Choosing The Best Designs For Pens With Your Company Logo

Last Updated on 12 months ago by Nicky Johnson

A pen used as a promotional product giveaway is a time-tested and effective marketing and branding strategy. It would be best to get it from a reliable supplier since promotional pens can significantly affect your company’s sales and earnings.

Your investment will yield the maximum return possible, whether used as a standalone promotional offering or in a package with a few other displays or items at a trade show or fair.

best logo designs for pens

Select A Pen That Reflects Your Brand

Remember that whatever product you employ to advertise your company reflects the principles your brand represents. Whether a promotional item or an advertisement, it must always be consistent with your brand’s USP and position in the industry.

You must refrain from employing pens with your company logo with silly colours and patterns if you want to project the image of a serious business brand. The pen’s design effectively conveys the significance of your company’s ideals.

On how much of the pen to print?

There may be a desire to print as many details as feasible on the small area that a promotional pen affords. And it makes sense rationally. Include a firm name, logo, contact number, website, or even a name.

Occasionally, the principles and concepts your organisation stands for call for minimalism. In such a situation, your custom pen design must also be simple and contain only the essential information, including your company logo and name.

Consider a banner pen if you provide an extensive range of services and goods or if you wish to use your pen to convey a powerful message that will only fit in the typical print regions of the pen.

Ensure that the design reflects your brand subtly in any case. You can communicate effectively with the clientele in this manner.

Make Sure Your Company’s Logo and Name Are Visible

The further step is ensuring that the text you want printed on the pens is legible and clear after choosing a pen to match your brand identity and deciding what to put on it.

A personalised pen with your company logo should promote the company rather than only convey information. The appropriate technique of what you want to emphasise is, therefore, more crucial than anything else, even though having a unique and creative design is advantageous.

What If They Are Reserved Only For Special Events

Many businesses provide customised pens as an element of a special occasion. The pens may occasionally be printed for that meeting or annual event.

It is a brilliant way to approach pen design, mainly if you are the event’s host. The availability of such pens improves the likelihood that your prospects will contact you if they appreciated the event or if it was a memorable occurrence.

Make sure your company is your main priority when choosing what to be printed on such pens. 

Making it a Part Of A Brand-Guided Product Suite

In the current market, audiences get exposure to an extensive range of promotional goods. Even though the pen is a standard and timeless item with promotional goods, several businesses offer other things.

Remember to adhere to the brand’s guidelines for other promotional goods when designing your pens.


The main line is that one may incorporate as many elements as they desire into the design of their promotional products, including a pen. Just ensure to keep the main objective of such pens—to advertise your business—bright and clear. And once you’ve completed the above checklist, you’re done.