Best Japanese Instant Ramen [Instant Noodles]

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When it comes to the tasty and yummy ramen or egg-noodles, Japanese is No1 countries for production of such type of food. Japanese ramen is popular due to variant in kind, and taste. This ramen is easy to cook and serve. Their quality makes them yummy and lovely and instantly turns the bad mood into a good one. They are delicious and affordable.

For the office workers, teachers, and daily workers whether men or women, Japanese instant ramen pack is good choice if they do not want to cook food. For the college students and those who have 12- hour duty, these instant ramen are staple food. It is quick to cook and serve.

On the arrival of sudden guest, you can present them the delicious pack of ramens. It is the nation’s favorite food, available in a variety of taste and flavor.  They are also termed as Sussi, noodles, udon and nachos. It is nation’s food and called as noodle in most of the countries.

For veg lovers to chicken lover, a lot of kinds and flavors of instant ramen is also available now in the best and famous restaurants of Japan. For every person including children, young ones, old one whether men or women, Japanese instant ramen are the best food.

Some people love Japanese udon food, while some love Japanese souvenir food. In the supermarket of Japan you can buy every type of luscious ramen or noodles what you want.

History Of Ramen

Japanese ramen is the favorite food of the whole people. There will be hardly a person who does not this food. The hero of this delicious is Momfuku Ando and in 1950 he introduced the first ramen in Japan.

After the World War II, when the people had shortage of food, and they were died to this shortage, he made its mission to manufacture food that would be easy to cook, non-perishable, affordable and also delicious in taste. Then after thinking for a long time, he gave the idea of flash-frying noodles. He prepared its first ramen from the flash-frying method.

In this method, noodles are dehydrated, and tiny noodles are created in between them and food in packed carefully. The tiny holes allowed the food to be cooked fast. For the crisp and spicy taste, the spices were packed in a tiny packet. The idea of such food was to feed the world in a time of devastation and crisis.

This idea worked a lot and now people prefer this food when they feel hungry. The first product of Ando was Chikin ramen that became popular in 1958 and got a huge important among people. It is still liked by people. In 1971, Ando introduced cup noodles when he observed that American is lack bowls and most of them don’t like to eat in bowls.

Moreover, those people who do not want to eat slurp noodles they can eat noodles with a fork. All his unique ideas hit the Japanese and foreign people. Now his ideas are famous all over the world. Now many Companies in Japan offer the best noodle or ramen for the Japanese and the people of all other countries. Here are some of the best ramen that are offered by Japanese Companies.

Product NameProduct Price
Nissin Syokunin Soy Sauce Ramen
Peyang Yakisoba
Maruchan Seimen Shoyu Ramen
Sapporo Ichiban Shio Ramen
Raoh Shoyu Ramen

Best Japanese Instant Ramen

  1. Nissin Syokunin Soy Sauce Ramen
  2. Peyang Yakisoba
  3. Maruchan Seimen Shoyu Ramen
  4. Sapporo Ichiban Shio Ramen
  5. Raoh Shoyu Ramen

Nissin Syokunin Soy Sauce Ramen:

If you want to gain fewer calories and want to lower your intake, then Nissin Syokunin Soy Sauce Ramen is the perfect choice for you. This Japanese ramen comes with non-fried noodles and this quality makes them unique for all those who want to fulfill their dummy without any calories gain. It is healthy recommendation for the people on diet.

Best Japanese Instant Ramen

These cup noodles are rich with flavor of soy sauce and traditional and vine soap with braised seafood. The noodles are thin and straight and require only a short time for preparation.

  • Thin and straight non-fired noodles
  • Amazing taste and easy to look
  • Have traditional soy sauce with seafood.

  • Salty Japanese style that is not liked by most people
  • Some feels the taste of the ramen is a bit weak chested

Peyang Yakisoba:

Peyang Yakisoba is also the best Japanese fried noodles. Yakisoba means fried noodles. These best- selling fried ramen are the first product that also has liquid sauce with noodles. They require only three minutes for cooking, but if you have ability to adjust the softness, then you can take more time for its heating.

Best Instant Ramen

The sauce is slightly spicy that makes this product a favorite of those who like spicy foods. Moreover, the small sachet comes with Peyang Yakisoba to make them spicier according to choice. This product is available in variety of taste and flavor.

  • Best selling Ramen with fried noodles and separate liquid sauce
  • Perfect for those who love spicy things
  • The amazing soy sauce
  • It is an additive ramen you will love it

  • Not a good choice for people who do not like salt and spice things.

Maruchan Seimen Shoyu Ramen:

Maruchan Seimen Shoyu Ramen is the best Japanese ramen, super-quality ingredients and good manufacturing process. These Japanese noodles come in rich sweet umami taste with chicken and pork soup along with toppings like vegetables. It is the most favorite product of the Japanese as it comes with four different flavors such as Soy Sauce, Shio, Miso, and Tonkotsu.


The thickness of these amazing noodles is different for different types of flavors such as for sauce and soy sauce flavors have medium noodles thickness and thick for miso flavor while noodles are thin for Tonkotsu flavor.

Usually the length of these noodles ranges from25 to 30 cm. these noodles are quick and easy to use and quick to prepare. They require about minutes for cooking. Maruchan Seimen Shoyu Ramen is non-fried noodles.

Through proper and unique cooking process you can make it more delicious. It is non-fried and is ideal choice for those who are one diet as it provides the body fewer calories, it means you can enjoy more and more amount of ramen. It comes with the pretty blend of soy sauce in water.

The soy sauce makes it more delicious and tastier. These noodles get loosen fast, so it will not be tough for you to untie them. Now keep all the remedy into the bowl and then cook the noodles and mix it, you will get instant ramen without any problem.

  • Easy and quick to serve them
  • Delicious in taste with non-fried liquid soy sauce
  • Different flavors have different noodles thickness
  • You can eat them by mixing different flavors of it

Sapporo Ichiban Shio Ramen: