Some Facts About Body Scrubs Every Women Should Know Out There

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We often end up scrubbing our faces weekly. However, it should not be the case at all. The body scrubs have been around for a while.

There have been many types, kinds, and new varieties in the past few years. You may have some of them hanging out in your bathroom cabinet now.

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Body Scrubs

But let’s take a look at the perks of body scrub today. 


Before we look at the benefits of body scrubs. Let’s know how our skin works. 

Desquamation is one of the natural skin processes. The skin shreds constantly in a regenerative cycle.

How fast this process happens relies on a number of factors such as your age, skin type, the skincare items you frequently use, and the environment you live in!

At times, the skin does not shred entirely. Hence, it leaves you with buildup on your face, body, and on your scalp too. This is where body scrubs come in to save you from skin-related issues.

Perks Of Body Scrubs

The body scrubs eliminate and clean out dead skin cells and so provide numerous benefits:

  • When dead skin sheds off our skin absorbs the moisturizer efficiently. 
  • It helps in unclogging the pores. 
  • It prevents any sort of ingrown hair. 
  • The razor bumps also decrease with time.
  • The skin feels smoother and appears firmly. 
  • No more dry or itchy skin due to removing dead skin buildup.

According to a certified dermatologist as well as aesthetic expert, Kavita Mariwalla, MD, FAAD states regarding the subject:

“Body scrubs are the best thing to invest in your skincare wardrobe, particularly in the winter months when the skin can get very dry”.

There are many kinds of body scrubs present. But we have listed down two distinctive, famous, and effective types below:

Korean Scrubs

Let’s be honest, the Korean skincare items have then taken the market by storm! We just don’t admire their songs but the versatility of their skincare items as well.

Have you ever been to a Korean spa before?

If yes, then you are aware of how the scrubbing works. They do not utilize any cosmetic items to remove dead skin cells.

Instead, they tend to use scrubbing mitts. You can also look into Korean scrubbing methods to explore them further about it. 

Dry Brushing

Do you want to try out something unique? 

Dry brushing is amazing for exfoliating dry skin without exceeding your budget. It also increases lymph drainage, and blood circulation, get the pores unclogged, and enhances your nervous system too.

Thus, if you don’t want to strip your skin off by any means then do try out this different method. Besides, it is important to have word with your dermatologist before getting into any new skincare trend.

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