8 Best Scrubs for Nurses 2023

Top 8 Stylish and Antimicrobial Scrubs for stylish Women that will protect them, will feel them comfortable, and boost their personality.

Finding the best scrubs that are antimicrobial and protect their health is a difficult task for nurses, doctors, and medical professionals. It is necessary to pay a bit of attention in finding the perfect clothing as it will affect your personality, boost up your confidence, and will keep them healthy. All we know that scrubs and medical uniforms protect the medical staff from microbes and the spreading of germs all around during duty. As medical fealty means to work 24 hours for the health of the people, uniform and the scrub nurses wear should be best regarding quality, style, fabric, and durability. In this article, we will discuss the features the scrubs should have and the best scrubs for women.

Qualities Of The Best Scrubs:

Following are the qualities of the best scrubs. So, if you buy online or personally go shopping. These tips will help you in finding the best and comfortable scrubs.


Whenever we go for any cloth, the first thing we search for is the fabric of that cloth as materials used for making wearing comfortable for you. Do we check whether the stuff is soft or hard? Will it be compatible with washing? Or will it comfortable during the temperature when we wear it? We have searched for the most suitable fabrics for scrubs as with scrubs sometimes you have to work in a severe environment and under different situations. Now you will be able to choose the best one for you.


Cotton fabric has pure cotton, and it is best for insensitive skin. It is comfortable to wear, durable keeps the body cool and itchy free and does not cling to the body. Moreover, this fabric is easily washable and retains less-odor. It is suitable for both summer and winter.


This fabric is hard & excellent and can be worn repeatedly without fading color. It holds the dye well and does not require ironing. Scrub with a blend of polyester is inexpensive and long-lasting. But keep away the cloth with a high quantity of polyester from the heat.


Clothe with an adequate amount of this material will make scrub more comfortable and enhance the longevity of the scrub. But spandex turns yellow with time. It is light in weight and resistant to an oily body but can be resilient, so wash it carefully.


This material also has a cellulose base and is breathable and comfortable. It is resistant to electric charge, and in fabric, it is present as a blend of cotton and others that make it inexpensive. But scrub sets having rayon requires a little bit of care for washing as cold water washing and take much time for drying.

Moreover, the fabric you choose should be Moisture-wicking. Because when you are working on feet throughout the day, you would never like to have any damp clothes. Polyester blending scrub holds 0.5 % moisture and cotton 7%.

Liquid repellent fabric will keep you comfortable and dry throughout the day.

Adding a small number of chemicals like quaternary ammonium and triclosan in medical settings and scrub will make fabric antimicrobial that is necessary quality scrub should have when you work in hospitals. Although it cannot survive long, a little bit of care can increase the shelf life of scrub.

Wrinkle-free fabric will help you in looking more professional. A minute amount of resin chemical like formaldehyde in the scrub will keep your scrub wrinkle-free.

Although fashion is not much important for scrubs, it must look stylish and comfortable. Scrub tops neck shape contributes much to your coziness. Tops are available V-neck, Crew neck, and high neck shapes along with this body, bottom style, waistline, and length all depend on your measurements and choice. So before going to scrubs with an exact measurement of your height, then check whether you need petite size, medium, or large size scrubs.

8 Best Scrubs For Women:

Cherokee Workwear Scrubs:

Cherokee workwear women’s 4700 scrubs have 65 % polyester and 35 % cotton and are more functional than fashionable. The top of the scrub has an attractive look with short sleeves, a cell phone pocket, and two patch pockets.


The pokes are more important for workers as they can keep their notebooks, gloves, and other necessary things in them. The fabric is breathable and can twist and stretch. It is comfortable for pregnant ladies and those who don’t wear a fitted dress with a baggy and quite large V-neck top along with flared pants. The material is durable and high-quality, but stiff, rugged, out of the package, and non-fashionable. They need more improvements in fitting.

