How to Choose Proposal Rings: Tips and Advice

Are you going to propose to your beloved woman? It’s an important event, which cannot do without an engagement ring. It may seem at first glance that everything you need is a ring of high-quality gold and with a big precious stone. Nonetheless, a thoughtful approach to choosing such an accessory will emphasize the importance and seriousness of your intentions. The girl will feel love and care. Each time, looking at the ring, she will remember your declaration of love. This is especially important if you are involved in divorced women dating because one way or another, a woman will compare your proposal with a previous one, made by her ex.

How to Choose Proposal Rings

What Ring Should You Choose?

Engagement rings are accessories with one big precious stone. The gemstone can be fixed in different ways. The decorative element can be immersed in the base of the ring or located above the rim of the ring. In the first case, we are talking about a high setting of a gemstone, and in the second, it is about low. The one-stone engagement ring is called “solitaire.”

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Ideally, you should buy a diamond proposal ring. This gemstone is preferred from practical and aesthetic points of view. Diamond is a strong stone and will please its owner many years after purchase, and only another faceted diamond can scratch it. The other side of the issue is the beauty of the product. Your darling girlfriend may like topazes, sapphires, and rubies, but you can’t be sure that it is this stone that the girl wants to see in the engagement ring. The color of the metal has a crucial role here, as well. There are three shades of gold: pink, lemon, and white. If you have ever talked about the preferable color of wedding rings, then you should start from there.

How to Find Out the Size of the Ring?

The first step in buying a proposal ring is to find out what ring size fits your girlfriend. If a wedding proposal is not a surprise for your sweetheart, then ask her directly. In this case, you will definitely not be mistaken with the size, and you will not need to exchange it. However, the method described above is suitable only if your partner is ready for the proposal. But if the words “Will you marry me?” will come as a surprise to her, then you need to think through everything to the smallest detail.

Pay attention to what kind of jewelry your girl wears, what shape and style of the ring she likes best. Think about who of her women friends can tell the right size of the ring. Decide if this person can keep a secret.

Another option is to wait for your girlfriend to fall asleep. Take the thread and gently wrap it around her finger. Then take a ruler and measure the length, on the Internet you can find a special table to translate the circumference into the size of the ring.

Pay Attention to the Girl’s Preferences

Does your darling appreciate uniqueness? Try to choose an engagement ring that matches her taste. In this case, the girl will wear it all the time and with great pleasure instead of putting it in a box with other accessories. Getting the original jewelry that matches her taste, the girl will think about how attentive and caring you are. Each time, looking at a ring, she will experience pleasant emotions.

How Not to Be Mistaken in Choosing a Proposal Ring?

If you are doubting, then you can consult with someone who knows the tastes of your girlfriend very well. It can be her mom or close friends. They will tell you in which style it is better to buy a ring. If you are afraid that someone will say your girlfriend about the proposal, it is better to do everything yourself. Think about whether your woman wants to be original or get something classic. Draw the appropriate conclusions, basing on her worldview.

Examine the jewelry that your loved one already wears. The chosen engagement ring should be in harmony with her accessories; this means she will wear it with big pleasure.

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