Is Backwater Reptiles Legit Or Scam?(Testimonials And Reviews)

Everybody has different living styles, different hobbies, likes, and dislikes. Some like to live among wild animals, some like to keep pets while certain people are avid of reptiles. Some people find them fascinating or even fun to catch for pets. Backwater is a word for a body of water that is not a lake or ocean.

These reptiles have been tested to follow different tests of intelligence and can be used as an example of the evolution of intelligence in the animal world.

Rattlesnakes are also reptiles but have found themselves on the list of animals that are banned from being kept as pets due to the danger they pose. Are you also among those like reptiles like me then you must be aware of backwater reptiles? It is an online pet store that offers a variety of backwater reptiles.

But as it is an online site and is rare also that’s why people have different reviews about it. In this article, we will reveal to you whether backwater reptiles are legit or not? It will help you to decide if you should buy reptiles from them or not. Many people are interested in backwater reptiles because of their exotic look.

However, many people are not aware of the true cost. There is a certain amount of money that is involved with maintaining backwater reptiles.

Is Backwater Reptiles Legit

What Is Backwater Reptiles

Backwater Reptiles is a popular online pet store in the area. They offer live and preserved reptiles to buy. It is a small business that makes cold-blooded creatures from scratch. They make pets, souvenirs, and even food out of these reptiles.

The Backwater Reptiles are always on the lookout for new specimens to create different products for. Extinct species are a favorite of theirs because many people miss a life with these creatures around. To find some of these creatures, they have to travel all over the world in search of them.

Some customers say they like this store because they have nice people working there. Buying animals is a safety point in their favor as the animals are transited easily without any damage. So it is the bottom line of this company that they provide safety in transition.

Others claim that their prices are good, and the reptiles are healthy and clean. However, others say that they should make their prices cheaper, so more people can afford all the animals they have for sale.


A study was conducted in the southeastern United States to test for a correlation between animal density and habitat quality. The study found that reptile densities were negatively correlated with the amount of water in the region, but positively correlated with tree cover. In other words, reptiles are better adapted to live in areas where there is less water and more trees present.

The natural world is an amazing place, and we are continually learning about new creatures and plant life. Recently, a group of researchers discovered a new species of freshwater turtle in the Amazon River Basin, and they were able to obtain specimens for study. These turtles have been nicknamed “Backwater Reptiles” because they live in areas that never see any outside visitors.

Animals Available On Backwater Reptiles Store

You will find about all kinds of different reptiles and live animals including tarantulas, lizards, bearded dragons, beautiful snakes, rattlesnakes, feeder crickets, feeder insects, blood pythons, female ball pythons, American alligators, turtles, Australian tortoises, Amphibians, and many others that attract the attention of zoos, hobbyists, theme parks, and local breeders.

Top Reviews Of Backwater Reptiles

After spending years researching and compiling a list of the best and worst reptile pets to own, we at Backwater Reptiles have compiled the top reviews of our favorite reptiles. From iguanas to snakes, there’s nothing more rewarding than finding the perfect pet for your lifestyle.

The Australian environment has so many creatures and new species that you might not be familiar with, but the following reviews will provide you with a brief overview of some of the more popular pets and their reviews.

The process of importing reptiles is typically inefficient and expensive. This site has a 2.7 review rate with 334 reviews that indicate most of the people are not satisfied with the working of this site, but it doesn’t mean it is not legit.

Positive And Good Reviews

Most of the people are satisfied with the order process, shipping, and healthy animals provided by this site. There are about 8400 customers that give positive reviews about this site and are happy with the animals they purchase from this site. 

Brodus Clay has said that thanks to this site, he could not be more pleased than its professional customer service and healthy animals.

Steve Palmer is also one of the happiest customers on our site. He said less and less these days companies are not interested in making customers happy, but you made me and my son happy for the first time with quick response and service. And I am thinking of doing business with you in the future.

Jay Belch is also the happier customer who purchased the female ball python in December and in July he purchased the Russian tortoise from the same site. He recommends others to buy any type of animal from this company.

Bad Reviews

There are also most of the customers who are not happy with working for this company. One of the customers said you can expect dead crickets. The site has no active service, and you will have to pay for shipping, although you have your own house. He is not satisfied as they sold dead animals.

Mostly they try to sell the dead animal or sick one. Their customer service is not very good. They didn’t respond to emails or didn’t pick up the phone call or offered a cheaper rate to sell their pets.

The company ensures a live arrival guarantee, although it may not occur most of the time. One of the customers complained about the wrong frog species delivery and poor Britney.

Another person complains about the shipping policy and poor customer service by saying that their shipping policy is to order on Sunday night, and you will get insects on Monday morning.

But they emailed me on Tuesday morning for delayed shipping and then delivered the order on Wednesday Morning. He also sent them the screenshot of their shipping policy, but they responded irresponsibly by saying good you know our policy.

He says that they have lost their customer as they bought a bearded dragon and that was about its life span.

One person says that this company is a scam as I have to pay an extra amount for a new snake that was a replacement for the previous one. Most of the people complain about the horrible treatment of their animals over there.

How To Contact For Purchases?

You can easily contact them through email or make a phone call on phone number (916)740-9758. Before ordering, it is necessary to read reviews and shipping information also. Give your physical address and PO box. You will need to select the required reptiles from the categories given on the site by online order. You will need to define whether you want a living creature or any other food product. 

The company ensures the customers that they will have a great experience and payment is via debit card. The customers will also need to upload a photocopy of their debit card. Although delivery time may delay or any mishap may occur. So don’t worry, in this case the company tries best to satisfy the person and give free animals. 

Moreover, it is better to check the shipping policy and then sign on the slip for online orders as it is company policy, and it helps a lot in improving the process. You will be facilitated with good things at better prices. Their shipping rate is 98% that means only a few cases face issues due to shipping address mismatch problems.

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