9 Best Scrubs For Men Review & Buying Guide 2023

In the medical field, both men and women work equally for the welfare of people. When it comes to their safe medical uniform, scrubs, gloves, and plastic shoes are the essential tools. As under their health lies the safety of their family and other people who come to them for treatment. The environment where they work is highly polluted and full of germs. So, men must have medical scrubs that keep them comfortable and must have the ability to handle rigorous situations as well.

We have collected some of the best scrubs for men and put together some tips to buy scrubs, as if you are new in the medical field, these tips will help you a lot.

Tips For Buying Scrubs For Men:

People working in the medical field understand well that how much it is tough to buy a perfect scrub. We have entitled the main points that make a scrub perfect in function, and when you go for them, this article will help you in finding the best scrub.

As for a quality scrub, it is not essential to look good and comfortable. It should have a perfect blend of fabric that would durable and would have the ability to quickly dry along with small pickets for plenty of functions as keeping a notebook, pens, mobile, and like other stuff and affordable.


The foremost thing we look for during shopping for clothes is the type of material. Types of material use n fabrications tell us how comfortable and long-lasting the scrub is? Either it can survive with the environment we work in or not?

Most scrubs have a combo of cotton, spandex, and rayon. Although cotton is soft and keeps the body cool, for men scrub with pure 100 % cotton is not suitable. Cotton gets wrinkles fastly and more susceptible to tearing. But it does not mean that you do not go for a fabric having cotton, as the cotton fabric is breathable and will ensure you not to get smelly, so choose stuff having a blend of cotton.

Polyester is not a natural fabric, but it is worthy as it strengthens the stuff and keeps it wrinkle-free. Moreover, it can hold medical rigors easily.

Spandex/elastane is also not natural but synthetic. A fabric with a bit quantity of it has fewer chances of tearing. So before selecting cloth, keep in mind your requirement of working, and then choose the one with the perfect blend of these.


As in the medical field, flattering uniform scrubs will likely have more chances of contamination, and it also puts your worse impressions on others. So, select the scrubs with your exact size and fitting.

Unisex Medical Scrubs:

Most men confuse whether unisex scrubs would be presentable or not. So, it’s not to worry about unisex uniforms have reasonable prices, and you can choose them easily.

What To Wear V-Neck Or Crew Neck:

When it comes to the style of scrub tops, men feel a bit confused whether they choose a V-neck top or crew neck. V-neck scrub tops are comfortable and breathable. If you like t-shirt type scrub tops, then the crew neck is the perfect one for you. You can also wear a V-neck shirt with under scrubs if you’re a bit conscious about your hairstyle, but your preference is a V-neck scrub top.


Men’s scrub pants have different styles and ranges like cargo pants, standard, and jogger pants.

Jogger pants, as Cherokee line, known for the muscly men. These are comfortable to walk and work. Cargo pants are well-known in the medical field due to their function and an extra pair of pockets along the legs. Standard pants are cheaper and perfect for working in rigorous situations. But keep in mind these are not fit like cargo and has no pockets.

The function of scrubs is more valuable than its fabric. Medical work is not like an office job where you must work on a desk, but a field of doing work and saving lives actively. So before selecting scrubs, check whether they can meet your working needs or not. Scrub must-have fabric that is easily wrinkle-free, washable, durable, and breathable. Moreover, tops and pants must have multi-pockets to keep essentials. The scrub’s price must be affordable.

Best Scrubs For Men With All Qualities:

Cherokee Men’s Workwear Scrub Set:


Cherokee, a well-known brand, famous among people due to its durability and excellent work. Cherokee scrub top has 63% polyester, 3% spandex, and 34% cotton that gives it more stretchiness than others, and it enhances the movement during physical intensive working. The chest pocket on the V-neck top makes it more attractive and elegant.

The scrub pant is durable and can withstand under rough conditions as it has more cotton than polyester. While it features unique with plenty of pockets, along with hand pockets, back pockets, and one cargo pocket that provide large storage to keep the things. But these scrub sets are a little bit expensive than others.

Dagacci Scrub Sets for Men:


Dagacci scrub set is a perfect cheap, functional unisex scrubs for those men and women who can’t afford expensive scrubs. It has 50% cotton and 50% polyester that make it comfortable, wrinkle-free, and reliable. Scrubs top has a classic look by V-neck, two patch pockets, and one chest pocket having a pen slot.

