Can Bearded Dragons Eat Mushrooms?

Bearded dragons are reptiles and are types of lizards. These reptiles are friendly, and people like to keep them as pets. For the bearded dragon’s owners, it is crucial to decide what type of food is good for their health.

Bearded dragons are carnivores and can consume a variety of foods to fulfill their dietary needs. Not all foods are suitable for bearded dragons. Most people ask can bearded dragons eat mushrooms?

They are fond of eating but are too sensitive. So, some food types are confusing for bearded dragon owners, such as cremini mushrooms. In this article, we will help you to know can bearded dragons eat mushrooms or not. 

To know the exact answer to this question, it is very important to check the nutritional benefits of mushrooms. It will help you to decide whether you should feed your bearded dragon with mushrooms or not.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Mushrooms

Can bearded dragons eat mushrooms? 

Yes, bearded dragons can eat mushrooms, but it is not recommended for them. Mushrooms are not safe for bearded dragons to eat. While some types of mushrooms are safe to eat for humans, many species of mushrooms contain dangerous toxins that bearded dragons can ingest.

If ingested by a bearded dragon, these toxins can lead to organ failure and even death. Bearded dragons are insect eaters, so their diet should consist mainly of live insects.

They should also be fed with greens and vegetables. A diet consisting solely of mushrooms can cause nutritional deficiencies, as well as health issues, as it lacks essential nutrients. If you are not sure if a certain food item is safe for your bearded dragon, always consult with your reptile veterinary.

Nutritional content of mushrooms

Let’s take a look at the nutritional contents of mushrooms. The mushrooms provide about 15 calories to the body. It contains about 2 g of carbohydrates, 4 mg of sodium, 2 g of protein, 25 % of daily vitamin D requirements, 5 % of daily potassium requirements, and 82.6 % of daily phosphorus requirements.

Why bearded dragons can’t eat mushrooms?

Again, it’s very important to emphasize the fact that for any mushroom, some are edible mushrooms, and some are not.

Shrimps, portobellos, white button mushrooms, and cooked or raw mushrooms are not suitable for your bearded dragon. The high amount of phosphorus in mushrooms, along with the oxalate and oxalic acids in mushrooms.

It stops the absorption of calcium, which is essential for the health of the beardie. Mushrooms have poor calcium-to-phosphorus ratio and can lead to metabolic bone disease (MBD).  

Mushrooms are very poisonous to bearded dragons. Mushrooms contain many compounds and toxins that may be toxic to bearded dragons. Some mushrooms contain toxins that can damage your bearded dragon’s liver or kidneys. Mushrooms can also make it difficult for your bearded dragon to digest. 

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It is a fact that Mushrooms have oxalate in them. When oxalate is present in large quantities, they are poisonous to bearded dragons. So, they are not suitable for bearded dragons. Similarly, bearded dragons can’t eat tomatoes.

Mushrooms are high in fiber, which can cause digestive problems or blockages. While not all mushrooms are poisonous to bearded dragons, it can be hard to tell which ones are safe for your bearded dragon.

Therefore, don’t feed bearded dragons mushrooms at all to avoid any health problems. Instead, keep your bearded dragon on a diet that is safe and nutritious, including vegetables, fruits, and insects that are especially recommended for bearded dragons.

What are other suitable diets for bearded dragons?

Beet greens have leaves and stems, which makes them a good choice for bearded dragons. Cilantro is often used as a leafy green in Asian cuisines. Mustard greens have a high calcium and phosphorus ratio of over 2:1. 

In addition to the insect diet, bearded dragons also benefit from leafy greens. Collard greens (collard, kale, dandelion), which are rich in calcium, are a great source of essential nutrients for bearded dragons.

You can give them a variety of vegetables, such as bell peppers, carrots, and squash, which can be added to the diet and chopped into smaller pieces to make it easier for them to eat.

Due to the high sugar content of fruits, it is recommended only to give them in moderation. However, berries and melons can be a delicious treat. It is important to provide your bearded dragon with a calcium supplement on a regular basis to help with bone development.

Some pet owners have tried feeding their bearded dragons small quantities of cooked chicken (or lean meat) as a source of protein. 

What to do if my bearded dragon has Mushroom poisoning?

Mushrooms are toxic, and you should not feed mushrooms to your bearded dragon for a healthy life. If your bearded dragon is suffering from wild mushroom poisoning, there are a few things you can do to help your bearded dragon recover.

The first thing you can do is remove any mushrooms or other potentially poisonous substances from your bearded dragon’s enclosure. Then, keep an eye on their behavior and symptoms. If you notice that your bearded dragon is vomiting, has diarrhea, is losing appetite, or is lethargic, contact a veterinarian as soon as possible.

Veterinarians will be able to give you advice on how to treat your bearded dragon. You can also gently flush out your bearded dragon’s digestive system with a small amount of water or a dilute electrolyte solution. Lastly, keep your bearded dragon’s enclosure clean and stress-free to help them recover. Remember, prevention is better than cure.


In conclusion, the answer to the question can bearded dragons eat mushrooms is no. Bearded dragons shouldn’t eat mushrooms because some of them can be dangerous for them.

Certain types of mushrooms have compounds that can make them sick and cause liver damage. Plus, the moisture in the mushrooms can cause diarrhea and dehydration.

Make sure your bearded dragon eats a balanced diet that includes healthy foods like leafy green vegetables, bugs, and fruits, and talk to a vet who knows reptiles to make sure they’re getting the right food. So, please don’t give your bearded dragon mushrooms and focus on giving them the right food.

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