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Just Love Womens Scrubs:

Just love women’s scrubs are value-oriented scrubs with unique, opaque, and thick material having 55 % cotton and 45 % polyester. These scrubs are quite soft even after washing, inexpensive, and fair breathable slits on tops and pants.


The top of the scrub is quite functional with 2-side pockets & one pocket down below that can easily carry all of the essential accessories. The fabric is comfortable, and you can wear it throughout the day without any problem related to perspiration or others. The pants have the best elastic band that fits around the waist.

Most people complain that the size of the cutting is smaller than expected. To get the adjustable sizes, you have to order the larger one. These are not much durable; the fiber may cut down after several items of washing.

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Figs Yola Skinny Scrub Pants:

Figs yola skinny scrubs pants are more stylish and fit pants that are durable and no fade coloring issue. Moreover, the pants fabricate with durable, wrinkle-free, and water-resistant fabric. Nurses like these pants due to sturdy pockets. You can also wear these days in and days out.

Women Scrubs

Double-needle stitching on the pant makes them more durable and comfortable. The zipped pocket is perfect for a mobile phone. The waistband is elastic and adjustable. In addition to this, the scrubs pants are stylish, modern, and unique with the perfect professional look.

Wonder Wink Lady Fit Y-neck Mock Wrap Top:


Wonder wink scrub tops are highly-rated and most favorite among the nurses because of their unique features. The perfect blend of polyester and cotton makes the mock wrap top soft and comfortable throughout the day. Y-neck mocked wrap top has a variety of colors and 5-pockets with 2-lower pockets & 1 hidden mesh pocket. ID bungee loop makes it more attractive.

Koi Women’s Erica:

Koi women’s Erica multi-pocket scrubs are most fragile and soft due to the perfect combo of 55% cotton and 45% polyester. But too much softness leads to a bad habit of attracting lint. The scrub top is more flattering and feminine than traditional scrubs.


Moreover, it is unusual with the Y-shaped neckline. The top features a front right pocket for holding pens, and looped and taped sleeves make it more attractive and loving. The scrubs are slim, snug, and easily washable. But the top is tight and needs more pockets.

Dagacci Scrubs Medical Uniform for Women:

Dagacci women scrubs are cute, and their favorite polyester cotton blended poplin scrubs famous among the nurses. The top scrub is loving with a classic unisex V-neck and elastic closure. Moreover, it is durable and can wash in the machine.

Best Scrubs for Women

The top has two patch pockets that make it attracted, and one chest pocket with a pen slot. The scrub pants are straight leg having 3-sided cargo pockets. It is overall a perfect uniform for the nurses.

Dickies Scrubs Women’s Xtreme:

Dickies scrubs are iconic and high-quality fabricates by polyester 75 %, rayon 21 %, and Spandex 4 %.  These scrubs are the best moisture wickers and available in wide ranges of colors and fits. Women like these due to their stylish look and ideal fitting.

Best Scrubs for Women

The comfortable dickies scrubs are the best repellents of lint and pet hairs. The scrub top is feminine and flattering with two pockets and V-neck. These are wrinkle-free and do not need to be iron. The fabric is soft and performed well in both cold and warm temperatures. You can also these in the machine, but the color fades after some washings.

Grey’s Anatomy Women’s Signature Scrubs:

Grey’s anatomy scrubs are the best scrubs for women. The scrub has 71% polyester, 24 % rayon, and 5 % spandex. Rayon and spandex make the scrub more flexible, and moisture-wicking and polyester make it more use full, and comfortable. First, these scrubs were not much famous than with time potential roughness associates with the fabric, and now these are one of the softest and the best scrubs for women.

Best Scrubs for Women

These are lightweight, resilient, and breathable that is effective for women in a warmer environment. They are available in precise size also and wrinkle-free. They don’t require ironing, and if you iron them at high heat, it will cause a problem.

All these scrubs are the best in quality, and you can readily go for one of the best from these.

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