Dermstore  Review: Is Dermstore legit Or Scam?

Is Dermstore legit? They can be, but you need to read reviews and know the risks before shopping with them. Dermstore is an online retail store that sells products to enhance beauty or address skin problems. It’s easy to order online, but shipping takes weeks, and sometimes items are not as described. Many reviews say products are expired, or they don’t work as expected, so it might be best to visit your local drugstore instead. They have over 100 brands that sell their products. Products range from makeup, skincare, haircare, and fragrance. 

Dermstore also has a rewards program for customers to receive discounts on future purchases because they are loyal to the company. The quality of products is high, but there are still some risks with buying them online without being able to touch or smell the product first.

Do you want to buy a product from a reputable retailer? If so, be sure to review the Dermstore website before making a purchase. Dermstore sells products in a variety of categories including skincare, haircare, cosmetics, and more. They offer discounts on products for new customers and offer free shipping on orders over $65. Customers are attracted to the company’s dermatologist-backed products, which include both name brands and lesser-known brands.

Is Dermstore legit

What is Dermstore?

Dermstore is a third-party retailer of beauty products and skincare that has been in operation for over 20 years. It is a good company that has gotten good reviews from real customers, meaning that it is easy to find the best product for you. They have a variety of brands to choose from, as well as a large assortment of pricing options depending on your budget. Dermstore also provides free shipping on orders over $50 and guarantees 100% satisfaction with every purchase. 

Dermstore History

In March 2012, this reputable company opened its flagship in Hermosa beach. In 2013, Harry Josh launched the product with Dermstore as an executive retailer. On July 1st,2019,  this company partnered with the American Academy of Dermatology for skincare education. In December 2020, Hut group claimed to buy Dermstore products in a public announcement.

Dermstore Reviews

The star review rate of Dermstore is 4.3 with 8606 reviews that indicate it as a satisfactory company for skincare products. Most of the people review it positively and appreciate the quality of skincare products, they said they are satisfied with the excellent product, customer service, and shipping on-time facility. The beauty products are impressive and long-lasting, according to a reviewer.

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One of the reviewers said that before beauty purchases, it is necessary to visit the manufacturer’s website and then contact the member of customer service for help. They reply to the client via email address, and you can phone call them also on their contact number.

But this online store has many bad reviews as there are a lot of people who complain about customer services and product mistakes. Some have horrible first experiences while some are regular customers of this.

It is under review by people with numerous complaints due to back-ordered items such as one of the customers complaining about back ordered mouthwash. Most people complain about stolen credit card information, horrible customer service, false tracking number, and emails.

Foundation of Dermstore

Dermstore is a business that provides customers with salon-quality beauty products. Founded in 1999 by Craig Kraffert, the company has grown quickly and within a decade became one of the largest online retailers of cosmetics and beauty products. In 2010, Dermstore was ranked among the fastest-growing companies in America by Inc Magazine. Dermstore offers a range of unique brands including niche lines such as Bliss to more common beauty brands such as L’Oréal Paris.

Is Dermstore legit

As we have discussed recently, one of the most revolving questions is about the legitimation of a reputable company. Although it has faced many drawbacks, it is still among the better companies and is legit. It sells original products that are reliable as well, the features of this online reputable store support this statement in a perfect way that would better help you to understand.


It is spotted by best and number one selling brands that are times famous social influencers and are reliable such as ARCONA, PCA skin, and many others. Furthermore, it contains many reputable stores and brands for the best quality skincare products. You will find the brands arranged alphabetically while scrolling the page.

Skincare Products

You will find a huge blast of the best skincare products for cleaning, brightness, and exfoliation. Search for toner or any Elta MD product it is the best place to find medicated skin products for healthy and glowing skin. You can get every skin type of product for yourself. It provides the customers with the best hair products including conditioners, oil, and shampoos for every type of hair texture. There are a lot of cosmetic products, quality skincare products including bath and body products, luxurious fragrances, and many other products for luxurious showers.

Men’s Products

There are also men’s products brands available here. They offer the best quality moisturizers and all types of essential products for skin and hair. You can buy products for yourself and can give presents to your friends and family members. They have different prices, so you can buy the gift of your range. It facilitates the customers with rewards and discounts. Christophe Robin’s Shade Variation treatment is considered the best-selling product these days.

The customers are allowed to ask questions for their satisfaction because customer satisfaction is our priority.

How can you contact the Dermstore?

To buy products you need to visit a website. You can also get contact information through the chat section of customer service and email them at the email address. They allow the free return of products and also contact the customer via return phone call in case of any problem. The left corner of the lower screen contains a list of available products. You will be given an order number after placing an order. It allows the user to make credit card payments.


In conclusion, it appears that Dermstore is a legitimate website with high-quality products and competitive prices. It has different extensions and is known for several star reviews. The company ensures confirmation of refund in case of wrong product delivery. 

We encourage all customers to sign up for emails as this gives them access to exclusive deals as well as the latest promotions. Customers can also chat live with an agent if they have any questions. Every member of the company is always ready for lengthy convoluted answers to resolve your difficulty.

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