Here’s Why New Collectors Should Invest In The Morgan Silver Dollar Coin

There are several reasons why a new collector should add a 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar coin to their collection. This coin is an easily attainable coin for new collectors and won’t break the bank when you go to make your purchase. It is also rich in American history which makes it suitable for historians and scholars alike. 

Be mindful when inspecting your coins however because subtle changes between coins can make a huge difference in their value. Research your coin thoroughly before making a purchase, or a sale to be absolutely certain you have the right one. 

Morgan Silver Dollar Coin

Size And Design

The 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar is the first coin to depict a Lady Liberty that was not inspired by the Greeks. Named after George T. Morgan, the designer and assistant mint engraver, this coin used the model Anna Willess Williams, a philosophical writer, and teacher, adorned in cotton and wheat as the symbol of America’s agricultural history. This coin shows Lady Liberty looking to her left instead of standing at Lady Liberty. 

The back shows a properly scaled, well-designed eagle carrying an olive branch and arrows expressing the desire for peace alongside the American preparedness to defend their borders. This beautiful coin encaptures two very strong, defining characteristics of American culture. 


In 1918, an excess supply of silver dollar coins was melted for the supply of silver bullion. This was at a time when there was global concern about Britain’s ability to back their silver certificates with tangible goods.

Silver dollar coins that were minted between 1874 and 1904 were in great supply, to the point of excess. Production was discontinued some years before the need to melt them for the silver they contained. 

This drastically shortened the supply of silver dollar coins and naturally, demand went up. The 1921 Morgan silver dollar is a recreation of a piece of American History and is the only Morgan Dollar to be printed in the Denver Mint.

You will see a very small mint mark of a “D” just above the word Dollar, to signify that this coin was printed in the Denver Mint so look closely. Just know that other silver dollars of that time may have a different mint mark, such as an “S” for San Francisco, or none at all if they were minted in Philadelphia. 


This coin is readily available to purchase and trade. There is a healthy supply of 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar coins and they change hands quite frequently. You can often find them valued near $30 making them easy enough for new collectors to attain to grow their collections. 

Great For Any Collection

Coin collectors and history enthusiasts alike will enjoy adding this coin to their collections. For experts who have been collecting for a long time, or new investors expanding their collections, this coin is great for anyone.

The 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar is steeped in both a rich history and an appealing design, making it very desirable.  Its availability makes it attainable and can be an easy addition to bolster one’s collection.

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