Do You Really Need To Go For A Massage Session If Nothing Hurts?

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Massage is one of the oldest healing and aesthetic practices in human history, and today there are a huge number of its techniques: from highly specialized to “relaxing” or “modeling”, which can be done in a beauty salon.

However, many still think that you don’t need to go for a massage without indications and it’s just money thrown away. We hasten to disappoint this category of people: you need to have a massage not only when you already have health problems, but even without reasons.

It would be perfect if it would be a visit to a massage and spa in Dubai or Thailand, where massage practices are considered the best in the world. But if this is not possible, visiting a salon near the house at least once a week is definitely worth it.

Why? We’ll tell you below.

Massage Session

Why is massage useful for people at any age?

In general, massage stimulates blood circulation, improves metabolism, saturates organs and tissues with oxygen, and tones muscles.

As a result, it helps to restore the body, strengthen immunity, improve well-being, improve mental health and prevent various diseases.

It will help infants to strengthen muscles so that they baby learn to roll over and sit, and for schoolchildren – to prevent posture deformity.

Adults, thanks to a regular massage, may never know what osteochondrosis, headaches, hernia, protrusion, prostatitis (in men), or inflammation of the appendages (in women) are. And it also helps to relax after a hard day’s work, distract from problems, and relieve nervous tension. For those who don’t play sports, massage is needed to keep the muscles in good shape. And workout fans can relax the muscles in which lactic acid accumulates.

For older people, massage will help activate metabolic processes, which are already slowing down at this age, and enrich the cells with oxygen. It improves overall well-being and positively affects sleep and mood.

The task of any massage is to start processes

that will help the body work better.

As for the aesthetic side of the issue, then, of course, it goes hand in hand with health. It is better to regularly undergo preventive general massage courses, and then combine it with other procedures. For example, after childbirth, girls experience swelling – in this case, you can combine sessions of therapeutic massage with drainage. There are specific massage techniques for internal organs (visceral massage), which are necessarily preceded by a general massage.

Don’t forget that massage is also useful for psychological relaxation. During the session, receptors on the surface of the skin are stimulated, which has a positive effect on the functioning of the nervous system and, of course, the whole body.

How often should you go for a massage?

Experts recommend taking massage courses at least twice a year: during periods of exacerbation of diseases and the change of seasons – in early spring and early autumn. The course is 7-12 procedures twice a week but may increase if an aesthetic orientation is added to the massage. Supportive courses can be held in winter and summer. Don’t forget to take breaks between courses and add physical activity so that the muscles don’t stop working.

Please, note: Massage has its own set of contraindications, such as acute inflammation of the blood and lymphatic arteries, varicose veins, acute myocardial ischemia, peripheral and cerebral atherosclerosis, and so on. Thus a preliminary consultation with an expert is essential.


If the reasons described don’t seem convincing to you, try at least one massage session anyway. You will definitely like it and you will come up with your own reasons to visit it regularly.