Best Power Supply For GTX 1080

For the people who like to play video games on PC, GTX graphic cards are valuable and important also. All the graphics cards of GTX series are latest including GTX Titan X, GTX 1070 and GTX 1080.

They make the gaming performance excellent. Among all of them GTX 1080 are the best GPUs regarding their efficiency. They have ability to run the games at ultra-settings.

They require good power supply to run the games with efficient performance. We have listed out the best power supply GTX 1080 for your ease.

Now you do not need to take tension for finding the best power supply for GTX 1080. For the video gaming, along with the best GTX and best power supply is also necessary.

But before that it is important to know why GTX 1080 is the most favorite choice for video gamers.

Why GTX 1080 is the Best Choice for Gamers?

GTX 1080 is the best graphics unit of GeForce 10 series supported by NVIDIA pascal microarchitecture. The ultra-high settings of this graphics card make it extraordinary.

No heavy game can slow down the functioning of this card. There are many other specifications to make its use adorable for video gaming such as innovative design, superior heat dissipation power and high-quality material.

With this high-quality and best performing card it is necessary to have perfect power supply that can power this graphics card and other components of your computer as well.

When there is a lot of work on PC, and you also require the upgrade of the components you can’t go wrong by choosing smaller power supply.

For the work required high consumption of power the power supply should be big enough to tackle all without any problem.

How To Choose The Perfect Power Supply For GTX 1080?

When you go for the power supply for GTX 1080 Ti you have no chance to take any type of risk. In case of incompatibility of power supply with the GTX 1080 you may face troublesome, and it will also be wastage of money and time.

That is why it is important to know the basic information about power supplies, just like the difference between AC and DC power. There are sites like Bravo Electro that discuss topics about these, you just need to research and read through them.

Power Supply Type Wattage

It is vital to note what type of power supply you need for your GTX 1080 Ti. You cannot use a non-modular power supply for this graphics card. Try to but an efficient and gold certified power supply for GTX 1080. The power supply you choose should have 600W or more wattage for perfect working.

Furthermore, the power connector should also be compatible with the selected power supply. So with efficient power supply, it is better to have six-pin and eight pin PCI power connectors.

Non-Modular Power Supply

Among all types of power supplies, non-modular is the cheapest one due to lack of customizability. It comes with fixed cables attached with power supply box. It does not have PCIe power cables to power high-end graphic cards. The good and non-modular power supply has 80+ bronze efficiency rating.

Semi Modular Power Supply

It is the best modular that almost every motherboard and best graphic card needs. It comes with many optional cables, 3-peripheral slots and one second PCIe power connector slot. These slots can easily fit HDD and SSD power. It is easy to use and has less cable hassle.

Fully modular

This type of power supply provides maximum customization and removable cables. You can remove any cable from power supply according to your desire. It is expensive but shows reliability as well.

Efficiency Of Power Supply

For GTX 1080 graphics card, the power supply must have high efficiency and rating. Both these terms are correlated. A power supply with high efficiency will have high rating as well. For GTX 1080 you may prefer the power supply with 80+ Gold, platinum, or titanium rating.

Best Power Supply For GTX 1080

Product NameProduct Price
EVGA Supernova Platinum 650w P2 Power
Rosewill Gaming 80 plus Bronze 650W Power Supply
Seasonic SSR-650PX FOCUS Plus Platinum Power Supply
Corsair CX series 650 watts Power Supply
Thermal Talk 1200 W Power Supply[/su_table]

While choosing for the best power supplies you cannot go wrong. When you want to upgrade a component that has higher power consumption than the original than a smaller power supply is not a good option for it.

By spending some extra dollars you can get the best power supply that is compatible to your rigs for future also. Following are the best power supply for GTX 1080.

  1. EVGA Supernova Platinum 650w P2 Power
  2. Rosewill Gaming 80 Plus Bronze 650W Power Supply
  3. Seasonic SSR-650PX FOCUS Plus Platinum Power Supply
  4. Corsair CX series 650 watts Power Supply
  5. Thermal Talk 1200 W Power Supply

EVGA Supernova Platinum 650w P2 Power

For the high-power and GTX 1080, EVGA Supernova Platinum 650w P2 Power Supply is the best one with unbeatable performance.

