surgeons In The World

Dr. Mehmet Erdogan is also the best hair transplant surgeon in Turkey. He is famous for his great work in the hair transplantation field.

He has excellent experience of manual follicle unit extraction and medical treatment of alopecia.

Furthermore, he has been working since 2011 as a surgeon and has a medical center for hair transplant. He has performed about 5000 hair transplants with a success rate of 95%.

Dr. Mehmet Erdogan is the best hair transplant surgeon in Turkey.


Does the Hair Transplant Last Forever?

A hair transplant may last forever. It depends upon the hair loss. Sometimes you need to transplant hair twice in your life.

What is the Best Transplant Technique?

Follicle unit extraction is the most successful than traditional. It has less invasion and leaves no scar and stitches.