3 Ways You Can Help Fill the National Nursing Shortage

The national nursing shortage is on the rise and is only expected to intensify with time largely due to aging Baby Boomers requiring more immediate healthcare. If you aren’t happy with your current career or just need a change of pace, now is the time to explore receiving your Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). It’s never been easier to get the education needed to establish a satisfying, life-long career in the healthcare industry. Here are three things you can do to streamline your new profession and help fill the nursing shortage.


1. Get Your LPN

If you’re ready to dive into healthcare, getting your Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) certification is a great place to start. Becoming a certified LPN can be done within a year for many nursing programs and is easily attainable for most individuals. Within 12 months, you’ll be able to familiarize yourself with patient care and determine if the medical industry is a good fit. While salaries for a Licensed Practical Nurse are only half of what a registered nurse receives, wages are still competitive for the job requirements.

Nurse.org suggests that a benefit to acquiring your LPN first helps expose you to medical situations and scenarios imperative to your future medical career. Having your LPN also creates additional opportunities to meet other healthcare providers which can result in even more potential job openings and positions.

2. Increase Your Opportunity as an RN

Registered Nurses (RNs) are in high demand, and you can double your career options once you receive the necessary certifications. Usually, an RN program takes up to two years to complete. Yet, the benefits of receiving an extended education include higher-paying jobs, an increased knowledge base, and essential medical field networking opportunities.

Grand Canyon University’s nursing program is one of many that also help advance your career in healthcare to the next level. Other organizations such as The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN), work with schools and universities to collaborate and educate people on the nursing shortage. By increasing awareness, more individuals will pursue medical professions and be accepted into various programs around the country.

3. Finish Strong With a BSN

A Bachelor of Science in Nursing opens the job field up to even more potential healthcare opportunities with increased salary. Often, management, leadership, and clinical nurse specialist positions are reserved for individuals who have their BSN.

Grand Canyon University nursing professionals can help you obtain this certification if you haven’t already. With your BSN, you’ll be ready to take on more responsibilities and become a leader in the medical profession.

Not only that, but many schools now offer an accelerated BSN program that allows students to complete class and clinical requirements within 12 months, which helps get clinicians out into the industry faster. The accelerated program also appeals to many individuals wanting to enter the medical field with higher-paying job opportunities.

Close the Gap

While there may be a shortage of nurses throughout the country, you can help close the gap and use it to your advantage. There are thousands of positions available nationwide to medical professionals with different certifications.

You can help offset the nursing deficit and increase your salary, skills, and healthcare possibilities when you take the time to obtain the proper education and credentialing.

Medical education requirements may seem unattainable, but don’t let them get you down. When you choose the right steps, you’ll soon have the career you’ve always wanted.

An LPN is a great way to start your medical profession, while RN and BSN certifications help cement a fulfilling lifetime career in the healthcare industry. There are all kinds of possibilities with whatever role you choose; the sky is the limit.

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