What Rings Will the Glam Squad Be Wearing in 2022?

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Rainbow colors, yellow gold, and pearls are just a few of the hottest trends in jewelry this year, as seen at the recent New York Fashion Week (Fall, 2022) shows. In terms of necklaces, it’s all about layers of pearls and beads, for bracelet wearers watch out for cuffs and unique chain designs.

As for rings,  there are so many styles centered on this jewelry item that it very much merits its own post. It makes sense that rings are such a popular item of jewelry. Regardless of the season, they are always visible and neither your hairstyle, top, or coat can hide their beauty.

Let the following styles and ideas inspire you if you are in the market for a little hand bling.

What Rings Will the Glam Squad Be Wearing in 2022

Joyful, Colorful Fashion Pieces

Jazz up your everyday work look with colorful statement rings made in materials like resin, acetate, and enamel. Childlike shapes (hearts, flowers, and simple geometrics) in two- and three-tone designs will be holding sway, and for extra artistry, pear them up with nails bearing a bevy of color combinations (pink and blue on one nail, orange and yellow on another, nail stickers and similar).

Statement bauble rings in lucite are also in, with some designs boasting embellishments and 3D silhouettes. It’s all about celebrating the return of fashion, live, and the joie de vivre that inspires fashionistas to head to their favorite mall or online store to get their hands on seasonal pieces.

Colorful Gemstones

Fine jewelry pieces such as engagement rings are embracing color and alternative showstoppers such as pearls now more than ever before. Millennial and Gen-Z couples are more into meaningful pieces that they would love to wear even if they weren’t getting married, than traditional styles.

Thus, many are opting for stones like colorful sapphires, tsavorites, or tanzanites, surrounded by diamond details. Others are buying pave bands and stacking them alongside other jewelry, or investing in unique vintage pieces that exude heirloom sophistication.

Welcome the “Pearlcore” Trend

“Pearlcore” is a buzzword on the fashion scene at the moment (check out the catwalk looks of Tom Ford or Givenchy) and it essentially involves wearing pearls in new. Unexpected ways.

Think pearls alongside beads and crystal pieces in a choker necklace, large freshwater pearl pendants hanging from a pearl chain, or pearls paired with gold, black resin, and transparent glass. It’s all about evoking the glamor of this gem while bringing it into the future by stacking it and paring it with unexpected metals and materials.

Chic Signet Rings

When Meghan Markle wore her dainty yellow gold signet ring, a bevy of influencers followed suit and indeed, this style is an excellent means through which to express your personal values and sentiments.

From zodiac rings to designs bearing birthstones, initials, or personalized designs, these pieces are both traditional and modern, universal and personal. Trending images for signets include Greek eyes, blue lacquer hearts, and love me forever symbols.

Rings are a favorite jewelry piece that are visible at any time of the year. To make sure your ring choices are on point this year, incorporate a few joyful fashion pieces into your collection.

For fine jewelry, think about expanding your collection with colorful gemstones such as pink or green sapphires, or flawless tsavorites. Stack it all up and try out trends such as pearlcore, which reinterpret well-loved styles of old.

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