Top 6 Best Clippers For Black Men

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Clippers are hair tools that help you in hair maintenance, styling & cuttings like a buzz cut, brush cut, etc. Contrary to others, the best clippers for black men are quite different. Search the best hair clippers for black men with special, unique, and sharp blades and styling with highly powered motors recommended by experts for black men to groom hairs at home. All clippers are favorite due to high-quality, durability, fast speed, high rechargeable batteries, strong power, and user-friendly maintenance.

We know that it is a tiring task to cover a long distance to the barbershop for your hair cut & style in about $15 with a wait for 30 minutes & even, then he did not do the same according to instructions? So that you should have the option to treat you well by yourself in this condition. In contrast to a man with straight hair, a black man suffers more for his hair cut. To handle all this type of situation, you should have your own set of hair clippers suitable for your hair.

Here the question arises why black men’s clippers are different? Being a black man, it becomes trickier for you to buzz your hairstyle in contrast to a Caucasian man because African American men have curly, coarse & thick hair that can’t be tamed by ordinary & require special treatment.

Qualities Of Black Men’s Clippers:

To grapple with the ingrown, bristly, and curly hair. The hair clippers should have the following additional qualities. Firstly, it’s more important to know what your overall purpose for clippers is. Is it only for head buzzing? Or you need for maintaining and trimming beard & body hair? Hair clippers have multiple guards and attachments with different lengths & powers. You should select for you according to your that you can’t run one machine for all.

For rudy, curly hair, light-weighted but powerful machinery works better because they require much force than face one.


These are not blades but motors that enhance the best working power of clippers. As much as more powerful is the electric motors, the stronger will be the cutting capability of clippers. There are many types of electric motor that have compatible features for black men & you can select from that, as; Pivot motors have strong power with slow blade speed.

Besides, low speeded blades prevent from overheating of motors. Electric motors; are the cheapest and the fastest electric motors with the latest electric technology. They have one drawback that they overheat quickly.

Rotary Motors:

The most powerful and are the best for all black men due to the perfect combination of magnet & mechanical motors. It lowers the speed of blades and makes it strong as compare to others for work.


Blades determine us how comfortable are the clippers. They are for the length of hair, so for the clipper, they should be smooth. The blad is of two types’ adjustable blades and detachable blades.
Besides, adjustable blades show the versatility of hair clippers. You can adjust them in different ways for a variety of cutting and styling. The magnet motors use for them.

In contrast to this, for detachable blades, strong motors are required. These blades are removable and are available in different sizes. But they are not strong enough.


The clippers for black men should be lightweight and comfortable in handling. Because heavy one causes fatigue & bulky clippers have not a good grip. The material used for the grip section should be of rubber, As rubber gives a solid grip that keeps your hand steady during the shave.


When you go for clippers, select one that contains a complete set of accessories like guard size or combs & make your barbing easy. It will save you from individual shopping. Over time blades may become dull or can break. So you opt for clippers with spare blades that you may use later. Some manufacturers also contain accessories like scissors, neck dusters, and combs that save your money and provide you with all the necessary materials in one roof.

Noise Level:

Opt for the clipper with minimum or zero noise level. If you like to do shave at earlier hours and never want your family, then chooses the one with minimum noise.


The clippers you prefer should have a warranty limit, the confidence of the manufacturer checked in this way, and in case of any damage, it would return/ replace by the manufacturer.

Price And Duarability:

The product you purchase must have a price tag on them. Mostly the high-quality product has a high price. Not look for low price clippers. Choose the clipper with a suitable price and maximum durability.


But now black men don’t need to worry about the list of the best clippers for black men is made that have all the above-described qualities.

  1. The Wahl Professionals 5 Star Magic Cordless 8148 Clippers
  2. Panasonic ER1611 Professional Cordless Hair Clipper
  3. Andis Master Hair Clipper
  4. OSTER Fast feed Hair Clipper
  5. WAHL professional 5- star blading
  6. Philip Norelco Qc5580/40Do-It-Yourself Pro

The Wahl Professionals 5 Star Magic Cordless 8148 Hair Clippers:


Among Wahl professionals line of products, 5 star magic clippers are one of the best black men clippers and highly-demanded by experts due to ultimate performance. The high stagger-tooth blades #2161 provide the superior speed with a comfortable taper level for blending and fading is considered a perfect product for curly, coarse, and thick hair. It has given powered by a rotary motor and battery run about 90+ minutes per charge containing lithium ions in it. The 5-star magic clip is convenient for use with cord & cordless cutting capabilities. It is the first electric handed product invented in 1919 by J Wahl.


This one has 8-attachments guides along with a cleaning brush, combs, recharging transformer, blade oil, blade guard & operating instructions.

  • The length is about 6.25 inches.
  • Frequency ranges from about 120 volts- 60 Hertz,
  • Light in carrying with 10ounces weighs.
  • Adjustable 5-star coded made for thick and curly hair.


