14 Best Tan Accelerator Lotions In 2023

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If you are looking for tanning, then only sunshine will not be enough for your skin, especially in the case when there is a high risk of skin cancer from UV rays. Besides tanning, your skin also needs sun protection.

For this purpose, a lot of tan accelerators are introducing in the marketplace. These accelerators help you to get maximum and desired bronze tan skin but do not achieve hype.

To get a sun-kissed and golden complexion, you need the best tan accelerators. The accelerators come in many types as lotion, creams, oil, injection, or tablets.

In this article, we have explained the 14 best accelerators lotion known for good performance, and you will like them for 2021. They stimulate melanin production to darken & glow your skin.


Tan Accelerators:

Tan accelerators are the products that contain melanin and L- tyrosine. Melanin is a natural dark brown pigment that is responsible for natural tanning. Tan accelerators boost the tanning by artificially increasing the melanin production in the tanning, but it is risky now due to environmental factors. So they use tan accelerators for this.

Sometimes when you take a sunbath for a long time, your skin becomes dry, harsh, and cracks appear on it. Along with golden skin, you need to take those accelerators that nourish and moisturize your skin well. There are many which acts as hydrant to keep skin moist. They have the following ingredients;

Carrot oil: For cell development as it contains vitamin A and omega 3. It also helps with skin rejuvenation and hydration.

Aloe Vera: It is necessary during a sunbath as it cools the burn and relieves the pain. It gives the skin a soothing effect and is a part of both indoors and outdoors creams and lotion.

Coconut oil: It is known for the beauty effect and hydration due to rich emollient for sensitive skin.

Olive oil: Although it is best for hydration and beauty anything, that you use as food should not be for skin. This oil is essential in many countries for cooking purposes. Some people don’t like its smell.

Henna: This ingredient is a surprise for some people as henna uses it in India for the decoration of the bride’s hands. But it is a natural product used for coloring women’s dark hair. That’s why it is a part of your tan accelerator.

Wheat germ oil: It is an excellent ingredient of tan accelerators, plant-based a less refined.

Cocoa butter: It comes from the plant used for chocolate preparation, roasted and part of tan lotion for hydration and stimulating tan.

Best Tan Accelerator Lotions for 2023

The following are the best tan accelerators that facilitate your skin with calm, fresh bronze skin ever. Some of these wash out with a shower while others give golden skin for 3-4 hours. The accelerator will prove you best for the upcoming year.

Maui Babe Tanning Salon Formula:


Maui babe tanning salon formula is one of the best-known lotions that boost the tanning by its natural ingredients and rejuvenate skin cells. Sunflower nourishes the skin and saves skin from various problems during sunbeds, and Kona coffee extract scraps the expire skin cells and gives skin a gleaming glow. It can use for both tanning beds and sunbeds as well. Moreover, essential vitamins (A & C), aloe Vera safflower provides extra conditioning; prevent dryness, acne, and irritation.

It facilitates your skin with dark brown tanning and 100 % free from minerals. It makes skin smooth and moisturizes it in the best way. Before apply must shake it for even consistency. It offers sun protection from UV rays but not at a high level.

Supre Smoke Black Bronzer Tanning Lotion:


Super smoke black bronzer gives the deep & dark tan by the perfect blend of bronze and maximizer.  It contains antioxidant that helps to repair damaged skin & nourishment is by essential vitamins. It has a sweet citrus smell and with infusion to oxygen accelerates tan. It shows the result after first use and enhances pigmentation with constant use. It also improves the health of the skin and gives it smoothie texture. It has an oxygen regenerating system and potent uncertain P-2002 dark tanning technology. It also helps the skin to reduce the fine line and gain a youthful appearance.

Australian Gold Gelee Accelerator:


Australian gold gelee dark tanning accelerator is a plant-based natural tanning lotion that gives a golden tan. It has a gel-like consistency with additional vitamins A and E that save skin from sun damage and repair skin cells. It is mineral-free, moisturized skin deeply, and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor tanning. It is free from bonze and gives tanning by boosting the natural tanning system. It smells pleasant. Hemp seed oil with omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids give skin radiant glow and moisturization. Olive oil, a stimulator, and tea tree oil nourishes the skin in the best way. Vitamin in it helps skin to fight with free radicals. It absorbs quickly and is more effective for men & women.

Tan Asz U Luau Island Black Bronze:


TAN ASZ U luau island black bronze lotion along with the infusion of Marula oil is the best one for a sun-kissed glow. It helps to reduce signs of aging, acne, wrinkles by antioxidants, fatty acids, and amino acids present in Marula oil. Island extracts increase the tanning ability of the skin and keep skin soft and smooth. It is for sensitive skin with a smooth texture & a lovely smell of coconut. This paraben-free and DHA free lotion are perfect for moisturizing. To avoid the orange tan after using it, you should let properly go of the excess lotion’s portion. It is a well-known lotion for bronze tanning at a reasonable price.

Millennium Tanning Solid Black Lotion:


Millennium tanning lotion has auto-darkening technology that provides the perfect tanning within a short period. It contains ultra-advanced 100X silicone bronze with a sweet smell that accelerates the dark tanning ability. It has a strong smell of chemicals contrary to this; it is free from greasy feel and parabens. Moreover, sunflower seed oil, banana fruit extract, and cannabis Sativa seed oils facilitate the skin with moisture and natural beauty.

