Ways to Maintain Your Fitness Without HIIT Workouts

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If you’re one of those people who gain weight faster than others, ending your diet can be intimidating. You’d know that skipping a day of exercise or having another serving of food can tip the scale immediately. It’s frustrating, but you’re not alone.

The rate at which you gain or lose weight is influenced by genetics. A 2014 study has found that a specific gene mutation related to fatty tissues occurs in about one-third of all women. Basically, excess weight or obesity can run in the family. The gene responsible for this is called MMP2. It causes women to accumulate more body fat and therefore gain weight faster.

In men, the gene responsible for quick weight gain is called FTO. It causes them to crave calorie-heavy foods, fatty foods, and sugary treats. Dieting is probably a nightmare for men with FTO as a result. Hence, if you feel like you can’t maintain a particular healthy diet, maybe it’s partly your genetics’ fault. But it doesn’t mean staying fit is impossible for you.

Most fitness articles advise keeping your strenuous workout routine to maintain your new physique. But not everybody has time for that. Besides, you’ve already lost enough, so shouldn’t you calm down a bit?

If the idea of another HIIT workout already exhausts you, these hacks might work better:

1. Avoid Empty Calories

Empty calories are foods – usually processed – that have no nutritional value. For example, sodas labeled “zero.” They have no sugar and calories, making them appealing for people on a diet.

But while empty calories won’t make you gain weight, they won’t supply you with nourishment either. The satisfaction they’ll leave won’t last long. So opt for a low-calorie diet instead. You can increase your portions as long as you won’t go over the recommended calorie intake for your new weight. If you’re craving sweets, for example, munch on fruits. If you need your carb fix, go for whole grain.

2. Don’t Quit Your Diet

Completing your diet plan doesn’t mean you’ll stop the diet entirely. You may decrease the intensity of your workouts and increase your portions a bit, but you won’t stop your routine. Keep your cheat day patterns the same to avoid getting demotivated. Quitting your diet altogether and then doing it again contributes to fast weight gain. So be consistent and make it your new lifestyle.

3. Don’t Resist Small Gains

Muscle is heavier than fat. So if the scale shows more than what you’re expecting, don’t freak out. Chances are you’ve just gained muscle. Also, small fluctuations are inevitable even at maintenance. Don’t get tied to a specific number. What’s more important is you can still see the results of your diet.

4. Stay Active

If you don’t want to commit to HIIT workouts any longer, at least do aerobic exercises or any exercise you like regularly. It’s important to stay active to maintain your new body. It will also lower your risks for diseases.

As an additional reminder, avoid rewarding yourself too much after completing a workout. One possible reason you’re adding weight is you increase your calorie intake to make up for what you’ve lost. Extra calories often come from recovery snacks or big meals. Many people who just lost weight feel like they’ve “earned” these extra calories. When you feel tempted to eat more than you should, remember that you still have a goal. Don’t sabotage your own progress.

5. Avoid Stress

Stress-eating is real. High stress levels affect our food choices. It makes us crave unhealthy comfort food. It may also lead to insomnia, which affects the production of hormones leptin and ghrelin. These hormones signal our bodies to stop eating when it’s full. When disturbed, the functions of these hormones become less effective, prompting us to eat more. So try de-stressing techniques like yoga, meditation, or just about anything that relaxes you. It’ll keep you on track.

6. Consider Fat Mobilization System

Fat mobilization system is part of a weight loss program offered by aesthetic clinics. It’s a treatment that can take off half a pound per session. There’s no pain nor knives involved. You’ll just lie down comfortably and let a cooling process melt down your excess fat. Fat mobilization system has proved a valuable tool capable of influencing the whole system responsible for obesity. So if you doubtits effectiveness, just know that overweight people who tried the treatment found satisfactory results. As such, it can surely sculpt your toned body even better.

Maintaining a lean physique isn’t always easy. Thankfully, there are steps that can keep us away from bad temptations. Remember your goal and everything you’ve worked hard for before giving in to cheat days turned into cheat months.

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