Top 10 Things To Talk About with a Girl

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It is the common fact that some boys are always confused especially on their first date. He is confused about what he talks about with a girl and how to start texting and on which topic he starts talking with her. There is a list of questions in your mind but you are confused which I ask her first? Today I will share with you some good questions list for you. Do you think that you can start a talk with some flirty questions with the Girl? A question to ask a girl should be dirty questions, interesting question or funny questions to ask her. Here are the top 10 things to talk about with a girl.

Top 10 Things To Talk About with a Girl


First Date Questions

When you on your first date start talking with your girlfriend, use a good topic or questions to talk about with her. You should now how to talk to her. First, ask her to tell her hobbies and what do you like and what you don’t like. After that ask her that she looks attractive today. It is your first date. You also try to exchange your mobile numbers. To start chat over text on mobile.

For example, ask a question to tell which perfume she likes. Which flowers she likes and which she does not like. Also ask good questions about his favorite color, food, etc.… Because in this way you can analyze a lot of information about that girl. Also, try to make her laugh give her a lot of joy. It helps you to start a good conversation with a girl.

Talk About Her Dream

There are a lot of things to say in your mind. After talking about her hobbies. Start questions to ask about her dreams what she wants to do in the future. But firstly, try to convince her that you are the man of trust for her. Because girls did not tell anything on their first dates. So first get her in your trust. If she fully trusted you. Ask her to do you remember that when you show your dreams to someone else? But never force her to tell her dreams.

Ask Her What She Likes

When you are thinking about how to talk about with a girl start a flirty talking about her favorite things and start some flirting with her to make her happy. Also, talk interesting questions to ask which she likes too much. Because we know every person has its own choices which are different from another person. So ask her what do you want in your life? Most girls have a huge list of it. Ask her about favorite jewelry which she likes. We know girls love diamond jewelry but some girls like gold or white gold jewelry.

Talk About Her Favorite Destination

Now start your best questions to ask her to tell her the best places which she likes to visit. Where she wishes to go and see its beauty. In this way, you how to make a girl happy. Girls love to travel, and then make a list of best places to travel. Which she thoughts after completing their goals that will go to visit these places. Now if your girlfriend loves to travel, then this is the right topic to make a chat longer with her.

Ask Her about Top Secret


The girl did not tell her top secrets on her first date. But if you show some interest to inquire about her secret. You must show some loyalty and trust that you would not ditch her. Also, you must reveal you’re own most embarrassing moments and talk with her about these secrets to increase your loyalty and trust. Also, motivate her that she is never alone in the world you are with her.

Which Movie Does She like?

In the conversation topic, we will ask some interesting questions about her favorite movies which she likes or not. Movies are another way to becoming close to one another and know each other. So now ask the movie’s name if she likes she will tell you. Ask her do you like to watch your favorite movie with me? Then make a list of movies which she likes. Just an example if you ask her what she loves the movie “fifty shades of the grey” If say yes then you should know about her that she loves to watch romantic movies. So, you can start a smart talk about the movie. Then you can buy tickets and go to the cinema to watch some good movies. In this way, you can spend some romantic hours with each other.

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Talk About Her Career

Now asking questions about her career goals. Be a good conversation starters things to ask her what she wants to do in her career? what are her goals to achieve in her life? Because these days women are most successful and, they love to work. So, when you should have indebted her to approach her profession.

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Ask Her About Family Importance

Now, ask her a question about her family. Because all girls love to talk about their parents, siblings, mates. In this way, you can also know about her family, culture and other things. Just like their traditions, customs of the modern age. You should also want to know more about her and her family. She also can ask about your family too. It is the best idea to know each other and families too.

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Talk About Love

Now it is time to talk about some craziest love. Because everyone is in love and romance with each other. Start some romantic questioning with her and express your love to her. In this way, she also describes her feelings and thoughts that what she feels about you, your love your care, etc… This is the best way to make your date longer.

What She Is Looking for Her Life Partner

Now the last thing is asking her to tell what she is looking for her life partner. Ask her which qualities her life partner should possess. Entreat her about the Mr. perfect she always dreams for. Question her about her feelings about her desires.

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Bottom line

After reading this informative article, you can reach a conclusion that which things you can talk about with a girl. In this way, you can convince her to get married to you. You can also know about her likes dislikes, about her passion and secrets. And you can get information about one another.

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