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There will be hardly a man or woman who does not like to eat chocolates. Chocolates are the delicious desserts that play an important role in turning the sad mood into a happy one.

For the chocolate lovers and for those to whom the tasty and delicious chocolates are their weak points, Japanese companies come with high-quality and amazing chocolates.

Their uniqueness and delicious taste melt the heart of the chocolate lovers. These chocolates are perfect for satisfying the sweet craving of the people with sweet tooth. Here are the best Japanese chocolates that are according to the taste of Japanese people.

Japanese chocolates are different in manufacturing and tasteless than all other countries brands. Everyone knows that Japan is the biggest fan of sweet, and they prefer to take sweets with tea in their free time.

You will not find the delicious sweets like Japan from anywhere. Whenever you visit Japan, never miss a trip to the Japan supermarkets for amazing chocolates and all other sweets.

First Japan chocolate was made in Meiji period. During the World War II, Japan was unable to import the cocoa that stops the chocolates’ production in Japan. But after the end of the war, it has restarted its chocolate production.

Now Japan made the popular chocolates in variable tastes and flavors. You will get their chocolate of every taste from creamy to bitter cocoa according to your taste. It is also proved scientifically that serotonin makes the people happy, it means you can gift chocolates to the sad people to make them happy.

You can gift them Japanese chocolates with wide variety of tastes including simple to fruit mixed and luxury branded chocolates.

10 Top Rated Japanese Chocolate in 2021

Product NameProduct Price
Choco Flake from Morinaga
Meiji Almond Chocolate
Meiji Kinoko no Yama (Takenoko no Sato)
Lotte Choco Pie
Nestle KitKat
Fujiya Peanuts Chocolate
Meiji Best Three Chocolate Bars
Morinaga Choco Ball Strawberry
Royce Matcha Chocolates
Meiji White Chocolate

Japanese chocolates come in the Japan along with personal snacks. You can get them in the form of chocolate bars, chocolate snacks, chocolate pie, and chocolate covered nuts and chocolate cake. Following are the most popular chocolates, chocolate snacks, and blend of the chocolate with different nuts and cream filling milk of Japan.

  1. Choco Flake from Morinaga
  2. Meiji Almond Chocolate
  3. Meiji Kinoko no Yama (Takenoko no Sato)
  4. Lotte Choco Pie
  5. Nestle KitKat
  6. Fujiya Peanuts Chocolate
  7. Meiji Best Three chocolate bars
  8. Morinaga Choco Ball Strawberry
  9. Royce Matcha Chocolates
  10. Meiji White Chocolate

Choco Flake from Morinaga

Choco Flake from Morinaga is the best taste chocolates offered by the famous Japanese brand Morinaga. These are chocolate flavored cornflakes that have unique texture and consistency and look like cereals.

Best Japanese Chocolate

They are light and give a yummy taste that makes the eater happy. It is lovely product of the Japan with delicious flavor. You will surely love its taste and like to take it in breakfast. These chocolate cornflakes are a good option for the children who do not like the simple cornflakes.

It is made up of corn, sugar, dry milk, Cocoa, butter, soya lecithin, corn oil and artificial flavors. You can use it with milk in the morning or evening.

Almond Chocolate from Meiji

Almond Chocolate from Meiji is the best option for those who want more than a plain chocolate bar. Before manufacturing of this best flavored chocolate, Japanese were unaware from the real taste of almond and do not know that they can use almond in this way.

Best Japanese Chocolate

Meiji offers chocolates with two different types of the nuts: almond and macadamia. Both these are the delicious and yummy chocolates, and you can choose the one that you like the most.

Almond Chocolate from Meiji chocolate is popular chocolate and is also affordable. It is available almost in all the stores of Japan. It is a blend of rich chocolate and nuts. The almonds are selected and are of high-quality.

Meiji Kinoko no Yama (Takenoko no Sato)

Meiji Kinoko no Yama that is also called as Takenoko no Sato was launched in 1976. Takenoko no Sato means bamboo shoot village. It is called so because it is covered in the flowerbed of the bamboo shoot that is similar to the chocolate snacks.

Best Japanese Chocolate bars

These chocolate snacks also look like mushrooms and are made up of short pretzel, chocolate, and biscuits. The top of the biscuits has plenty of chocolate that makes them delicious. They are delicious and tasty and Japanese like them most.

Lotte Choco Pie


Lotte Choco Pie is the most favorite chocolate coated cake. This cake is rich in chocolate and yummy in taste. The outer shell of this moist cake is rich with thick chocolate and the inner has sweet marshmallow like vanilla cream filling. It is most liked by the visitors In Japan.

Nestle KitKat


Nestle KitKat is the best Japanese chocolate brand that offers the perfect combination of chocolate and wafer in a balanced form. This classic chocolate has matcha, Sakura kinako, sake and many more ingredients that make it more delicious for eating in summer and winter. This KitKat is the highly ranked sweet snack that fills the mouth with love.

Fujiya Peanuts Chocolate

Fujiya Peanuts Chocolate has the unique combination of the chocolate and peanut fragrant. It is rich source of the dietary fibers and vitamin E. these peanut chocolates are rich in milk chocolates with fragrance of milk and peanut aroma.


The bite-sized pieces of this yummy chocolate have balanced sugar that arise the urge of eating these sweets in the person. You can gift this chocolate to your loved ones and friends to create a unique sense of love and friendship in between the two. It is among the top ten best Japanese chocolates due to uniqueness in taste.

Meiji Best Three Chocolate Bars

For those who do not like any combination in their taste and want to enjoy the pure chocolate, Meiji Best Three chocolate bars are the best choice. The black wrapper contains the bitter chocolate, while the dark brown packet has milk chocolate.


It is made up of the sugar, cocoa, and milk blend in a balanced form. The red packaging contains the chocolate with high concentration of the milk. These mini chocolate bars serve the chocolate lovers with different variety of the chocolates according to their taste.

One packet contains about 33 chocolate bars packages of black, red, and dark brown wrappers that are full of the blast of the flavors.

Morinaga Choco Ball Strawberry


Morinaga Choco Ball Strawberry is the small round strawberry chocolate snacks that are popular among the kids. Strawberry flavor is famous among both adult and children. This product of the Morinaga is full of yummy taste and sweetness. It is the perfect combination of taste, sweetness, and crunch in a unique and lovely way.

Meiji White Chocolate

There are different types of the chocolates such as dark brown, brown and white. Somme people like chocolates in blend form while some prefer to eat in the pure form. White chocolates are also very delectable.



Meiji offers the luscious white chocolate along with different varieties of mix and dark chocolates. These nostalgic chocolates came in trend in the 1920s and now have become the heart of every young and old.

Meiji white chocolate is made up of the white creamy chocolates and readily melts in the mouth and fill it will be luscious taste as well.

Royce Matcha Chocolates

There is high competition in Japan between the most popular companies for delicious sweets. Mostly Meiji and Morinaga are considered the best one, but in that competition Royce has also appeared as their rival.


This confectionary company facilitates the Japanese with soft, smooth, and melty chocolates with fresh cream. Royce matcha chocolate contains chocolates and matcha covered with plenty of almonds.

The chocolate wafers have matcha flavor that makes them unique and lovely, they appeal the eaters to taste them. They are packed in the box in tiny square chocolate bars. This company offers its services on the airports and travelling places.

People love to take these chocolates in their free time for relaxation of their mind in stress mode.

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