How long can you Freeze Chicken? Cooked and Uncooked

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Want to know how long can you freeze chicken? Keep reading this article and you will find it out.

Today, we have a great option of storing things for a long time before we finally use it. Modern technology and equipment help us in ensuring that our food lasts for a good time. In our freezers, we tend to place a thing or two for months before we finally take it out and cook it. One of the most common things that we store in our refrigerators today is chicken. Cooked or uncooked, whole or into pieces, we store chicken in freezers for a long time before we use it. Therefore, a frequently asked question is how long can you freeze chicken. And here we are to answer it for you.

How Long can you Freeze Chicken?

Freezing chicken is not an easy task and many people are unable to benefit from it because they fail to freeze it in an appropriate manner. However, if you know how to freeze the chicken in the right way (which we will be telling you below), you can make it last for a decent time. Uncooked chicken, in whole form (not pieces!), can last for as long as 12 months. You can keep it in your freezer for a whole year. On the other hand, if you cannot store it as a whole, you may like to do pieces before you finally put it in. This way, you can keep it for use for up to 9 months. In case that you have cooked the chicken and now you want to freeze that, you can put it at 0 degrees or below for up to 4 months.

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How to freeze chicken?

There are times when poultry products are available to you on sale and people want to save some money. Thus, they buy it in a decent amount and freeze it for later use.

Wrap the chicken well before putting it into the freezer container. If you are using raw chicken, then you may take help of the butcher paper. Even bags and plastic freezer wraps may do the job for you. In case that you have cooked chicken, then the plastic containers or freezer bags will work best. If you are going to store it for a long period, consider a vacuum sealer.

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When you freeze chicken, put it in the coldest part of your freezer. Before stacking, make sure that your chicken is frozen and solid so that it does not get into any odd shape. Avoid the chicken from freezer burning. Note that cooked chicken tends to freezer burn a lot quicker than uncooked one. Thus, try to use it within a month or two.

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Final words

So, this is how long can you freeze chicken. Note that you may or may not be able to successfully store it for this long. The storing quality, preserving methods and freezer burning counts a lot when you ask about how long can keep chicken in your freezer. If you manage to prevent the stuff from burning in your freezer, then you can store it for a long time. However, if your techniques are not good enough, it will get burnt quickly and you won’t be able to use it later.


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