5 Top Best Electric Shavers for Black Men In 2023

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The journey for the best electric shaver for Black Men can be challenging. Black men require a product that can deal with their thick and curly facial hair and help their skin remain moisturized and healthy, and not all electric shavers can do that. To this end, we looked at the available electric shavers on the market and picked five of the finest ones to consider.


5 Quality Electric Shavers for Black Men and Guide to Use

Upon close analysis of the manufacturer’s specification, internet comments, and our own findings, we have assembled this guide to help you find the right black Men electric shaver. The following razors have a variety of characteristics, some of which are the most desirable for men of African descent. Like for every razor, read the details, pros and cons and get a general understanding of what you should apply to your shaving routine.

Overview of Electric Shavers

The electric shaver is a rotating or vibrating blade device. Electric shaver does not usually require the use of shaving cream, soap or water. The razor may be powered by a small DC motor that is either operated by batteries or electricity from the mains.

Electric Shaving for Black Men

Shaving may be an irritating and uncomfortable experience for a man. Especially when we speak about black men, they have a variety of different problems aside from the normal concerns with their skin particularity. That’s why choosing an electric razor should be a priority and a smart decision.

Black men require a modern electric shaver. The best electric shaver for young black men will give a close, smooth shave without scratching the face, causing ingrown hair, or creating rash bumps. Trying to find a high-quality electric razor is particularly important for black man with sensitive skin types.

Electric Shavers Attributes Need to Consider

Essential attributes to look out when buying a new shaver include.

  • Battery charging time.
  • A specific shaver can handle various styles of facial hair, and what sort of additional features might be available.
  • The length of the warranty and the weight of each product are also important.
  • The blade should be smooth to have a very quick cut so that the hairs that fall flat to curl are not lost.
  • Black men should aim for a razor that will raise the hair until they are removed.
  • The razor should also be able to adapt to different degrees of coarseness, as men of American origin prefer to have mixed hair.
  • The razor is designed that way to clean. Most of the razors are self-cleaning.

These attributes have been included in each of our five online reviews to help you decide which razor would perform better.

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Our Study about Top Brands

Top brands are making some of the best beard trimmers for black men. Companies like Braun, Wahl, Philips Norelco, Andis, Panasonic, and Remington have engineered sharp blade tools, strong motors, long-lasting rechargeable batteries, durable structures and innovative features like fast charging.

Find the best and perfect electric shaver for black people, we need to look at the basic issue and other relevant criteria. Not every black man has the same type of hair or skin, which is why we recommend getting acquainted with the specific issue and making it easy to pick an electric razor according to your skin condition and suitability. Since you’re still doing the best for you.

Super 5 Quality Electric Shavers for Black Men

The following razors have a variety of characteristics, some of which are the most desirable for people of African descent. As for every razor, read the details, pros and cons and get a general understanding of what you should apply to your shaving routine.

Braun Series 9 – 9290cc Electric Shaver

Remove term: best electric shaver for black men bald head best electric shaver for black men bald head

The Series 9 shavers are the current Braun iconic shavers that have taken over the already popular Series 7. These Series products are the newest from Braun and are known to be the finest products ever launched by the company.

This model is designed with all sorts of shaving technology that you would expect from an electric shaver today. Without a word, this shaver is the finest foil shaver in the country.


  • Syncro-sonic technology can execute 40,000 cross-cutting activities every minute, which is very quick and skin-friendly.
  • This shaver has some amazing features that you’d surely fall in love with.
  • The most remarkable thing about the 9290cc is that you’ve been feeling like shaving with a modern tool for years to come.

Positive Points

  • The automated cleaning station lubricates the system on its own.
  • Based on your beard size, the power output is changed automatically.
  • Cannot take longer than an hour to completely charge.
  • The battery life is up to 1 hour.

Negative Points

  • It’s very difficult to remove the area under the nose.

Philips Norelco Oneblade QP6520/70 Pro

best electric shaver for black men's face

The Philips Norelco Oneblade QP6520/70 is a groundbreaking shaver that looks and sounds like it has cutting-edge technology. It can honestly be considered to be the finest 2-in-1 shaver for black men because it not only shaves but even trims the edges on every length of hair.

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  • The design used uses a fast-moving cutter instead of a blade, and a dual protection system is also in use.
  • The Philips Norelco Oneblade QP6520/70 can be used for both wet and dry shaves, contributing to its flexibility.
  • It takes one hour to completely charge the shaver, but it boasts a run time of 90 minutes.

Positive points

  • Versatile with all types of facial hair.
  • Close shave for short, curly and ingrown hair.
  • Can be used for both wet and dry

Negative Points

  • Substitute blades can get a little costly over time.

Panasonic ES-LV95-S ARC5

best beard trimmer for black men

It’s a product that most people don’t know. It’s almost as high quality, though, as the others.


  • This is attached to the head with a special 5 unique cutting points. The sharp blades are set at 30 degrees to allow nearly all faces to be studied.
  • The tool has a built-in sensor that is responsible for controlling the flow of air.
  • There’s even a pop-up trimmer that enables those who want to cut their sideburns and stay stable before shaving.

