The Best Linen Clothing Brands

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A person’s personality depends upon what he/she wears. Clothes or attire are items that we wear and are made up of fabrics and textiles. Human beings are restricted from wearing clothing by society and culture. Different cultures have different specific recognition for clothing.

The fabric selection depends upon the weather and seasons, such as cotton dresses worn in summer and woolen dresses are specific for the winter season. But in the mid-seasons such as autumn and spring, people like to wear Rashmi stuff.

In the warmer months, people also like to wear linen dresses as they are cool, light, and easy to carry. There are many famous linen brands where high-quality fabric is manufactured. It is the most popular fabric among women and men.

In this article, we have collected the best linen clothing brands just for the ease of customers and those who like to wear linen clothes. But before that, let’s look at why linen is famous.


Linen clothing is made up of flax. Flax is a rich source of food such as egg substitute egg in vegan baking and is also known as linseed. This fabric is used for making bed sheets, towels, and clothes.

Linen is a sustainable fabric as it is moisture-wicking and is stronger than any other fabric such as cotton. It is formed of flax fabric that is 30% stronger, long-lasting, and durable than that cotton.

Its growth production is excellent and there is little wastage in its production. Some part of it is in food production and most parts are used in making linen after being woven.

Why is Linen the Best Sustainable Fabric for Clothing?

It is one of the best sustainable fabrics for clothing for both men and women. This sturdy and durable material is most popular among Instagrammers and celebrities. It acts as an insulator for cold and hot temperatures.

It is breathable, absorbent, and moisture-wicking and all these qualities make it the best sustainable fabric for wearing. This luxurious material looks natural, eco-friendly, adorable, comfy, and chic.

That’s why it is the favorite dress of men and women. It requires less water than cotton. The manufacturing process of linen requires time and work, that’s why it is very expensive.

Chinese linen is produced with agrochemicals and its processing has a great impact on the economy. While Japanese and European linen is more comfortable, natural, and has low impact. It is of high-quality and sustainable fabric.

In Australia, there is a huge demand for linen fabric due to its natural stiffness, beautiful flaws, and drape. The biggest problem with this fabric face is wrinkling, and the collar of the shirt also folds down.

Here are the best and most famous brands of linen. Before buying them, it will help you to decide where you can buy the best fabric.

Best Linen Clothing Brands

Linen Clothing Brands:

It is better to choose a brand having the best and high-quality sustainable linen cloth. There are many brands that manufacture high-quality, durable, eco-friendly, sustainable, and timeless clothes that are formed through transparent processes.

You will find great versatility and organic clothes. They are available in multifunctional designs with simple cuts and classic silhouettes for modernity and a stylish look.

  1. Asket
  2. Orlebar Brown
  3. Loro Piana
  5. Nau
  6. MagicLinen
  7. LeMuse


Asket is the best linen brand whose motto is “The Pursuits of the Less.” It persuades its customers to want less but better. The beautiful and elegant designs are long-lasting and add a catastrophe to the constant churn of fast fashion.

They add more elegance to your wardrobe. This brand is famous for making 100% pure linen clothes for men, women, teenagers, and all others.

The relaxed, and comfortable outfits presented by Asket are a good choice for hot weather. They are available in 5- different colorways.

Orlebar Brown:

Orlebar Brown is also a well-known brand for selling linen clothing. It facilitates the customers with a lot of versatility in premium resort wear. The clothes designed by Orlebar Brown add a hefty dose of the personality of the wearer.

The great versatility in the design and stitching makes the dress more elegant and pretty for the wearer. It has gotten more familiar with photorealistic and short swim shirts. It provides a more luxurious linen shirt collection for men and women to wear in summer with a British tag.

Loro Piana:

Loro Piana is the other most popular brand for providing versatile linen dresses for men, women, and teenagers. It is an Italian clothing company founded in 1924.

It facilitates the customer with high-quality footwear with artisanal construction, plenty of Riviera charm, and breezy cuts. The shirts are expensive but give a high-class look to the wearer.


If you are looking for the best eco-friendly, sustainable, and high-quality linen clothing, LINENFOX is the perfect choice for you. The aim of the LINENFOX brand is to provide high-quality garments and reduce the wastage of products in making garments.

You can buy products for different events such as a coffee meeting, official wear, and for weddings. The pretty designs give an elegant look to the personality of the wearer.


For buying the best sustainable, eco-friendly, affordable, timeless, breathable, and comfortable linen clothing, Nau brand is the perfect one. It provides great versatility in designing clothes and makes stylish dresses for both men and women.

The clothes are manufactured with sustainable materials such as recycled polyester and organic cotton. It provides inexpensive knitwear and outerwear. It is an ethical brand that offers beautiful multifunctional high-quality pieces for everyone.


MagicLinen is also the best and most well-known brand that offers ethical, organic and eco-friendly linen clothes for ladies. The dresses offered by this brand are soft and comfortable for wearing.

This brand is family owned and is specialized in bespoke linen textile and apparel. Along with high-quality apparel, it also offers the best quality and attractive bedsheets. You can wear it everywhere at a party or for an official dinner to give a stylish and elegant look to your personality.


LeMuse is a family-owned business that is passionate about creating comfortable, minimalist, and long-lasting natural clothing for women. Brand’s main values are sustainability, fair trade, and naturalness. One of their favorite fabrics is linen.

The brand holds on to the belief that clothing should help you to be your gorgeous self and feel pleasant at the same time. LeMuse offers a range of quality linen dresses for many different occasions. Pretty designs will help you to radiate your charismatic inner muse!


Why are linen clothes expensive?

Linen clothes are manufactured from flax whose plant is not grown everywhere, that’s why it is expensive.

What is pure linen?

Pure linen is woven from pure flax yarn, and it is completely a natural product.

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