Best Undershirts For Scrubs

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Are you looking for the best undershirts for scrubs? Undershirts are considered the best option for preventing sweat in a hot environment. But it becomes confusing how to choose the best undershirts so that we may work in a cool environment.

It is a reality that when we get ready for our work our first preference is to have a suitable and good outfit so that we may look pretty. When we feel confident about our outfit we work well and comfortably the whole day.

But sometimes the weather is flippant and it leads to cold or hot conditions and we feel comfortable. Then what to do in this condition?

Especially for a medical worker when he works in a hospital for a 12-hour shift and spends his whole days running or shifting from one room to another in a high-stakes environment.

The temperature can fluctuate indoors as well as outdoors and in hot weather it is necessary to have light pants and scrub and an undershirt should be able to prevent excess sweat and keep the wearer cool and active.

Along with this, it is also important to look pretty and also to wear a comfortable outfit. While in winter you will need a long sleeve tee or screw undershirt with a scrub top.

You can also wear high-quality long-sleeve scrub a workplace-approved jacket or a lab coat over it.

In this article, we have come up with some best undershirts for scrubs and also have some tips on how to buy an undershirt for scrubs.

How To Choose The Best Undershirts For Scrub?

For a scrub top, it is better to choose long-sleeve undershirts to wear in winter because these undershirts provide great comfort all day along with keeping the body warm. It is good to choose an undershirt made up of stretchy, super-soft fabric. The fabric should be light in weight.

If you want to look professional and stylish as well as you can look for colorful undershirts for a stylish appearance. For summer, you can choose a light color or white long-sleeve under scrubs made up of wicking material.

As it will be helpful to absorb maximum sweat and will absorb less heat and keep you cool with quality fabric blends.

We know that there is a lot of work in the healthcare facility, it gets hot radially, therefore, it is better to choose a cool dress. It will protect your scrub from sweat stains and will allow you to remain comfortable all day.

For scrub pants, it is better to wear a pair of long johns as they are not fashionable and relaxed. You can look for biker shorts made up of spandex. They come with moisture-wicking properties that prevent heavy sweat stains. They also keep the scrubs clear-cut and hug the curves perfectly.

Moreover, with all this, it is necessary to focus on the color, type, and fit along with the best scrubs. Some hospitals have specific guidelines for scrub color. You can match your undershirt color with your scrub such as if the scrub has dark color then you can have an undershirt of light color.

But you may also look for the undershirt for women with the same color with a relaxed fit. Furthermore, never choose an undershirt that is too tight or too loose. Always prefer the one with a normal fitting. Choose an undershirt according to the weather condition.

In summer choose a cotton shirt or such a comfortable material that must be moisture wicker. In winter, it is better to choose a shirt with long sleeves while for hot weather you can go for short sleeves and an undershirt for scrubs.

Best Undershirts For Scrubs

Sivvan Women’s Comfort Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Best Undershirts for scrubs

Sivvan has been in the market with 45 years of experience in producing medical uniforms. It is the best place to find quality products for comfort and to fulfill your professional needs. It is the best long sleeve undershirt for scrubs that they can wear long sleeve in winter in the operating room.

The double-stitched crew neckline is perfect for everyone such as doctors, nurses, and others. It is made up of stretchy material and is the perfect one to wear. But there are some problems that may be related to fitness because they are too tight for the wearer. It is available in different sizes from extremely small to extra-large in every color.

Buttoned Down Stretch V-Neck Undershirts For Men

Best Undershirts for scrubs

The other best undershirt for men is buttoned with a V-neckline that is stitched specifically for the comfort of the wearer. This t-shirt is made up of premium Supima cotton, along with elastane that adds stretch for comfort and retention.

To keep the softness of the material it is necessary to treat it with a special finish. The short sleeves and button closure give it a stylish look.

Moreover, it is comfortable to wear during summer and hot weather. The three short sleeves layering makes it comfortable for alone use. The quality of the material is impressive.

Healing Hands Knits Women’s 5047 Melissa Tee – Long Sleeve Medical Scrub Tee

Best Undershirts for scrubs

When it comes to finding the best undershirt for scrubs we have one of the best undershirts that come with soft and unique fabric. The fabric contains a sweet blend of spandex, cotton, and polyester that makes it soft, stretchable, and moisture-wicking.

Polyester is fading-resistant, strong, and wrinkle-free while cotton is breathable and spandex enhances the longevity of the fabric and makes it super stretchable. This shirt is a cool one and easy to wash. You can wash it by putting it in the machine.

Moreover, the shirt has a crew neck and a long sleeve. You will find every quality that you want in the best underscrub. This stylish under scrub is fit to the body size and is available in all sizes from small to large one.

Furthermore, the special jet dyeing process gives it deep color saturation. It ensures great quality control for color. You can find the color match according to your knit scrubs.

It comes with an incredible look and is the perfect choice for professionals and beginners. It is easy to wear and is very comfortable for medical professionals.

Hanes Men’s Long Sleeve Cool Dri T-shirt

Best Undershirts for scrubs

For men who want a cool look and also a comfortable undershirt for professional use, Hanes comes with a great variety of shirts having innovative technologies that give a perfect look to their personality.

This long sleeve shirt is perfect for them along with a narrow ribbed collar. It is available in 10 different colors which means you have the choice to use the best one according to your choice. The t-shirt has a 100% polyester interlock jersey containing Cool DRI® technology. This technology makes it moisture-wicking and fast-drying.

Due to this unique feature, it is helpful to keep you cool and comfortable under pressure. You have the choice to wear it with a scrub, I’m sure it will give you an incredible and contemporary look. This unique T-Shirt (50+ UPF) helps you give 100% by working overtime to keep you cool and dry and protects you from harmful rays.

Natural Uniforms Women’s Under Scrub Tee V-Neck Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Best Undershirts for scrubs

The other best option in our collection for women is natural uniforms under scrub. This under scrub usually comes in white and is a good one for those who want a scrub match under a shirt and have a white uniform. But there are also different color shirts that you can look for.

It is specifically designed to provide exceptional comfort with soft and stretchy fabric. You can easily wash this fabric in a machine. It is made up of 57% cotton, 38% polyester, and 5% spandex which keep it breathable, soft, and stretchy. It is the perfect choice for casual wear, workout, and everyday wear.

The v-neckline along with long sleeves makes it stylish for girls. The tag-free neck protects the wearer from irritation and itching on the neck. It shows great performance and is the perfect choice for everyone. It is better to pay attention to size before ordering.


Finding the best undershirt is tough somehow due to the presence of a lot of brands in the market. But before choosing the best product it is necessary to check the reviews of the people who have worn them.

Moreover, along with fitness and the size of the shirt, it is also necessary to choose the fabric according to the weather. If it is hot outside then choose the fabric of cotton and if it is cool outside then you can choose the wool fabric also. By selecting the right under scrub you can work comfortably all day.