Secrets About Vaginal Swelling That Nobody Will Tell You

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Sex is something which is obviously full of some surprises. Often it appears in case of vaginal swelling. vaginal swelling is a normal thing after having sexual intercourse. Most of the women in the world face this kind of problem. If you are also facing this problem, then don’t worry because this thing is not to be worried. It is not as serious problem as we all think.

Factors responsible for vaginal swelling

Here I will describe some common factors which play role in vaginal swelling. About its causes and remedies which are useful in curing such type of infection. Daily thousands of women in the world search to find out the reasons of vaginal swelling. If irritation and redness also occur after sexual intercourse, then it might be a problem. Otherwise vaginal swelling is not as big problem as we are horrified. Simply it has some causes behind the swelling and the remedies to cure it are also present here. Don’t neglect your health and be sure to consult Woman’s Health Centers’ gynecology services in Central Florida

vaginal swelling

Causes of vaginal swelling

  1. Vaginal infection

If you are already facing the problem of vaginal infection like if you have urinary tract infection and yeast infection in the past, then vaginal swelling after sex is a normal thing. The ph. balance of the vagina can be easily changed by having sex which can cause other problems and cause vagina to swell.

  1. Allergy

Sometimes it happens that vagina is allergic to some things like allergic to some products, lubricating oils, deodorants, sprays’. this is very common problem among women that something they used during sex cause infection to the vaginal area due to the ingredients present in that product. For example, if you use some sort of message oils, warming oils and different kinds of creams which you used for lubrication during sex. These things sometimes cause allergy to the area. Because it is the most sensitive and important part of our body. Sometimes when you don’t want to have a baby and take precaution measures like condom. If you use condom then skin on the vagina is also allergic from the condom. The material latex which is used to make condoms is also not suitable for the vagina and allergy occurs in the form of irritation, itching and redness.

  1. Semen Allergy

Sometimes it happens in case of some women that their vaginal area is also allergic even from the semen. If you notice swelling in the vagina after sex and if it happens every time after sexual intercourse, then it is semen allergy. This kind of development is known as human seminal plasma protein hypersensitivity. Firstly, it is like a minor swelling and irritation but sometimes it can lead to severe allergic reactions.

Remedies to avoid vaginal swelling

Here are some useful tips or secrets that can prevent such type of vaginal swelling.

  1. Don’t Scratch

If there is swelling in the vaginal area, then you feel itching and irritation in that area so its an advice that not to scratch the area because in this way problems can become more worse. So, immediately consult to your doctor and follow the instructions of your doctor.

  1. Enough Foreplay

Doing foreplay before penetration is great. So always try this tip to make your sex enjoyable and rejoice able. This is a fact that a woman needs more time to get aroused as compared to the men. so, take your time and make sure that the area is wet, and your partner is also ready to avoid rough sex. Which can lead to severe infections described above.

  1. Use Skin

    Safe Lubricants

If you find difficulty in sex due to lack of lubrication, then you can use lubricants even if they are not allergic to your skin. Firstly, test them whether they cause irritation to your skin or not. After your complete satisfaction then use any kind of lubricating stuff.

  1. By Using Yogurt

It has been also found out that use of yogurt is effective in curing the swelling. It is also a blessing that yogurt contains swelling healing power. Instead of taking yogurt you can also try to apply fresh yogurt to the swollen area to relief the pain and swelling. But make sure that the yogurt you apply to the area must be without adding sugars.

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