  • Powerful motor with zero overlap blades
  • Easy for use with a sharp blade
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Has a variety of accessories


  • Do not contain v9000 electric motor,
  • Only available in the US
  • You cannot sharp on your own

Panasonic ER 1611 Professional Cordless Hair Clippers:


Panasonic ER 1611 is the best trimmer with a powerful battery specially designed for Blackman’s curly hair. It contains highly sharpened blades that provide precision cutting at 45 edges. These blades have unique X-shaped tapers that increases surface area and provide unparalleled cutting speed & allow cutting o hair without letting them go.

The trimmer has a dialer that adjusts the length of cutting (0.8 _ 2 mm in 5 steps). Furthermore, Panasonic cordless hair clipper also has 3-additional attachments for different cutting length ranges from 3mm to 15mm.

It works by a powerful motor at speeds of 10,000rpm with stainless steel blades having for precise haircuts of African American men & women. Panasonic has used titanium nitrate and diamond-like carbon coating that helps to retain the sharpness of blades for a period. This unique quality makes it superior to other clippers.

Its battery gets charged in one hour & runs for 50 minutes that is more than enough to complete a shave.


  • X shaped blades facilitate with a greater surface area
  • Fast charging speed that runs for maximum time
  • Powerful motor provides perfect cutting for a black man
  • 3-attachments with variety in cutting lengths
    Blades have a coating of DLC & TiN.


Cause lousy distraction as sound level increases by increasing speed.

Andis Master Hair Clipper:

Master Clipper for black-men

Andis master is the most durable product with sharper guards than other clippers. It is designed especially for black men having a high-speed magnetic motor (60 Hz, 120 V) that provides 14000 cutting strokes per minute. The product has an aluminum coating to increase pliability and durability. It has a single adjustable blade that gives a more precise cut.

It is famous among groomers, barbers, stylists, and meanwhile recommended by masters due to highly rated performing tools for outlining and fading. Moreover, And hair clippers are equipped with a calm & quiet motor due to which you show do your work with 100% concentration. But you have to be careful with blades as it does not offer accessories. However, it is the best one for hard and thick hair with a powerful motor contrary to the rotary.


  • The motor has an aluminum coating that gives durability
  • Blades have carbon-plating that allows you to tame curly hair
  • A strong magnet motor give 14000 cuts per minute
  • Single adjustable blade with density 000 to 1
  • both for hair & shave


The electric motor gets heated soon after a short while A little bit heavyweight due to aluminum.

Oster Fast Feed Hair Clipper:


Oster fast feed clipper is one of the most competent products with a pivot motor. It comes as all-rounder & for all types of hair. With the help of a whisper-quiet electric motor, adjustable Cryogen X blades work sharply, twice the power of magnetic motors. It is highly durable and reasonably good. Blades size ranges from 0 to 1, which gives a variety of cutting lengths. With highly maintained standard, it also has 8-footed cores made of highly –resistant rubber. In accessories, it has 4-guide combs ¼, ½, 3/8and blending, lubricant, a blade guard, blade oil, cleaning brush, operational instructions.


  • High power electric motor that gives perfect hair cut to black men
  • ergonomic body
  • The core is 9-footed & made up of resistant material
  • Lightweight and easy to grip, you can work for an hour without getting tired
  • Noise-free motor
  • 8-foot power core


  • Has one foot less than older
  • Have large blades make haircutting hard around the ears.

Philip Norelco QC5580/40 Do It Yourself PRO Hair Clipper:


Philip Norelco QC5580 is only one famous for its structure. It has a 180rotating head due to which it has easy excess even to the difficult places and delivers a smooth shave & cutting. Blades are sharped give shave without nick and cuts. It contains an integrated zoom ring to adjust the length from 0 to 19/32 inches. The battery has lithium ions and can deliver 60 minutes with constant use. Blades are washable and cleanable. With all these, this product is as for granted for black men. Highly power blades easily give hair’s cut & the battery runs for 5 hours with one charge. Also, blade oil, blade guards, cobs & operational instructions are available with it.

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  • Powerful battery with 60 minutes of cordless use
  • Shared, resistant, and washable blades
  • 180 rotating head
  • Easy access to every part
  • Integrated zoom ring for cutting lengths


People need a user-friendly product with harmless blad while its blad is aggressive.

Wahl Professional 5 Star Balding Hair Clippers:


The Wahl 5 star blading clippers have unique designs with innovation. It works quickly for stubborn hair with powerful electromagnet motors. It also provides the exact precision for fading and styles. It has 8-foot power cord that is more effective for cuttings, preferred due to fast working capability. It has super sharp blades that mimic the sharpness of razor blades.


  • Electromagnet motor V5000
  • 8-footed core designed to cut close to the scalp
  • Perfect styling and fading capability
  • Sharpe, reliable and durable blades.
  • Have many accessories for a variety of styling.
  • It has 1 lb. weight and 6.25″ length,
  • Operated at a frequency of 120V /60 hertz.


  • Blades don’t have self-sharpening technology.
  • Need to handle carefully else you may have nick and cuts,

Final Verdict

All the above clippers are smooth, unique, and the best in performing, and specially equipped for black men’s hair. If you want smooth styling, go for them. They will not disappoint you; help you to get attractive styling.