Men’s Fashion: The Return of Retro Style

If you’ve been keeping up with men’s fashion lately, then you’ve probably already witnessed the slow return of retro style. At first, it was just a few accessories like white sneakers or bowling shoes here or there. But now, it’s hard to find celebrities or fashion magazines that don’t blast the return of retro trends.

Return of Retro Style

While the return of 90s fashion is welcome for some, others might feel this bold style intimidating or hard to pull off. Remember, you don’t have to commit 100% to a retro overhaul to enjoy this trend. To get a feel for the style without the commitment, choose just one or two elements and incorporate them into your wardrobe. 

Whether you want to dip your toe or go all out, we’ve come up with this guide to help you navigate the return of the retro style with ease. We’ve got tips for helping you incorporate a number of retro favorites into your own wardrobe from tie-dye clothing to classic blue jeans.

Men’s fashion has embraced the timeless charm of retro style, with a resurgence of classic pieces and silhouettes reminiscent of bygone eras. Del Toro Shoes perfectly encapsulate this trend, offering a range of meticulously crafted footwear that effortlessly blends vintage aesthetics with modern comfort. 

White Sneakers

One easy and simple way to incorporate a bit of retro style into your wardrobe is through a pair of white sneakers. White sneakers are nothing new, but this blast-from-the-past favorite is getting even more vintage this year.

The trick to always looking polished in your white sneakers is to keep them regularly clean and looking pristine. 

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Leather Jackets

Return of Retro Style

It’s hard to beat leather jackets as the go-to retro style for men. Although it can be tempting to pick out the first leather jacket you fall in love with, remember that when shopping for retro clothing, the wash, color, and shape are important too. 

If you want to add the most authenticity to your outfit, go for the actual vintage. An item that was actually worn in and from the 70s or 80s adds an irresistible touch of retro charm to any outfit.

Just make sure you actually know how to properly care for vintage and delicate items if you want them to last for years to come! 

Bowling Shirts

The 50s to the 70s provided us with some great fashion for men and that includes bowling shirts. The bowling shirt is a cool and contemporary men’s staple that has been manifesting itself in contemporary male fashion for decades now. 

It’s hard to go wrong when styling a bowling shirt too. This ultra-casual trend pairs well with jeans, joggers, and leather or shearling jackets. 

Light Blue Jeans

The 90s were all about dark-colored denim, so you have to go back to the 80s to find really light-colored styles.

We’re thankful this trend is coming back because light denim is a classic men’s staple that’s perfect for adding just a touch of retro style to any man’s closet. 

Channel this style by choosing a pair of jeans in a light-colored wash. The cut and style are important – avoid skinny jeans and opt for straight-legged jeans with a higher waistline. 

Tie Dye Clothing

Another iconic retro style that’s become popular once more is tie-dye clothing. In the 90s it was hard to find a closet that didn’t feature at least one piece of tie-dye clothing. These days, tie-dye is making its comeback in a sporty fashion.

You can easily find athletic clothing that features tie-dye prints or even contemporary small designers that feature entire tie-dye collections.

If you want a simple introduction to tie-dye just go for a basic tee. It’s a simple classic that’s fun and easy to style with almost any casual outfit.

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