Top Pizza Places Near Me While Visiting The USA

“There is no true love than food love.”

With unique oracles & little deeds of happiness, one seems to be satisfied both on the inside & outside cover of life’s book. It has been a trait of humankind to seek pleasure where in the form of hunting, sleeping, or eating. From the behemoth times of history legendaries to the current sophisticated empires (countries), every entity has got its specialty. Rest apart, when it comes to fast food the USA has got its unique position due to an array of pizza places near me options. Let us throw light over some of them;

best pizza places near me


This lucrative pizza palace is situated in San Francisco. One of the blue ocean strategic marks, which separates Oakland from the rest of the places is the Ferrera wood-burning oven. Its oven cooks pizza in just 90 seconds with a mouthwatering touch to its crust.

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Jon & Vinny’s

Located in LA, with an aim to astonish the customer every single time. When your permutations or combinations formulas of trying the pizza club run out then this pace is going to make you weak in your knees. Similar to Oakland, they have also got strong, unique selling propositional mark, which is hidden in pizza’s dough. With an open environment & freestyle eating inclination, it creates a perfect reason for going through its doors.

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With an ample chew & exterior char, this chain is out there to disrupt the traditional status quo of the pizza industry. The chef has got over the crust by going for aggressive toppings election as Brussels sprouts with pancetta. Despite having many competitors in the market, it holds a significant position in itself.

Hollywood Pies

The best pizza near me now would be incomplete without having Hollywood points on the list. With an enchanted time of 45 minutes in an oven, it serves the best needs of your taste buds. Though it was not always the same. At first, when they got started, they were providing delivery without any physical dining in existence. But after some time, embracing the portion of change, they are now well accustomed to the needs of their customers & made their mark in the best pizza places near me.

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What makes this chain suitable for a pizzeria near my location, is the visit of Bill Clinton & crew of HBO’s staff to this place. Although the hype of late pizza deliverance was also in the air, it came out on the finest chain in town.  The unique mark that makes it stand above others is domestic and imported cheese blistered across the dough.


You can go wherever your heart takes you. But the true pizza lover is always going to find treasures even on the very dusty & risky roads.

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