Can Dogs Eat Cheerios? What Type Of Cheerios You Can Give Your Dogs?

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Cereals are the healthy breakfast for the human and have many nutritional benefits. Most of the dog owners ask can dogs eat cheerios because everyone wants to share its food with its pet.

But their health comes first. That is why before giving anything to dogs to eat it is necessary to understand whether it is good for them or not. Let us have a deep look to see can dogs eat cheerios. But before that you need to understand what the cheerios are.


Cheerios are natural cereals made up of whole grains of oats and are favorite food of everyone in the family from toddler to elders. It is a delicious breakfast full of healthy nutrients.

This food is free from cholesterol and has low natural fats. Moreover, essential vitamins and mineral make this processed food healthy for human. Although this food is beneficial for human but is it for dogs.


Can Dogs Eat Cheerios?

The simple answer to this question is “YES.” These are good alternatives of the healthy diet for dogs. It is surprising for us to know that dogs can eat cheerios. As we have always listened about meat and animal proteins for dogs.

So it is strange to think that cheerios are a healthy diet for dogs. They are available in different flavors; some are healthy for dogs and some are not.  It is better to use cheerios as sometimes diet instead of full meal.

Most of the cereals contain high sugar that is considered the good deal while low sugar cheerios are the best one for dog’s health. Cheerios are available in different flavors including yogurt, honey nut, flavored with fruits and sweetened with chocolates.

What Type Of Cheerios You Can Give Your Dogs?

Honey Nut Cheerios?

Honey nut cheerios are safe for the dogs if you give them to dogs in small quantity. It contains many healthy ingredients including honey. Nuts are toxic for dogs, but fortunately it does not contain nuts.

These cheerios have honey and flavor of nuts. Similarly, almonds cheerios do not have almond in it. They play an important role in improving the immunity system and correcting the digestive issues of the dogs.

But keep in mind if the quantity exceeds to the given limit then it will lead to serious health issues. It may destroy their teeth and gastrointestinal tract. Before giving these snacks make sure your dog is not allergic to the wheat and grains. The symptoms of the allergy are diarrhea, redness in the skin, vomiting, asthma, inflammation of the ears of the dog, and flatulence.

Multigrain cheerios are safe for the dogs if they do not have sweetened, artificial flavor, and additives. You cannot give it on the regular basis to your dog. It is rich in vitamin and animal proteins that are why they are good alternatives of the meat.

Plain And Gluten-Free Cheerios

Both types of cheerios have the same affected. They do not contain toxic ingredients, so they are safe for the dogs but only in moderation.

Proteins Rich Cheerios

Almond cheerios are rich in proteins and healthy diet for the dogs. Although almond is toxic for the dogs, but this flavor does not contain almond in it. So it is safe for the dogs to get energy. But keep in mind if your dog’s stomach cannot bear much protein than it will cause diarrhea and vomiting.

Rice And Frosted Cheerios

Rice is non-nutritive filler for the dogs. It is neither beneficial nor harmful. So you can give it to dogs, but it is better to give any other more useful cheerios flavor as compared to it.

Chocolate Cheerios

Chocolate cheerios are not safe food for the dogs. Chocolate is the toxic sweet for the dogs even the small amount of the chocolate will become nasty for its stomach. Moreover, it will also cause many adverse effects in your dog’s body.

So be careful and do not give chocolate cheerios to your dog. Moreover, avoid all that cheerios that have sugar as they have toxic effects for dogs. Similarly, if you want to serve cheerios and milk to your dog then keep in mind that dogs do not have strong stomach muscles so do not feed with same quantity as that of human.

Milk is mostly unsuitable for dogs having lactose intolerance. So it may cause issue in them. So always check by giving cheerios and milk in small quantity and wait for 24- hours if it does not show any reaction or disease symptom, then you can feed the dog with cheerios and milk as a bland food.

Benefits Of Cheerios

Cheerios is basically high-fiber content and most have high calories. If your dog has some digestive issues like diarrhea or vomiting you can give it plain cheerios but no more than once.

Frequent feeding can lead to constipation or many other problems. Moreover, high calories may cause excess fat in your dog. So if you observe obesity signs in your dog, stop feeding him cheerios.


Can My Dog Eat Peanut Butter Cheerios?

Yes. Peanut butter is full of many healthy nutrients such as vitamin E, B, niacin, protein, and healthy body fats. So it is safe for your dog.

What Types Of Cheerios Are Harmful For Dogs?

The cheerios having high level of sugar are not useful for dogs.