Top 6 High-Quality Best Scrubs for Petite Women

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Women having shorter height are known as “petite women.” Although it is not a disability event, then petite women, especially Petite nurses, face problems related to their sized outfits.

For regular women’s clothing, the scrubs usually are 165 cm tall which is not appropriate for Petite women.

It’s also not suitable for nurses to pull long or tiptoes pants around the waist again and again as it will disturb them during work and also leads to the worst impression. It is a major cause of embarrassment for them.

Then nurses should go for petite and extra petite scrubs to get rid of such a situation. Many brands are offering petite-sized scrubs with a variety of colors and high-quality fabric. In the medical field, every second of a professional, whether she is a doctor or nurse, is prime for their patients.

So, to save them time, we have come up with some tips that will guide you on how to select the petite scrubs and also the best quality branded Petite scrubs for them.


Tips For Buying A Perfect Petite Scrub:

There are some essential points that you should never neglect when going for scrubs;

Before buying the petite scrubs, first measure your perfect size, including length and other body parts such as hips, bust, natural waist, and sleeves length, as most of the store’s regular size is considered above 5’3”.

While for petite women, it should be less than 5’3″, the bust 34 inches or fewer, the hip 36.5 or less, and the waist should be 26.5 or less.

Before buying petite skirts, scrubs, and pants, always keep in mind that they should be shorter than normal ones, and their shoulders must be smaller.

Styling also matters a lot for women. But for petite women, the fit is more important than style, so they should buy scrubs with small buttons and belts as they will keep the fabric in position.

The scrubs of petite must have high hemlines and shorter inseams as it will prevent unsanitary bagginess, short waist, and regular pants.

Best Scrubs for Petites

Barco Grey’s Anatomy women’s Scrub Pants

best scrub brands

Grey’s Anatomy scrub pants are perfect pants with ideal fitting for petite women. These are trumped up by rayon and polyester fabric that provides longevity to the pants.

Moreover, these are flexible with delicate slits at the hemline. They have 6-total pockets, including 2-zipped ones, along with a drawstring waistband.

WonderWink Patience Curved Notch Scrub Top

extra petite scrub pants

Wonder Wink scrub top is the most popular stylish and comfortable scrub that fits snugger better than others and is more durable. Their pockets are on the right-hand side and are not much deeper; you can keep many necessary items in them.

The scrubs have 52% cotton, 44% polyester, and 3% spandex fabrics that give stretchiness, comfort, and durability to them. The spandex in it tends to harden the waist if it is too big.

These are available in 27 attractive and eye-catching colors and 10 sizes from extreme petite to medium with a fit curved notch neck top.

However, the short back of these scrubs causes difficulty in bending if you have no undershirt.

Cherokee Infinity Women’s Scrub Set

dickies petite scrubs

Cherokee Infinity scrubs are perfect scrubs for women, especially nurses. These scrubs are more comfortable with an elasticized bottom along with a knitting waistband and zipped pockets.  The top makes it more attractive with visible pockets and an infinity-shaped ID loop.

Moreover, they are flexible, fit, and machine washable. They have a unique design that makes you relaxed and comfortable on duty. These are available in different sizes ranging from xx-small to xx-large.

The petite reviews are best for these scrubs. They like the perfect suitable length, fit waist, and crotch of these scrubs.

Dickies Women’s V- Neck Scrub Top


Dickies women’s scrubs are well-known imported scrubs. These are trumped up with the best durable fabrics having 95% polyester and 5% spandex.

Moreover, the top has a V-shaped neck along with 3- pockets, including two patch pockets and one open slot. These scrubs are easy-to-wear and have a fitted waist is the perfect size for Petites.  These are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from extremely small to large.

FIGS Livingston Scrub Pants


FIGS scrub pants are also popular among petite nursing because of the flexible fabric that fits and perfect Petite size. These pants are unique and stylish, and meet all the requirements of having an elastane band or drawstring waist that makes them adjustable to the body size.

Their manufacturing includes luxurious 21% rayon, 7% spandex, and 72% polyester, along with moisture-wicking Technology fabrics, due to which become more comfortable during work. These are super soft anti-wrinkle medical scrub pants.

Koi Basics Petite Medical Scrub Top


These scrub tops are lightweight and cozy, made up of 95% polyester and 5% spandex fabrics.

They have a classic V-neckline and bungee loop that she will love. It is fabricated in such a way that it requires no ironing. It is most durable with multi-needle stitching and also has four pockets with a hidden mobile phone pocket with a button clasp.

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