This power supply facilitates the user with the best quality performance with 80 plus platinum rated efficiency. It provides a complete and consistent power supply to all components.

Best Power Supply For GTX 1080

The ECO control fan system in it prevents noise pollution during low to medium load. To provide full efficiency and minimizing the resistance, it is built with 100% Japanese style capacitors.

It gives 92% efficiency at 115VAC and 94% efficiency at 220 to 240 VAC. It provides the complete protection including overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, under pressure protection, and lower current protection.

Rosewill Gaming 80 Plus Bronze 650W Power Supply

Rosewill Gaming 80 plus Bronze 650W is the lowest budget power supply for all type of games. It is gold certified PSU with full modular and photon series.

It contains 135 mm fan that controls the noise from minima to zero and also minimizes the energy usage with auto speed control fan.

Not only that, but it is the perfect choice if you want a stable, powerful, and inevitable gaming PC. The 12+ rail provides higher efficiency when operation loses at low level.

Best Power Supply For GTX 1080

It has quality to optimize the temperature that is why it has better capacity to provide protection against short circuit, lower voltage, overloaded voltage, and extreme temperature.

The other features include EPS 12V v2.92 SLI and crossfire 4*6+2 pin connector. It is bronze certified power supply.

Seasonic SSR-650PX Focuses Plus Platinum Power Supply

Seasonic SSR series is popular for providing the best power supply with high efficiency rate. It is the best power supply of this series that is compatible with high power GTX 1080 graphic cards.

It has high-power output with full modular. This power supply gains 80+ platinum rating at 50% load with 92% efficiency. It improves the power supply and quality by connecting copper plates to the back panel.


Copper plates are used in place of the wire. The 650 watts power quality makes it perfect choice for powering the graphic cards. For GTX 1080 although it does not matter to have great power as this graphic card can work well even on 500-550 watts power supply.

This hybrid is gold certified and is perfect for saving power. The hybrid fan control system has three modes, silent, cooling, and finless mode that makes it first choice of those who like to play games on GTX 1080 for long time. It comes with 10-year warranty.

Corsair CX series 650 watts Power Supply

Corsair CX series 650 watts Power Supply is the best choice for GTX 1080 with virtual silent features and operations. It is built with high-quality components and delivers high performance. This power supply has semi-modular system with 4th generation Intel Core processor.

The other unique features of Corsair CX 650 watts includes having +3.3V at 25A, +12 @54A, and 100-240V at frequency of 47-63 Hz.


It provides the highest performance at 40 degree Celsius. It has fantastic thermally controlled fan system for controlling short circuit operation. The flexible modular cabling makes it more reliable for use.

It has easy upgrade and installation process. It is designed for less power consumption. Not only that, but it facilitates the user with quiet operation from low to medium loads. It is compatible for computers and PCs.

Thermal Talk 1200 W Power Supply

The other best power supply for GTX 1080 for running high-powered gaming programs is Thermal talk 1200W Power Supply. It facilitates the customers with low ripple noise by zero smart fans.


It has black sleek full modular design. Furthermore, it contains 100% Japanese capacitors for best resistant, proficiency and efficiency. The capacitors are the best due to high reliability and durability quality.

It provides 92% efficiency performance with 100% load without affecting the performance of components. It comes with ten years warranty. Furthermore, it will sure make your gaming world free of any problem, and you will enjoy games without any hindrance.

All these power supplies are best to run high-power graphic cards, and you can choose anyone without any worry.

Frequently Asks Questions:

What RAM is best for GTX 1080?

For GTX 1080, 16 GB RAM is best because it comes only in 8 GB module.

What is power consumption for GTX 1080? 

GTX 1080 has power consumption of about 180 to 500W. But when you are using it for gaming purpose it is better to have a more powered power supply.

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