6 Effective Tips on How to Slim Down and Stay Healthy at Home

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besity isn’t just a problem in the United States. According to the World Health Organization, almost 2 billion adults all over the world are overweight. This accounts for 39 percent of all people aged 18 years and older in the entire world. Of this population, more than 650 million people are classified as obese.

Obesity is linked with certain genetic factors but for the most part it’s caused by lifestyle choices such as diet. However, your efforts to avoid getting overweight or shed a few pounds maybe hindered by the restrictions enforced by the pandemic. Below are 8 tips involving both diet and exercise that could help you reduce your weight and stay active at home.

Watching What You Eat

Although there are surgical options such as laser liposuction if you want to lose weight quickly, you should explore dietary changes first. Eating the right types and amount of food is essential in any weight loss or fitness effort. Here are 4 tips for improving your diet.

Cut Carbs

Carbohydrates are important in your diet, but you need to reduce your consumption if you want to lose fat. You need to cut down on refined carbs such as flour, which are used extensively in cakes and breads. Take note that you don’t need to eliminate carbohydrates altogether, just reduce consumption and find a better alternative. Whole-grain carbs with high fiber contest are your best substitutes for refined carbohydrates.

Satiate with Veggies

Your body also needs a certain number of calories every day. The only way to lose weight effectively is to create a deficit between what you eat and what your body burns. You’ll find this difficult to achieve if you’re always hungry because you didn’t eat your fill. Instead of powering through hunger pains, fill up on vegetables instead. Vegetables have substantially fewer calories than carbs and proteins, allowing you to get full on salad without raising your daily calorie intake.

Reduce Sugary Treats

Sugar is one of the leading causes of diabetes and obesity around the world. The problem is you can find it in everything, thanks to the proliferation of high fructose corn syrup. If you want to reduce your calorie intake and cut down on fattening foods, reducing your sugary treats is important. Remove sugary sodas, candies and other sweet treats that use a lot of sugar from your regular menu. This doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy these things. Just turn them from a regular meal addition to an occasional treat.

Move Your Body

Eating healthy is just one half of the process. You also need to focus on your physicality and exercise. However, gyms and similar establishments are risky at the moment because of the health crisis. Here are some ways you can get moving and slim down in the comforts of your own home.

Stretch Your Limbs

A recent study discovered that teens in American spend over 8 hours a day sitting down. Meanwhile, adults weren’t that far behind, spending an average of over 6.4 hours sitting every day. Prolonged sitting can be detrimental to your health, leading to muscular weakness and joint pain. Instead of spending hours at your desk or on the sofa, stand up every half hour to stretch. Throw your arms wide, touch your toes and bend your back. This will restore circulation to your limbs and prevent cramps.

Get Lively

Although you can do standard exercises such as squats and curl-ups to stay in shape, you may want something more invigorating but less burdensome. Sports like gymnastics and dance may be more suited to your preferences. Both these types of physical activity can be done to the beat of lively music, helping you stay pumped and positive while you work out. They also focus on improving circulation and building your endurance, both of which are essential in any long-term effort to reduce weight. Plus, they’re more fun than ordinary exercises.

Do Outdoor Chores

Some of the most physically demanding tasks around your home takes place outdoors. Put them on your to-do list more often and you’re basically working out already. These chores may include mowing the lawn, repotting plants, trimming hedges, painting the fence, clearing out your garage and similar labor-intensive activities. Just make sure to apply plenty of sunscreen and cover yourself up to avoid getting sunburnt.

Staying in shape isn’t about appearance but about staying healthy. Slimming down can help you live longer and avoid medical conditions that could impact your quality of life. These tips will make it easier for you to accomplish these goals without leaving your home.

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