The cargo scrub pant features a straight leg style with a waistband having both drawstrings and elastic for fitting. The other advantage is to have 5-pockets, just like every cargo pant. But it has less flexibility than other scrubs and is does not sacrifice much about quality.

Barco Grey’s Anatomy Scrub set for Men:

best Scrubs For Men

Barco grey’s anatomy is famous for high-quality fitted medical scrubs for both men & women.  These scrubs are the right choice for men. The scrub top has 77% polyester and 23% rayon that makes it quite functional, reliable, durable, and moisture-wicking. The scrub top has a decent look with a shallow V-neck and double pockets on the chest and sleeves.

The scrub pants are flexible and comfortable with an elastic band and drawstring closure. The pants have a modern, stylish look with slight flare legs having slits at ankles. These have optimal storage with 5-pockets; 2 back, 2- front, and 1- coin pocket. Overall, these scrubs are the best choice for working all day. But one of the defects is that you would hardly find the complete scrub set most of the time, they are present separately, and you must buy the pants and tops separately.

Best Scrub Tops For Men:

Carhartt scrub Men’s Ripstop Utility Top:

best Scrubs For Men

As we know that the work of male nurses is somehow more difficult than females. You will not find any scrub top more durable, comfortable, and long-lasting than Carhartt scrubs. It has a decent look with a tradesmen pocket along with a pen and coin pocket. It is lighter in weight and wrinkles free having 55% cotton and 45 % polyester. The back is longer than the front for additional coverage. You can get in from small to large size according to your need.

Landau Unisex V-neck Reversible Scrub Top:


Landau scrubs are famous for exclusive fabric that adds flexibility to traditional poplin weave. These are high-quality scrub top with V-neckline and one pocket on the chest. It looks simple, durable, and chemically wrinkle-free. These are mostly available in medium size with dolman short sleeves. Moreover, these scrub tops are reversible.

WonderWink WonderWorks Men’s Multi-pocket Scrub Top:

Best Scrub Tops For Men

Wonderwink is famous for sensible designs and styles of scrubs. Wonderwork is also one of its gorgeous lines. These scrub tops have a soft fabric having 65% polyester and 55% cotton that gives a perfect look to the man’s body. The scrubs feature a V-neckline with double chest pockets that make them attractive. The fabric has a particular stretch motion and high-quality thread that makes it smooth and durable. That’s why it is among the most expensive garments.

Best Scrub Pants for Men:

Wonderwink Men’s Zip Fly Cargo Pant:


This cargo pant is modern, stylish, and facile wear n wash. This pant is perfect straight-legged with a 5-belt loop, zip fly, and button closure. The cargo pant is attractive and loving with multi-pockets; two fronts slanted, two back patch pockets, two stylized pockets at legs for cell phones along with front seaming and side vents at hem. The fabric has 100% polyester that makes it stretch and moisture-wicking microfiber.

KOI James Elastic Men’s Scrub Pants with Zip Fly:


The James scrubs pant is so soft and silky that you never want to change it all day. It is comfortable to walk and move as it has 55% cotton and 45% polyester.  It is wrinkle-free and moisture-wicking and can stand under rigorous situations. More =over, these pants and fade resistant and facile wear n wash. These pants are lovely and have uniqueness with an elastic waistband and adjustable hem. It has two side pockets and two back pockets, but even then, it is simply elegant and attractive. You will surely love these and like to wear them after work also.

Amazon Essential Men’s Quick-Dry Stretch Scrub Pants:

Best Scrub Pants for Men

When you are working in shifts, you need scrubs that are quick-dry and stretchable. This essential quick-dry scrub pant is the perfect choice for you in this situation. The pants fabric has 64% polyester, 34% cotton, and 2% elastane that make it moisture-wicking and flexible.

All these scrubs set, tops, and pants are among the best one and most famous among the professionals. The experienced persons have good reviews about these.  But my advice is to go on brands for buying the scrubs as it will save you from the tension of adjusting size and length. It is best to have a pair of scrubs when you are working under double shifts.

Difference B/W Male And Female Scrubs:

Male nursing scrubs are a bit different from female scrubs. Male scrubs have muscular styling, broad shoulders, and variable pockets placement. While female scrubs are feminine with a variety of colors, narrow shoulders, and trimmer in the waist, and have a fitting according to the body. Although unisex scrubs are in demand now due to their high quality, most males do not like them.

Lab coats:

Nowadays, lab coats with full sleeves are also using as scrubs, most doctors wear them at clinics, and scientist used to wear them in labs. But for nurses, either male or female scrubs are the best choice.

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