Is Better World Books Legit Or Scam?

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Every day, people are buying books online in the hopes of making some money. One of these websites is Better World Books. This company has been around since 2002 and has helped over 10 million people buy and sell used books.

For every book that someone purchases, they also donate a book to someone who needs it in an under-served community in the United States. The company claims to have presented more than 3 million books with no income or profit insight.

But there is much confusion in people about this site. They ask if better world books site legit. In this article, we will help people know whether this site is legit? Should they buy from it or not? Let’s have a look at reality.

If you are looking for an online site to buy anything, you must do your research beforehand. There has been a recent increase in counterfeit goods being sold on the internet, and if you’re not careful about where you’re buying your product, you could end up with a fake or low-quality item. 

A legitimate online site is important because the manufacturer will verify it, so there is less risk of getting ripped off. Therefore, it is imperative to have a legit site for buying books. When we checked reviews and information about the better world books site, we realized that this site is legit. Before moving towards fact, let’s see what better world books site is and why people prefer to buy books. 

s Better World Books Legit

What Is A Better World Books Site?

Many people are interested in reading books, but finding time for work or school can be challenging. Fortunately, some websites offer an assortment of books at all levels–ranging from children’s books to adult novels. is one such site that has over 170 million titles published in English, Spanish, Chinese, and other languages. The website includes classic works by Shakespeare and Victor Hugo and the latest bestsellers like “The Girl on the Train.

The better world books site is a collaborative resource for readers, writers, and educators. It provides access to the full texts of more than 100,000 public-domain titles from ancient times to the present. 

All titles are available in multiple languages. The books are organized chronologically by publishing date with sections on ancient history, early Renaissance literature, 17th-century literature, 18th-century literature, 19th-century literature, 20th Century Literature.

The used book market has grown substantially, increasing demand for books in recent years. More and more people are purchasing used books. This is because many people find that they can get more for their money by buying books that are not new. Also, many people don’t want to spend lots of money on a brand-new book when they could be given the same one as a gift.

Reading is the foundation of education. World Book Online strives to create a better world by making books more accessible to people of all backgrounds. This resource provides instant access to over 200,000 full-text books, videos, and images while building on the World Book legacy of scholarship, clarity, and reliability. A family member with low vision who lives in rural Alaska can now access information that would not have been possible without this resource.

Is Better World Books legit?

Is Better World Books a legitimate site? These days, with so many scams going around where you cannot be sure if the company is fraudulent or not, it’s hard to tell. You can do a few things to verify if it’s a scam. One way is checking their Better Business Bureau rating. It is a legit website that facilitates the users with many profits and benefits. The doubts that people have about the legitimacy of Better World Books stem from how it’s run. Better World Books is a for-profit company. 

But also provide books at a lower price than other websites and let you resell them when you’re done with them. You can sell your books online, and they will repurchase them/ give you credit towards another purchase and donate 1% of all profits to charity.

It facilitates the user with many products, including books on crimes, thrillers, history, art, magazines, children’s books, medical books, fiction and nonfiction, and many others.

Better World Books Reviews

The review rate of this site is 4.7, which shows its popularity among people and shows how eager they are to buy books from this site. Better World Books is a website dedicated to promoting literacy and books that entertain and educate.

Better World Books reviews whether the book is suitable for young readers and how it fits into the curriculum. They also list any awards and recognize their author. The site is easy to navigate and even includes video reviews of various books and authors.

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As one of the topmost online bookstores, Better World Books is committed to providing customers with the best books at the lowest prices. To ensure that they can give high-quality novels for everyone to enjoy, Better World Books only sells new and used books in good condition.

All of their books come complete with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if you aren’t satisfied with your purchase, you can get a full refund or exchange within 7 days. Reviews show that Better World Books has great deals, but there can be problems with shipping times and customer service.

Better world books Pricing

Better World Books is a leading seller of used books and strives to make reading an affordable and accessible experience for everyone. Priced similarly to a new book, the likely wear and tear of the copy makes it a worthwhile purchase for anyone who wants a relatively new book without spending a lot of money. You can find even more bargains from their Bargain Bin section, where you get discounts on bundles. 

Most of the time, the prices at better world books range between $3 to $15, comparatively much lower than other places. This allows for accounting for all different types of incomes while still making it easy to purchase books that would otherwise be unaffordable or too expensive.

Shipping Policy

Everyone has heard of the Worldwide shipping that this company offers. The reality is that delivery times will vary depending on your location, but it’s essential to know that they deliver worldwide. For example, delivery time is often just 5-9 days in the USA. 

Better World Books is an online retail company that sells new and used books, both new and used textbooks and CDs. One more reason to like the company is that standard shipping is free for all.

No matter what the purchase, shipping is always free. This makes it an even better option when shopping for books because frequently, you’ll find a good deal on a textbook but need to pay the shipping cost to get it delivered to you. 

Return Policy:

Better World Books believes in a better world, but they also know that sometimes life doesn’t go as planned. They’ve kept their return policy short and straightforward: if you don’t like the item you purchased from Better World Books, you can return it. It allows the user to return the books within 60 days.

Customer Satisfaction

There is a business with one customer that trusts them. You at, we will do everything we can to earn your trust and loyalty. Our 10,000+ reviews from customers like you tell us that we’re doing a great job every day at meeting your expectations and earning your trust. We’re honored by the privilege of serving as your bookstore, and we want to make sure you know we will always be here for you when you need us most.

Better World Books Alternative Sites


Biblio is a website with many resources for those looking to buy or sell their previously owned texts and is an excellent place to start. The most popular option is the Marketplace, with thousands of items sourced from dealers and individual sellers. Other options include the Book Shop, which offers new, used, and antiquarian books for sale at great prices.

Powell’s Books

Many people choose to buy newer books from the recent releases rack. However, some people are aware of the ethical and environmental implications of buying new books and prefer to purchase used books from thrift stores or other organizations such as Better World Books.

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Used bookstores such as Better World Books offer a great way to buy used books for a low price while supporting an organization that provides literacy development programs worldwide. Another use for old books is donating them.


In conclusion, the Better World Books site is a legitimate and trustworthy way to find and buy discounted books and other items.


Is Better World Books The Best Site For Buying Books As Gifts?

Yes, it is a good website for buying different books for friends and family members.

What Is An Exclusive Plan For Better World Books?

The books Better World Books sell are used, but the company has all the money to charity. They do not sell any products that kill animals or create dioxins. The company does not use paper made from trees.