Why Should I Hire a Family Lawyer When Writing My Will?

A will is crucial as it forms the basis for distributing wealth to your select beneficiaries. The document stipulates a person’s plan regarding their assets should they become unable to make sound decisions or become incapacitated. Below is a list of reasons to hire a family lawyer in St. Petersburg when writing a will.

Minimizes the Possibility of Family Disputes

A will is an essential document for individuals with complicated family dynamics. People who die without a will may leave their families to guess their final wishes.

Family members may fail to agree on the proper way of sharing your wealth, creating fights and friction that may last for a lifetime.

Drafting a will with the assistance of a St. Petersburg family lawyer helps solve such issues by eliminating guesswork associated with such disputes.

Hire a Family Lawyer

Ensure the Will Is Complete

Summarizing your entire life in one document is challenging, especially when planning to write the will on your own. St. Petersburg has seasoned attorneys with tons of experience in family dynamics and the creation of wills to assist you in drafting the document.

An experienced attorney ensures you cover crucial details regarding your heirs, what you own, special bequests, and funeral arrangement provisions.

Lawyers can assist you in pondering intimate details, including your burial or cremation preferences or whether you wish to donate your organs to science.

Include as many details as possible in your will to minimize the question marks that may arise over your wishes. Upon drafting the will to completion, you will enjoy peace of mind as the possibility of family members contesting the will remains minimal.

You can always draft a will on your own, but a reliable St. Petersburg attorney verifies the validity of the legally binding document. You can write the will on your own and present it to the lawyer to ensure that all the aspects in the document contain a legal standing that may be used in a court of law.

The probate of the will happens after the passing away of the decedent, but it may be delayed due to conflicts among family members. The conflict, in this case, will result in a delay in issuing letters of administration that are required when allocating the deceased’s possession to the inheritors.

Access to Will Writing Tools

There are multiple DIY tools available online for writing your will. Such tools are customized, but most are basic and may fail to suit your situation. Individuals who utilize such templates may also suffer from non-specific language, which causes vagueness in the will, causing non-compliance with the law or misinterpretation of words. A lawyer’s knowledge and experience can help you draft a will that is easily understood by all parties.

Select a Guardian for Your Minor Kids

Most parents can utilize the will to nominate a guardian for minor children. If one parent dies, the surviving parent will get sole legal custody of the kids. A will plays a crucial role in the event of the passing away of both parents.

A guardian is usually responsible for your children’s daily needs, including housing, food, education, health care, and clothing. Ensure you nominate a reliable guardian in your will to ensure your children are well taken care of if you and your spouse are no more.

Addresses Various Aspects of Your Estate

Most individuals assume that wills are for donating their property to their loved ones. You can include all terms and assets in the document to ensure no one is left out.

For instance, you can designate guardianship for your minor children, name the executor of your estate, or leave a given percentage of assets to charity. A seasoned lawyer ensures that you consider everything when writing your will to help mitigate disputes during probate.

A will is a crucial legal document that should be given full attention and respected. A professional lawyer best drafts a will to ensure clarity of every detail in your final instructions.

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