Positive points

  • Has a fast charge and a quick shave.
  • It is 100% waterproof.
  • Doesn’t cause skin irritation.
  • It’s easy to clean-manually or with cleaning solutions.

Negative points

  • The razors used for this tool may be stained and made dull if appropriate care is not performed.
  • This is very costly.

Remington F5-5800

The Remington F5-5800 is also one of the finest electric shavers for black men. This amazing shaver can be used both corded and portable, making it easy and lightweight. It has a five-minute fast charge when you’re in serious need of a shave and when charged at full speed, which takes two hours, it can work for a whole hour.

remington black man shaver

The above results in about 20 shaves before you have to remember to charge. If you can’t remember the last time you loaded your shaver, don’t panic, because there’s a built-in LED monitor that reveals just how much power is left. It’s fast and easy to use.


  • The adjustable Shaving head provides clean, unblemished skin, so that you can continue the day correctly.
  • The shaver maintains close touch with the back, mouth, and chin, ensuring that any contour and crevice is entered.
  • This close shave is the product of Intercept Shaving System, which has the potential to pre-trim longer hairs.

Positive Points

  • Advanced technology results in a close shave.
  • 60-minute runtime on a full charge will last for days.
  • LED display is simple and easy to use.

Negative Points

  • Can be a bit noisy when in use.

Panasonic Arc5 / ES-LV65-S

The Panasonic Arc5 comes with a linear system. It also comes with a 5 blade shaving setup that is dialed to perfection at a 30-degree angle.

best electric shaver for bald head

The direction is precisely what makes you a closer shave. For certain razors, or also electrical razors, which are meant for black skin, the ingrown hairs are greatly influenced by the angle of the tip. Finally, the Arc5 is a perfect black male shaver.


  • However these hairs grow within the skin, the minute right angle of the razor shaves off the beard without really getting ‘into the face.
  • That is one justification to look really carefully at the angle of the razor as you choose.
  • The linear motor in the Arc5 is the most powerful Panasonic system ever.
  • Power comes from long, dense hair.
  • With smart technology, the strength of the shaver increases automatically as needed.
  • This even changes the proportions of your face, such as your neck, your chin, and your jaw line.

Positive Points

  • Multiflex Pivot Action Time.
  • 70,000 cutting action every minute.
  • Precision pop-up trimmer.
  • Gives a very close shave.
  • Arc5 sensor for even closer shaves.

Negative Points

  • A little loose compared to other models.
  • Not any better than a rotary shaver.

Carefully Choose Electric Shaver

Each individual has different needs, and black men typically have special needs when it comes to shaving. Hair on black men faces is usually very thick, rough, and sometimes harsh. Many Afro-Americans often suffer ingrown hair.

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This ensures that you need a good enough shaver to really handle your hair and make your skin clean and smooth. A weak shaver with a short battery life will lead to frustration and even sore skin. Besides the range of attachments included, such a foil shaver attachment. Most electric shavers also have a battery gage, so you know when to refresh them.

Final Thoughts for Electric Shavers for Black Men

Technology is coming up with the best black man’s head electric shaver every single day. That is more fascinating and important, furthermore, is their ability to prioritize the health and safety of users before all else.

Not every face is the same, and some people choose different shavers than others. But one thing is for sure, these electric shavers can fix your shaving problems or go a long way to calming your frustration.

Best of luck, and if you have any concerns, feel free to leave me a message and I’m going to get back to you quickly!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should Black Men Use Electric Shavers?

An electric razor that is not very similar to the shave can be helpful to black men. But if someone doesn’t have any issues with ingrown hair or shaving scratches, it makes complete sense. However, black men usually have these difficulties, so having an electric shaver that removes hair at the skin level will also make it worse.

How Do Black Men Shave Their Beards?

If one needs to use a blade, first soften the beard with a thick, wet washcloth for 5 minutes. Using the lubricating shaving gel (Edge, Aveeno) and the Aveeno PFB Bump Fighter Razor or the Flicker Razor. Shave the beard with the grain and do not stretch the skin. Using just one stroke for every part of the beard.

How Do You Prevent Ingrown Hairs On Black Skin?

    • Clean the face with warm water and a soft facial cleanser before shaving.
    • Apply lubricating shaving cream or gel a few minutes before shaving to smooth the hair. Using a sharp shaver any time you shave.
    • Stop turning down shaves.
    • Don’t force your skin off when you’re washing.
    • Shave for the development of the beard.

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Does Coconut Oil Prevent Ingrown Hairs?

We use it in Ingrown Concentrate as it deeply penetrates the hair follicles to remove dryness, thereby speeding the healing process of the skin by softening the ingrown hair so that it can quickly slip out of the skin.

Why Are Ingrown Hairs So Thick?

Ingrown hair is a situation in which the hair coils back or extends downwards into the skin. Anything that causes the hair to be cut off unevenly or a sharp tip will cause ingrown hair. Ingrown hair is also caused by a lack of normal exfoliation in the skin.

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