Designer Skin Picture Perfect Facial Tanning Lotion:


Designer skin picture-perfect facial tanning lotion is one that can tan your facial tone with brown seaweed ingredients. With the IPF defense complex, this lotion prevents the skin from damaging and oxidation. It contains natural ingredients that rejuvenate the skin cells and beautify the sensitive skin with smoothness, calmness, and soften touch. It is free from fragrance and has a quick pore minimizing effect. Along with tanning the face, it provides skin protection from sun rays. It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor tanning.

Bain De Soleil Orange Gelee Sunscreen Tanning Lotion:


This lotion is also one of the best accelerators that tanas the skin and additionally protects the skin from harmful radiations due to SPF 4 & makes skin soft and moisture. This lotion provides a golden bronze glow with luxurious emollients. It has a lovely fragrance that keeps you fresh during summer. It hydrates the body without leaving an oily effect on the body. You will not disappoint if you choose this for the perfect summer golden glow.

Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden Tanning Lotion:


Coconut kisses are amongst the famous selling products known for tan accelerations. It keeps skin stable by a blend of natural ingredients that workup melanin production.  It contains a bronze that gives a golden glow that does not turn orange. It provides the skin with rich in oil and coconut milk formula that deeply moisturizes the skin in summer.

Its smell is among the sweetest fragrances and gives an inner tanning effect. People love this lotion because, along with the best tanning, it also protects the skin from UVA & UVB radiations. It provides a long-lasting tan by tyrosine activity stimulated by nouritan in it. It also acts as a tattoo fade protector that prolongs the glowing of tattoos. You can use it for both sunbed & tanning beds.

Ed Hardy Peace & Harmony Tanning Lotion:


Peace & harmony tanning intensifier bronzing moisturizer lotion is also one of the great products of ED HARDY. As the name shows, it is for an increase in bronzing and tanning effect indoor or outdoor tanning beds. Along with tanning, shea butter and coconut oil act as hydrators that moisturize skin deeply. It is best for both skins having a lower tan, or no tan means fair complexion. It has a vegan formula, free from oil, parabens, and harmful chemicals. It helps to keep skin soft and smooth. It perfectly tans the skin or accelerates the tanning effect with advanced technology. Additionally, it tightens the skin and makes it silky.

Australian Gold Cheeky Brown Accelerator Lotion:

Best Tan Accelerator Lotion

Cheeky brown accelerator plus bronze lotion is the top-listed product of Australian gold due to fast absorb property. It contains Australian oil with vitamin A and E that moisturize skin in the best ways and increases its tanning and given golden bronze skin. It makes the skin stable by keeping a balance between accelerator and bronze. It contains henna and caramel combination with beta carotene that increases the natural beauty of the skin. The herbal DNA with antioxidants moisturizes the skin. While tanning ability increases by tea tree oil, panthenol, and olive oil. Moreover, vitamins and aloe Vera neutralized the free radicals and protect skin from sun rays.

Onyx Vibe Indoor Tanning Lotion:

Best Tan Accelerator Lotions

Vibe indoor tanning lotion tan intensifying fusion by onyx is well known in sunny Florida for tanning the skin. It has a sweet vanilla smell and is without bronze for maximum tanning effect. It is an active & powerful intensifier that stimulates melanin for prolonged tanning. It contains Cupuacu butter & beeswax that regenerates the dead cells of the skin and gives it a softy touch. Moreover, olive oil, tea tree oil, and argan oils that mix for the best nourishment of the skin. It is one of the best choices for tan lovers.

Designer Skin Belle Natural Bronzer:

Best Tan Accelerator Lotions

Designer skin has done a lot of work for the best tan till now. Belle natural bronzer is also among those best products that strongly intensify the tanning of the skin. A perfect blend of banana and caramel accelerates the tanning without straining. It has unique melalift skin energy that directly attacks melanin to get rich and dark skin. Caffeine & coffee in it makes skin smooth, calm, and tight after raining. It is free from DHA and also protects the skin from sun damage.

Snooki Real Tanning Lotion By Supre Tan:

Best Tan Accelerator Lotions

Snooki tanning lotion facilitates the skin with the best envious tan with deep moisturizing and youthful effect. Passionflower rose & gardenia gives it a sweet smell and renew skin cells & make it soft. It helps to build tan contrary to bust tan. It is for specific skin & tans skin without streaking. Tyrosine in it gives skin the best sun-kissed glow. It has the best hyper Dark TM technology that gives; a rich golden color to the skin. Vitamin makes it firm for fighting against stress. Overall we get tight acne-free tan skin by using this lotion.

Naturally HEMPZ, Maximizer Lotion:


Natural HEMPZ maximizer lotion made by the HEMPZ cosmetic industry is known for pure organic products. This lotion has 100 % pure hemp seed oil that keeps skin silky with hydration and moisturizing effect. Moreover, it has mango seed content that keeps skin healthy due to antioxidants. It has a sweet scent of smell and free from harmful chemicals. It gives a deep tan without streaking and keeps skin calm and fresh.


All these lotions are amongst the 14 best accelerators with the best natural ingredients that give a moisturizing effect & keep skin fresh. You can choose these best for the upcoming year without fear of any damage.