What is OYO Full Form?

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Oyo Rooms is one of the famous hospitality companies in India. It is spread over 300 cities in the country and is popular among young couples.

Its main aim is to become a loved one in the country. It offers different segments for different people. It facilitates the customers with pleasure and delights with the best lodging utility.

In this article, let’s see what OYO full form is and all related information.

OYO Full Form

What is OYO full form?

Oyo full form is in your own Room. It is a hospitality-based business formed in 2013 by Ritesh Agarwal. He is the founder and CEO of the OYO. Its headquarters is in Gurugram, Haryana. It offers a comfortable and standardized stay in more than 6500 hotels.

All over India, there are more than 70,000 Oyo Rooms in 7000 hotels. In actuality, Oyo doesn’t operate the hotels; it creates a collaboration with other hotels and checks for better quality services. It offers services to people who book their rooms from the OYO website or app. 

Features of OYO

As we have talked, Oyo tries its best to provide the best services to its customers. 

They offer special technology to the hotel owners to facilitate the customers best. They do their best to provide the same ambiance and amenities so guests get the best experience during their OYO rooms. 

One of the fantastic things about the OYO rooms is that they are comfortable and affordable. You can even get lower-price rooms with quality services and utilities. 

They use pioneering technology and facilitate the best operation and management system. It allows the customers to book their Room with a few clicks without disturbance. 

The booking process is quite easy. You must download their application and complete the process in a few seconds. You can get from low-priced to high-priced rooms having the best quality and standardized management system.

Advantages of OYO

Convenient For Everyone

Oyo aims to provide comfort and convenience to people, even guests from other cities. Now, you can enjoy hassle-free traveling as you can find Oyo rooms anywhere.

It is considered safe for unmarried couples as they allow together stay for boys above 18 years and girls above 21 years.

Affordable Price 

The other point that makes it a favorite is that you can enjoy a luxury stay within the average range here. You can also stay within 399 INR. Further, it allows the customers to book the Room for hours or one day. 

Now, it is easy to find an affordable room, whether alone or with family, in 200 cities in India. 

Easy To Access

Now you don’t need to get tension about how to book your Room. Most hotels offer rigid rules and regulations for booking, while most hotels have no free space. Oyo’s rooms are always available for you for free.

You can book rooms anytime within a few seconds. Furthermore, it offers excellent hospitality and never compromises on it.

You can get rooms from the middle to higher class with high hospitality. No matter your budget, you can find the best facilities within an affordable budget. 

Employment Opportunities 

Oyo also offers many employment options for the people. It allows professional young people to apply for internships and as freelancers.

On the Oyo site, many options are available for jobless people. They hire young people for different jobs. You can easily get jobs by contacting the Oyo career team.

Disadvantages Of OYO

Extra Payment Charges To Hotels

Most of the hotel’s complaints are that Oyo puts extra charges on the hotelier and sometimes refuses to pay the full amount to the hotel owner for Oyo rooms. Due to this, most of the hotel owners avoided Oyo and filed a complaint about it.

No Privacy

Although their policy involves privacy terms, they claim they care much about customers’ privacy. But in actuality, most customers have complained about the hidden cameras in the Oyo rooms.

The data of the customers was shared by the government agencies, which is a real threat to them. There is no rule or regulations for unmarried couples about booking Oyo rooms. 

Noisy Locations

Most of the Oyo rooms are located in crowded places as they want to get the most access o the people. Ut due to this, there is much hustle and bustle in the surrounding and it disturbs the guest and people who want calm places for rest.

So for people who want peace and a stress-free environment, Oyo rooms are not the right choice for them.  For such people, oyo homes are the best choice. They have the same facilities and convenience but they are away from noisy areas. 


In conclusion, oyo is a great hospitable company that is serving 200 cities in India and offering rooms for guests and businessmen at affordable prices. It facilitates the customers with quality services.

But there is some flaw like privacy issues and payment issue the hotels that are becoming a threat to their popularity.

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